Pleasantly Surprised

This Girl has been an amazing doll lately…

Do you see what’s different on her?
No halter…
She’s been very, very good about it coming off and going back on as needed. Nothing at all like she had been for the first 2 years here.
So, after she broke her break away (it did exactly as it was supposed to do) we left her naked. 😉

Yesterday, I did something with her I have never been able to do.
As she lay in the grass, I was able to approach her, and rub her back.
Normally, I get to give her a scratch or two and she gets up.
Not this time.
All over scratches and back rub.
I was quite pleased.

And then, our poor tired Girl decided to lay flat out for a snoring good nap…

As she was enjoying her nap, Sable coughed and scared her…

Here’s Ruby’s suprised face.

5 thoughts on “Pleasantly Surprised

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  2. mumsthewordblog1 says:

    She’s obviously come to trust you 😃🐻


  3. Toosh says:

    Now we can really see her face, beautiful! I see the blossoming of a supermodel…


  4. Toosh says:

    She looks positively cuddly!!


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