She ain’t as young as she once was.
Maybe not quite so limber either.
But sometimes, even an old Gal can’t resist the pull of scrubbing an itchy spine across the Earth…

Happy pony scratching…

The yogi will tell you
That you will feel and look
As young as your spine
Is elastic.
~ Richard Hittleman

In other news, I am counting the sleeps to 2 weeks from now, when I have the absolute pleasure of auditing an Anna Blake clinic.
To say I am excited and looking forward to this clinic is such an understatement.
Just in reading her blog, I have learned so much from this woman, on how to interact with The Girls…with Cookie.
My only regret is that none of the Girls travel.
I would love, love, love to take Cookie to the clinic for hands on learning.
But, I know my Girl’s limits, and that’s just something she can’t do.
Not yet.

Knowing this, I made contact with the organizer and asked about auditing, because even watching and listening, so much can learned!
Which is why I love those Elaine Potter clinics at West Wind.
Elaine is another one of those amazing, inspirational horsewomen that I have learned tons from…even if she doesn’t know it, seeing as how I’m just a part of the peanut gallery during her lessons. 😉

Anyways, I have been over the moon happy since learning that a. auditing the Anna Blake clinic was not only welcome, but encouraged, and b. the cost was beyond reasonable.
14 sleeps.
Only 14 more sleeps…
So excited to learn everything I can, for the betterment of my Girls.

3 thoughts on “Elastic

  1. Wyldkat says:


    I hope you get much out of the session.

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  2. anne leueen says:

    Enjoy the clinic. I love the things Anna Blake has to say in her blog posts.

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  3. Toosh says:

    you go, Peanut!!

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