An Open Letter to Those Who Screw Up…

Something a little different today…bear with me, ‘kay?

I have always prided myself on my home being a safe space.
Not like “Oh, your feelings will be fine here”…not like that.
We’re blunt, we’re honest, we’re sometimes down right rude, we’re sarcastic…but at the end of the day, if you’re one who is welcome here, you know you are loved, and we will do anything for you.
This is a place where family doesn’t just mean those who were born of the same blood. Family is everyone we value.
Considering that I am a rather dedicated misanthrope πŸ˜‰ it’s a big thing when I call someone Family.

This is how the Farm is…
You want to come out and have quiet time away from hustle and bustle of the city?
You want to come out for equine therapy?
You want to come out for a little gunpowder therapy?
Or maybe you want to come out for a rocking good fire and some wobbly pops…
All good.
All stuff we’re more than happy to accommodate (and willingly participate in!) for Family.

That said…

We all make choices in our lives.
Sometimes, those choices are not the best ones, and our actions in those choices cause harm. Sometimes, we just plain do stupid things.
It happens.
It happens to everybody, at least once in their lifetime.

It’s how we handle it afterwards, I think, that defines us.

Y’see, the very best thing we can do, when we make mistakes, is own them. Face the fact that we messed up, suck up the pride and apologize. Even if we don’t remember, don’t know, don’t realize…
And, don’t minimize the impact your actions have.

When you’ve caused harm, you don’t get to define the limits of that harm…”Oh, I was only joking, it’s no big deal”
Thing is, yeah, it may very well be a big deal to the person on the receiving end and you don’t get to pretend it isn’t by ignoring it.
Not if your actions damage the feeling of safety of someone else…be it guest, or resident.

This shit?
This is not okay.
Not now, not ever.

We are a safe, non-politically correct, place.
We are a place where you can drink, and talk religion and politics with no fear, and handle guns and tools, and play with the horses.
We expect people to respect that.
If not?
Well, then you’ll find that we’re no longer a place for you.

7 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Those Who Screw Up…

  1. Wyldkat says:

    Sounds like my kinda place.

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  2. Toosh says:

    Right on target.
    “When has ignoring something, ever helped to solve it.”
    That’s a quote I recently came across. It speaks volumes to the ‘plain, old fashioned bad decisions’ made in life. And the consequence of our choice, and response, to the action we took.
    Thank you for sharing the topic of character. You’ve really got me thinking now. Meaty solid bonfire topic. I like it.

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  3. Sounds like a nice place to be and therapeutic too. Nice post as well. Love horses. Had two mares when I was young and kept both of them until each died of old age. If anyone says they don’t mess up or do anything stupid then they are either lying or not living in reality. I screw up often because I’m not perfect. I wish that I were though. πŸ™‚

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