Watered Down

“…I take the corners, slower and steady
This chip on my shoulder, it ain’t so heavy anymore

We still fly like gypsies
Just a little closer to the ground
And we still love our whiskey
But now it’s just a little watered down…”

“…Those old ghosts still chase me
But feels like they’re losing ground
Yeah I’m still crazy
But now I’m just a little watered down…”

~ Trace Adkins

Friday’s Hunt May28th

Yet another day of rain.
Last weekend it rained for 2 days straight, and we didn’t get the garden tilled.
Yesterday, we were at the Stable, and by the time we got home, it was too late for yard work…well, once chores were done…and I was ready for wine.
So, tilling got shoved off to today. And now? Rain.

Next week, after work, we’ll have to get it done. I have tomatoes, and peppers that need a big dirt place to grow. πŸ˜‰
They’re out-growing their little pots, and ready to branch out.
Oh, and The Kid’s sunflowers are already 2 feet tall…in the house.
We need to get things planted…
We’ll get there.

This week’s prompts for Friday’s Hunt hosted by Teresa at Eden Hills are Starts with U, Week’s Favorite, and Kids.
I’ll also be sharing this with The Daily Post, who’s prompt today is Radiate.

Starts with U

It can be difficult to come up with an idea for U…
Luckily, I was out taking pictures behind the barn at the Stable yesterday, and the sky was a gorgeous blue…shades of ultramarine perhaps?
Maybe I’m grasping at straws with the colour.
Henry sure looks upset with Remus…they were just playing though.
Horses don’t always play nice. Oft times teeth and hooves are involved…and sometimes the photographer (me!) is lucky enough to capture the shot.

Remus (left) and Henry

As an aside, Henry was the very first horse The Kid rode at the Stable…she fell head over heels in love with him and we started down our path of horses. All this *waves arms around her* can be blamed on the delightfully silly black gelding.
Not that I’m complaining. πŸ˜‰

Week’s Favorite

Tough one this week.
I had a very good week with my camera.
So, I’ll give y’all these 2:

Waking up from a nap…

We’re having tea together in the mornings.
Every spring, with the planting going on around us, she has allergy issues with her eyes. So, we share a cup of sweet tea while I use the cooled tea bag to clean the crusties out of her eyes.
In the fall, with the harvest, we’ll do it all over again.

I love this one… ❀

All the dust is from our neighbours, who have a race track in the back of their property. They race beater cars for fun on Friday and Saturday nights.
It’s all in good fun, and the dust makes for a grand back drop for black horses. If you look close, she has 1 long piece of hay hanging out of her mouth…she carried that with her from the west side of the pasture, trotting around in a tizzy because of the cars on the track…a 1/2 mile away.
Silly horse. πŸ˜‰


I always call my horses 1200lb toddlers.
Horses are just like kids.
Yesterday at the barn, Marty, that adorable little paint gelding, showed just how much like kids horses really can be…
Every day, the horses are brought back into the barn for their grain, and to be tucked in for the night.
It’s been beautiful out this past week, so they’ve been staying out later and later, and wanting to come in less and less.
Poor Marty, the last thing he wanted to do was to come in…

“I’m just eating this bit of grass here first, ‘kay?”

And then, when the stablehand went to get him, he turned around and trotted back out to his corral…where he discovered everyone else had already come in for their grain.
So he turned and reluctantly came in and went to his stall.
He was just like a little kid crying “I don’t wanna go to bed!”

And finally, another favorite from the week:

Cookie practices her unicorn poses as the sun rises.

“People are influenced by what we are, what we radiate.
This has greater appeal than what we say.”
~Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

She has most definitely been radiating peace and calm energies lately.
That is a wonderful thing. ❀

Friday’s Hunt May 21st

It is the May long weekend in Canada…
Which can only mean one thing:
Even though there are plans to work outside, get the garden ready, work with ponies and have a few wobbly pops on the deck, it’s raining.
May long weekend is notorious for giving us super crappy weather.
And yet, we love it here…we must be crazy. πŸ˜‰
I will admit, I was hopeful that the bad weather would miss us.
Though to be fair, the pasture can use the rain. I just would have preferred tomorrow.

This week’s prompts for Friday’s Hunt hosted by Teresa at Eden Hills are Starts with T, Week’s Favorite, and Food.

Starts with T

Ah, my TroubleCat.

He’s such a handsome boy…and he has benefited greatly from the neutering. He’s always been a friendly, lovey dovey cat. That just goes with being handled and loved on from the day you’re born…but, he’s also been the top cat in the barn yard and with the testosterone raging, he beat the tar out of every other male cat around. Fixed or not.
I’m 99.9% sure he’s the cause of Ghost’s face injury (which is almost 100% healed.)
Now, there are no unfixed boys (or girls) and we have feline peace.
It’s lovely!

Week’s Favorite

You guys saw this one in the Basking post:

The Cookie

My sweetheart ❀
She turns 12 today.
Unfortunately, the planned photo shoot didn’t happen due to the rain, but once we have sunshine again, it will go.
I have a lovely Happy 12th Birthday shoot in mind. πŸ˜‰


They aren’t yet, but, we are raising them to be:

Bacon Bits 2017

This is our brave piglet…

This one ^^^…heh…she’s brave girl all right! She likes to chuff and bark at me, trying to convince me to leave the pig yard. She’s also the first one to come running for the milk bucket, so maybe the sounds are to tell me she’d like more milk. lol.
She’s a cute girlie, that’s for sure.

It looks like this year’s naming theme is going to be singers.
Once we have each piglet with a name, I’ll photograph and formally introduce them.
Yes, we name our food.

Happy food tastes better.