Holy son-of-a-motherless-goat!!!
It’s a frigid one on the Farm this morning…

All is well though…well, as well as can be when you get the 4:30am call that Hubby has a flat on the highway, and the batteries in the flashlight are dead.
Of course they are, because it’s -14million*c outside and no battery can withstand those temperatures.
Thankfully, he got it changed safely and made it off to work…no thanks to the douchebags who see a guy on the side of the highway and speed up…seriously folks, if you’re not gonna stop and offer a hand, then at least move over, and slow the fuck down, ‘kay?

Here on the homestead, we’re just staying warm…
Daisy Mae here, has the right idea:

Holding the heat vent down...

Holding the heat vent down…

Gotta love them little pink toes.
❤ sleepy kitty.

Stay warm, friends.
We’re in for a few more days of this deep freeze…


3 thoughts on “Brrrrrr!!

  1. Our deep freeze is supposed to hit today. Temps in the 60’s yesterday and this morning we were at 30. In Virginia, 20-30 is deep freeze! Expecting snow this weekend. I guess the horse blankets need to come out for my old lady. I hate early feed when the ground is frozen. Stay warm!

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  2. kittiesblue says:

    Daisy Mae, we bet all the humans wish they could do what you are doing. Those are some amazing pink, jelly bean toes. Stay warm, everybody. It sounds too cold to do anything but hunker down. Sorry nobody helped with that flat.

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  3. Toosh says:

    What a miserable thing to have to do in the cold. And in the dark. And first thing in the morning. And with speeding cars too close. Glad he fixed it with no further incident. Yeesh.
    Kitties have soooo many lovely little toes 🙂

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