So, this happened today…

“quack quack quack!”

These 2 lovelies joined the Midnight Calico Farm crew.
Permanent residents who, once we know their sex for sure and we adjust their numbers as needed, will hopefully provide us with ducklings next year.

A friend from the stable was helping her work find a new home for them, and thought of us.
I’ve been after Hubby for about a year and a half for ducks…
The deal was, I got to have ducks, he gets to have an ostrich.

So, now he has to build infrastructure for an ostrich.

In the mean time, Jazzy (sitting) and Rain (standing) are settling in nicely. ❤

2 thoughts on “Quack

  1. Toosh says:

    Wow who knew domestic ducks, come in patterns, like domestic cats! Rain and Oopsy and Tippy would make a lovely trio in their tuxedos… but I think my cats would be more afraid of Rain and Jazzy than vice versa! Very pretty new additions to MCF.


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