Friday’s Hunt Jan. 28th

It’s been an interesting week.
I thought I had lost my feral tomcat Ghost to coyotes, but he reappeared yesterday. A little thinner, a little worse-for-wear, and in need of some of Mama Wolfie’s TLC…but, he came home, and that’s what matters. ❤

The horses have been braving climbing the snow drifts.
Not because they’re trying to walk out of the pasture (which, scarily enough, in a few places they probably could) but because the weather has them restless and bored.
One upside of this weather is they’re not eating as much hay, so a bale is lasting longer.
Downside is with them getting smaller portions, we’re out more often (even at night) to check and be sure there is enough in the feeders. Meh, who needs sleep, right? 😉

Chickens have been enjoying the weather too. Bok bok boking around their yard, chasing Xena who still thinks she’s a chicken even though she’s a cat, and just enjoying some much needed sunshine.
Sadly, we had to cull one henny. 😦
She had prolapsed again…after the first one died from a prolapse, I am no longer a softie about it. 1 treatment. If it happens again, then, we cull. I did have a discussion with the Other Two about calcium amounts…they didn’t realize when feeding that I put as much of the calcium supplement in the food as I did. When the hennys are outside more, it’s easier to offer calcium in a separate feeder, but it’s not as easy in the coop. So, now we’re all on the same page, and everyone seems to be doing well.

Cookie decided that stealing Daphne’s stick was a grand plan…there was even a moment of equine-canine tug of war going on.

On to pictures for this week’s prompts for Friday’s Hunt hosted by Teresa at Eden Hills

Starts with D

How about Daphne?

Wild and crazy hound catching snow balls...

Wild and crazy hound catching snow balls…

"I got my stick!!!"

“I got my stick!!!”

Week’s Favorite

Astrid ❤

Climbing the snow drift, completely ignoring me telling her to get off there...

Climbing the snow drift, completely ignoring me telling her to get off there…

I have pictures that I’ll share later on of Ruby climbing that same drift and falling through the top crust…Astrid had to climb it because Ruby did. Toddlers.

Close Up

Helper Palomino just wants to help take pictures.

Helper Palomino just wants to help take pictures.

I was trying to get a sunset shot of her eye. Once again going for calm, ethereal beauty…
That’s so not my world.
Nope, **this** is my world…wide eyed Palomino trying to lick the lens while I’m pushing her muzzle away and laughing.
This image says so much about my world.

7 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt Jan. 28th

  1. scotiaspinner says:

    Just love the action shots of Daphne – great energy there! The close up is also wonderful. Horses have beautiful eyes. Sorry about the culling of the hen – I hope to get a flock started again this summer after not having any chickens for a couple of years while I was in the city.

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    • WolfSong says:

      Action shots are all I can manage with Daphne. Everything is always done at top speed with her! 😉
      I’m honestly surprised how much I enjoy having chickens…sad when we have to cull one, but we knew when we got these girls, as ex-battery hens, that time was going to be limited with them.
      It was a win-win situation though…cheap, already laying birds for us, and a chance at being a happy henny for a while for them. 🙂


  2. Love your pics.

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  3. Toosh says:

    Good grief. The bigger the stick, the better haha! She is funny!

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    • WolfSong says:

      I have a few shots of her holding the stick…I was too close to get the actual tug of war going on, and I was laughing too hard to move back. LOL


  4. Teresa says:

    Love the images of Daphne! She’s such a pretty dog. Glad to hear your kitty came home. Coyotes are horrible around my farm–I keep losing geese. Love your close up shot too. Thanks for joining Friday’s Hunt. Sorry I’m so late visiting this week.


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