Happy Girl

With the deep freeze and frigid temperatures, everyone was spunky af when the sun came out. No wind and sunshine, plus Daddy making noise with the tractor (scraping up the frozen poo balls) meant crazy cantering games ensued.
As soon as he went out to start the tractor, my camera went in the bag and out on the deck to acclimatize…

And then, I caught this one having fun.
I won’t lie, I squeed with joy. ❀

Galloping across the pasture...

Galloping across the pasture…

A little bucking, just for fun.

A little bucking, just for fun.

Was so nice to see her run and play. πŸ™‚
She’s been feeling much better with a few lifestyle changes, and this showed me that she really is feeling better.


4 thoughts on “Happy Girl

  1. Im glad she’s feeling better!

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  2. Toosh says:

    It gladdens the heart πŸ™‚

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    • WolfSong says:

      It sure does…
      I kept telling Hubby that I didn’t need any presents for Christmas. Seeing Cookie happy and moving well was more than enough. ❀


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