I absolutely love this prompt from The Daily Post.
When I can’t immediately find some image in my files to go with the prompt, I look for a quote to match up to…this one led me to a quote that sums me up very nicely.
When I read it, I just started nodding, and said to myself

❤ Black Horse ❤

“Me, myself, personally, I like to keep myself private.
I have never said I am a paragon of virtue, a model of morality.
I simply do what I do.”

~ Steve Coogan

Snuggled down into the hay…

And so, because I feel this quote right down to the core of my bones, I’m pairing it with my very favorite photography subject…make no mistake, I love all my family, 2 feet and 4 feet, related by blood or chosen, but this one, she carries my heart and soul in that body with her. ❤