the glorious mess
that you are.”
~ Elizabeth Gilbert


So perfect…
It’s really just another way of saying “Embrace the Chaos”…which has become my personal motto. 😉

Can I take a minute here and thank everyone who commented on my last post?
Can I just thank you all for the supportive comments, for the understanding, for not telling me I’m an idiot?

I appreciate it.
This whole equine thing, it’s not a “one size fits all” for training and living with them.
Oh, I 100% recognize there are basics, that can be applied to just about any horse. There are also those horses who fall outside of all realm of logic…for whatever reasons they have.
Kinda like dogs. 😉
We have to listen to them, especially when they’re a wee bit damaged already.
Yes, I could have done things differently with her, of course I could have. But, would we be here, 5 days later, halter free and happy?
With me haltering her every day for a little work, then setting her free again?
I don’t know.
We’re here now, and it’s good.

So, thank you.
For sticking with us, for following along on this step of our journey, and for understanding.
That Cookie and I, we’re just going to embrace the glorious mess that we are…

Next up…full on blanketing… o_O