Blizzard Day 2

Remember how I said we’d need a bit of snow yet to cover the ground?
Well, we’ve got it now. And more is blowing in.
This is day 2 of it. Supposed to ease up on us late tonight and into tomorrow. Then the real clean up begins.
So many highways are closed or not safe to drive.
The Kid has been home for 2 days because of school closures and Hubby, well, I texted him to come home early yesterday when I was hearing rumours that the highways home might get closed. 😦

The horses are safe. We’re feeding them every 2 hours. They’re gobbling the hay to keep their internal furnaces running.
They’ve had their daily beet pulp, plus an extra serving…everyone except Cookie got a little grain (grain is not her friend this
year… 😦 ), plus some loose salt.
This is prime weather for dehydration.
Dehydration leads to colic.
Colic in a blizzard is a nightmare.
Salt makes ’em thirsty so they drink.

I’ve dug out the auto waterer so many times…I’ve lost count. But, digging it out compared to hauling water? No brainer!
The auto waterer is also heated to a comfortable to drink temperature, so once the salt kicks in, they are happy to drink.
I’m happy they drink.
We’re as happy as we can be in this weather.

Hennys are shut in the coop.
They have no interest in coming out.
They have food, water, their fermented grains…
I gave them some chopped lettuce and old pumpkin puree from the freezer. Things to keep them from getting too bored.
They’re used to being outside now, so a long time shut in makes for cranky hens.
I’m looking forward to the first time they come out after this.
There’s snow drifts hip high on me.
I’ll have to take the camera out to capture their reactions to the new environment.

Cats are getting high fat noms too. All those pig scraps I saved for them are being minced and added to their meals. They have their house on the deck, stuffed with clean fresh straw, and that’s where the 7 of them have been. They come out to eat, play a bit, and back to snuggle. Everyone is good. πŸ™‚

Daphne, the giant frickin’ weirdo, loves this weather.
Wind blowing snow and hay bits, drifts over her head to blast through, and some crusted drifts to run on…yep, my dog from Nunavut is in her glory! Freak. ❀

And me?
I have coffee for the day time, wine for the evenings, my Hubby and Kid are home safe and sound (maybe a wee bit bored, but that’s okay), the animals are all good, and I have photos to edit from a wonderful shoot last Saturday.
I may be snowed in, facing days of shoveling when it’s all said and done, but I’m good.
It’s just another day in the life of this Farm girl.


2 thoughts on “Blizzard Day 2

  1. Enjoy your family closeness.


  2. Toosh says:

    Snow day, has a different meaning on the farm!


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