I went out today to take some pictures to try to illustrate what “quiet” looks like here…it’s wonderful those odd times it happens.
Oh, it’s quieter here than any city.
No sirens, no screaming or yelling, no hoards of people…
And yet, quiet can be hard to come by.

So, instead of “quiet”, let me show you some of the things in my farm yard that just plain make me smile…

First, Astrid and Ruby exchanging breath…

Awww...they are so adorable.

Awww…they are so adorable. ❀

Daphne had the zoomies...

Daphne had the zoomies…

I nearly died laughing at these 2. It’s taken Ghost a long time to realize that when Daphne rushes and barks at him, she’s not trying to kill him. She really just wants to play.
Finally, Ghost figured this out, and now Daphne zooms around him at top speed, barking, and he leaps and tries to grab her…

ghost-and-daphne2While taking these, I was laughing so hard, I ended up sitting on the driveway to take the pictures. That, of course, led other cats to think I was there for them to sit on.
No such thing as anti-social cats ’round here! πŸ˜‰

And then, because people keep asking me “Wolfie, how come you have so many outdoor cats?”…

Isn't Bella looking super fab??

Isn’t Bella looking super fab??

Obviously the pasture has a rare Cat Tree growing in it, and we’ve reaped the bounty from said tree.


4 thoughts on “Quiet?

  1. Toosh says:

    Cat tree! Best ornaments ever!! I looove the cat tree! πŸ™‚
    Bella as Always is beautiful…
    And Daphne I’m sure is ecstatic that Ghost finally plays!!
    Thank YOU for the wonderful smile in my day. (I needed that after washing a mountain of dishes! The rum punch is nice, too.)
    I’m really happy for you for living your goal and dream of having horses. And cats! And the rest of the wonderful assortment.
    Have a great weekend.

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  2. Cat tree! Haha! I love seeing a cat and a dog playing in harmony! πŸ™‚

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  3. Lovely fun on your farm.

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