Update on My “Hard Keeper”

Of all my horses, Sable is my “hard keeper”.
When I say that, I mean:
~ it’s hard to get enough weight on her to get through the winter.
~ it’s hard to get enough calories into her so her winter coat grows as thick as she needs it.
~ she’s the first to shiver with the slightest thought of cold, damp, or wind.
~ she has more blankets than I do…

She is always the one I worry about, weight wise.
It was because of her we started daily beet pulp rations, it was because of her I started getting rolled oats from a local farmer, it is because of her I buy alfalfa cubes for extra energy on the super cold days.

This year, though, she’s been doing very well.
We get a crushed barley/wheat chop for mixing into the hennys layer crumbles, and it was the piggie’s feed…well, turns out, our Sable does well with a 1/2 cup of it in her beet pulp.

I think…

having a bit of a roll in the snow...

having a bit of a roll in the snow…

When your…

I love this shot so much...feral or friendly Palomino?!?

I love this shot so much…feral or friendly Palomino?!?

Hard Keeper’s…

so pretty!

so pretty!

ass fat shakes…

graceful...or maybe not.

graceful…or maybe not.

When she does…

lol...she's so cute.

lol…she’s so cute.

She’s doing just fine.

2 thoughts on “Update on My “Hard Keeper”

  1. Wow, at first I was shocked and though: no! is this a dead horse in the snow, please dear –
    but no, all is good 😊
    What a beauty she is! Thank you for your sharing!

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  2. Toosh says:

    And you take such good care of her ❤

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