Friday’s Hunt Oct. 28/16

Today things feel heavy and hard to carry here.
It has been a hard month, with winter coming, big bills to pay, the days are getting shorter, I’m missing the sunshine, and I’m just plainΒ  tired. Weary right down to the bone.
The 20th marked 4 years since my Mom died. I’m still carrying that around with me. I keep trying to put it down…it weighs me down, tries to pull me under far too often…some days, I’m successful, and I can leave that whole ball of stuff somewhere that I can’t see it for a while. Other days…well, like today, it’s heavy, hard to carry, but it’s stuck to me.

I’m tryin’

And then, there’s days like yesterday, where this picture popped up in my memories on Facebook…

Felix Loves CookieY’see, he and Cookie had this crazy love affair going on. He’d play in her tail, chase her, rub on her legs…and she let him. No other cat could do it. She shared her beet pulp with him, snuffled his fur, let him sit on her back…
I was sure that one day she was going to be the cause of his death.
I was sure he’d die under her hooves.
And she’d be heartbroken, because they had their thing together.

I was wrong.
This summer we lost him to a coyote.
And I miss him.
My heart hurts and I’m filled with regret (starts with R) because he wasn’t the first cat to go missing…but we didn’t put 2 and 2 together fast enough.
I should have figured it out sooner, and done more to keep him (and the others) safe.
But they’re barn cats. They can’t all come indoors. They have safe places in the farm yard…the garage, the cat house, the deck…it wasn’t enough to protect them from a brazen coyote who was spotted right in the farm yard. 😦

At least my week’s favourite is a delightful picture…



Ah, my sweet loveable Big Girl. My “Oh Mom, lean on me…I have a strong neck to help hold you up and I don’t mind if my mane gets a little wet with tears” Girl.
Worth her weight in gold, I tell ya!
I’ve leaned on her a lot this month…

Finally for Black…

Felix in the Pasture wmMy little man…

My handsome Felix. <3

My handsome Felix. ❀

This is actually from the first day I noticed she wasn't quite herself...

And his best Girl…

Later Cookie. Enjoy your nap. <3

He looks so smug. "My Girlfriend's tail. MINE!"

He looks so smug.
“My Girlfriend’s tail. MINE!”

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What Can I Show You?

I asked this on my personal FB page last week…

What can I show you today?
I feel like, as someone who carts cameras around all the time, that I should share pictures with y’all everyday.
So tell me, knowing that I don’t leave the Farm during the week, what would you like to see today?

I got some great answers, and have been doing my best to show folks what they want to see here on the Farm.

So now, I throw the question out to y’all, dear Readers…

What would you like to see? Is there anything you’ve been hoping I’d post about, but haven’t yet? Maybe I haven’t thought of it…let me know!

Helpful Palomino helps me take pictures.

Helpful Palomino helps me take pictures.

Monday Morning

With a busy week ahead.
This coming weekend, we are sending the first of our 3 piggies to freezer camp. Like the Peepers, we’ll do this ourselves.
While I’ll be sad to see them die, I am looking forward to having more home-grown meat in the freezer.

3 piggie bums...

3 piggie bums…

Once the pigs are all butchered, we’ll spread some cover crop seeds in there, so that when the piglets arrive next spring, there will be some delicious greens growing for them. πŸ™‚

Getting a thoughtful look from Anthony...

Getting a thoughtful look from Anthony…

I also have some sewing repairs that I have to get done before winter…ugh. I put off the zipper replacements too long. Didn’t want to do them while it was blistering hot and now, we’re looking at needing some of the in-between jackets…which, of course, are the ones needing fixing. Surprise!

But, I also want to get a start on getting some fresh pasta noodles in the freezer. At least a couple of bags, before the piggies get in there…I don’t know what kind of room I’m going to have, once the pigs are done. And, there’s fat to render for lard!
I was given some by a couple other friends when they got their pigs done. Mmmmm, lard!
Makes me look forward to bannock and chili in the winter. Nothing better than coming in from freezing your ass off working outside and smelling chili in the crock pot and bannock in the oven.

This guy likes bannock and chili too!

This guy likes bannock and chili too!

The outdoor cats will be very happy with the butchering too…like the Peepers, there will be no waste, because what we don’t eat, the cats will. Some we’ll let them binge on, other parts will be ground and frozen in pre-portioned amounts for winter feeding.
That, to me, is a bonus…not only is the Farm feeding the humans, but, we can make raw cat food as well.

Oh you silly hennys!

Oh you silly hennys!

Mondays are “toss a bit more straw down in the coop” day…and then the hennys notice and get all mad at me.
“The hell, Food Lady! You wrecked our home, we must redecorate!”
Keeps them entertained. πŸ˜‰

And then, there’s the Girls…

Interesting sleeping position...

Interesting sleeping position…

Sable sleeps in the oddest ways.
She stayed like that for a good 10 minutes. I don’t know how it was comfortable. Funny Girl.

Astrid looking lovely as her winter woolies grow in...

Astrid looking lovely as her winter woolies grow in…

Ignore the poop piles in the background. I haven’t had a chance to get out with the wheelbarrow and pick them up yet.
It’s on the list for this week.

And finally…my helper as I lay in the grass taking pictures of the others…

"Hey Mom. Whatcha doing?" ~ Ruby

“Hey Mom. Whatcha doing?” ~ Ruby

Have the very best day y’all can manage, my friends.
I know it’s Monday, and that ain’t always easy.


Way back when Teresa at Eden Hills started this next round of her link up, Friday’s Hunt, I said I was going to work very hard to do every week in the alphabet.
Oh, how far and hard I fell off that promise!!
We’re at P…I think I stopped around B?
Okay, well, I’m joining in this week. Can’t promise I’ll join next week…I’m a “drop-in” Friday’s Hunt-er. πŸ˜€
So, this week, prompts are Starts with P, Week’s Favorite and Whole.

Starts with P

P is for plush…which is how Cookie’s winter coat is looking:

Gosh, I love that tummy!! <3

Gosh, I love that tummy!! ❀

She’s got another month or two before it’s in fully, and then she’ll be a giant fuzzy ball of horse. As much as I dislike winter, the coats that the Girls grow to weather it is so amazing to me, and well, I love rubbing those tummies with those fuzzy hairs.
I’m sure I drive the horses nuts with my tummy rubbing. lol

Week’s Favorite

Our gorgeous Sable…

"Oh, hello Mama. Watchoo doing sitting there? Got nummies for me?"

“Oh, hello Mama. Watchoo doing sitting there? Got nummies for me?”



Daphne’s toy used to be whole…

Puppy! Bring me your ball!

Puppy! Bring me your ball!

Not any more! She’s chewed the handle off, it’s flat, has holes in both ends…*sigh* It used to be a jolly ball, but not any more. It’s well and truly been destroyed. Daphne, however, feels it is perfectly broken in. πŸ™‚

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I Got It Honest

It ain’t nothin’ but a small frame house on an acre lot
It ain’t that much diff’rent from any other house on the block

And it may not look like we got all our share of the promise
But at least one thing’s for sure,
I got it honest


Roll out of the sack every mornin’, head on down to the mill
Give ’em all I got for eight, ’cause that’s the deal

If you’ll check out my paycheck
Well, you’ll see that there ain’t that much on it

My road's a simple picture, but one of my favorites that I've taken here.

But ev’ry single penny I’m paid,
I got it honest


I never had to hang my head in shame
For puttin’ a price tag on my name

Never turned my back on what I believe
Or let my heart be ruled by greed
‘Cause buddy if I didn’t earn it, I don’t want it
That way I can always say,
I got it honest

My sweet mare...breakaway is back on, nose shoved into me for comfort.

Now you ain’t looking at some dude

That was born with a Silver spoon in his mouth

And I might seem like some kind of low-life
To that highfalutin’ crowd

Hubby n Sable
But I’m plain spoken, straight talkin’
And damn proud of what I have accomplished

Screenshot - 101213 - 01:08:40 PM
Some folks appreciate that and some don’t
But, I got it honest


Shelter Peeking

Now when I die, I may not leave my kids a fortune
But I hope they know’d my life stood for things that were important

Happiness is
And I’ll hand out the same sturdy old values of my daddy and my momma

bella-and-her-girlIt made me every ounce of what I am and
I got it honest

I never had to hang my head in shame
For puttin’ a price tag on my name

Definitely worth the price we paid for it!

Never turned my back on what I believe
Or let my heart be ruled by greed

"Hello Mom Lady's nummies for me?"

‘Cause brother if I didn’t earn it, I don’t want it

Such a smart and pretty girl!

That way I can always say,
I got it honest

Friend there ain’t no doubt about it,
I got it honest

Our house.

Our house.

Β© Bruce Burch, Marcus Franklin Johnson, Aaron Tippin
Released 1994 by Aaron Tippen

Happy Day After Canadian Thanksgiving

I’m not a Thanksgiving person.
It’s not that I’m not grateful for all the Blessings in my life (of which I have many), I just don’t feel the need to have 1 day to celebrate it.
And, if I did, it would be at the Fall Equinox. That’s the time, to me, to celebrate the harvest, and get yourself spiritually ready for the coming seasonal changes. But, that’s me. πŸ˜‰

Our weekend was a busy one nonetheless.
Saturday we were up early (when aren’t we??) and off to the Stable, where they were having a tack sale. We went with the intention of trying to find a used bit for Astrid. I’ll be honest, I didn’t want to pay a lot. Astrid was trained with an eggbutt snaffle, and a new one runs $25-30 at Greenhawk. We did find a couple of bits, but they came with bridles. Well, as it turns out, Hubby was looking for a bridle for Ruby…so, 2 birds and all that.
I’llΒ  probably end up on the hunt for another eggbutt for Ruby, just because I don’t know what bit was used on her in her wee bit of training she’s had (before coming to us).
I don’t have to worry about any of this for my Girl…that’s the joys of a pasture potato…tack? Why for do we need tack? lol If (when) I get her to the point of being ridden, I’ll likely go bitless with her anyways.

On the drive home from the Stable, I pulled my camera out for a few shots. It’s one of the rare times I actually thought to do it. I typically have the camera with me, just never think to pull it out for road shots. This though, was what inspired me to do so:

Oooooh!! Now that's a Big Boy Toy!

Oooooh!! Now that’s a Big Boy Toy!

I wanna drive one! πŸ˜€

Then I played a bit with rearview mirror shots…

Leaving the noise and stink of the city behind us...

Leaving the noise and stink of the city behind us…

It’s funny, we’ve had people come out the to Farm and complain of the smell. Yeah, we have a variety of manure scents…pigs, chickens, horses…but it still smells better out here than the city does. I swear, I go into the city and I’m gagging. Ugh. It’s awful.
I’m happy to come home to my poop machines. lol

This next shot is one I have wanted to take for the 3 years we’ve been on the Farm…again, never think to pull the camera out. Excuse the imperfectness of it. I did take it at 100km/hr and through a dirty window…

gravestones-on-7One day, I’ll get Hubby to stop, so I can take a better shot, and see what’s written on the stones.

Sunday was attempted goose hunting day. It’s that time of year again! Geese on the field need to go to freezer camp. Only problem was with the wind, they stayed on the field, so issuing the F.C. invite was near onto impossible. 😦
And then the hunting was cut short because of this Girl:

burrlock-cookieWith the cold, wild wind, and the gate being closed so they had to stay in the front pasture, she was not herself. At first I worried that we were going into another “C” event. Thankfully, no. She is, however, feeling the chill and was showing signs of pain in her back and pelvis.
The joys of an ex-broodie.
So, a back rub (which she loves now…go figure!) on Sunday and an increase in her flax. Last winter I bumped her up to a full cup, and she did very well. Her achy grumpiness eased and she was a different horse. Well, this year, I hope to head off the Grumpy Horse-ness at the pass, and get her feeling better sooner.
Yesterday, she and I worked on stretches. Poor Girl. The idea of Mom holding her legs in the air and helping her stretch them is just weird…she was not impressed. Though, she did walk off a little easier, so, hopefully the dots will connect up in that pretty head of hers.
But, she’s also a very Sheldon-like horse. Which I’ve said before…she doesn’t do well with change (even something so simple as being closed into a spot she normally isn’t), and you have to take your time with her.
You have to take your time with Sheldon (Cookie). πŸ˜‰
My Girl will never be the “get in the trailer, we’re going trail riding somewhere else!” horse.
Nope, that’s just not going to happen.
And that’s okay. I’ll love her forever anyway.

I wanted to take a few shots of her lying down, instead she decided to get up when I came outside.

Well, that's not graceful at all.

Well, that’s not graceful at all.

I love her white stripe down the center of her belly…she also has a white splotch on her inner thigh. Her markings just make me smile.
One last photo to share…this is what I get when I’m lying down taking pictures of Cookie. Sable has to come see what I’m doing. πŸ™‚


Finally, yesterday…
Yesterday I did some hay maintenance. Since I can’t cut any more of my long grass out front for hay this year, I got Hubby to pull out one of the gas lawn mowers and for the first time this year, I cut the grass in a conventional way.
But, not before I did a final cut with the mower in the garden. Next year, I *will* have a garden. Before the snows, we’re working on covering it to keep the weeds from wreaking the same havoc they did this year.
Cutting the grass/garden with a mower with a bagger on it is reason #8,678,294.3 why I’ve enjoyed raising pigs…never mind dumping grass clippings for composting. Noooooo!!! Feed it to the piggies. Oh boy! That was exciting and tasty and well, when they were tired of eating, it made great bedding.
Happy, happy piggies…and you know our motto!

Happy Food Tastes Better.

And now, work to do.
Enjoy your day, my friends!

Monday Once Again

Monday has crept up on us yet again.
Okay, it came running at us full speed and bowled me over…Mondays don’t creep ’round here. LOL

So, busy week ahead. I have a couple of sewing projects to do, the usual animal care and a load of pictures to finish editing.
Yes, I’m slow. πŸ˜›

Yesterday, I went out to the big field, and cut some canary grass for the pigs…and the 1200lb pigs. Because you can’t cut that grass and *not* share with the horses! This is the stuff Cookie sticks her giant fat head out of the pasture to eat, ripping her mane out into a cute mohawk while doing so.
Next year, I fully intend to cut it for hay, that’s how much the Girls love it.

Hubby brought the truck and trailer out into the pasture, so I could load it up with what I cut…and yes, I used the scythe to cut it. I’m getting good with it, and I haven’t cut myself again either. That’s a win! πŸ™‚
Since I had already tossed a couple of fork fulls to the Nags, Hubby let the Kid drive the truck beside the fence, so I could toss the grass over onto the trailer, while he kept horses out of the truck’s way. However, once the Nags figured out there was more going on the trailer, well, you can imagine what went on then….or you can have a look at the pictures. πŸ™‚ Taken with Hubby’s spanky new cell phone (because he needed a new one too, even though his did not fall into pig shit).

The Paints are positive this is for them!

The Paints are positive this is for them!

What a (not so) lovely burrlock you have there, Ms Astrid!

What a (not so) lovely burrlock you have there, Ms Astrid!

This jerk! Gotta watch her...she has a love for chewing paint of vehicles. Cars, trucks, the tractor, the trailer...brat!

This jerk!
Gotta watch her…she has a love for chewing paint of vehicles. Cars, trucks, the tractor, the trailer…brat!

As you can see, everyone is in very good shape. Coats are getting fuzzy, and they’ve got a good layer of fat on ’em for the impending winter. They are also very happy to tell anyone who will listen that I am starving them.
Cats, horses, pigs…all will happily tell you they haven’t eaten in days, and the Food Lady is mean. At least until someone isn’t feeling good, and then, all they want is for the Food Lady to make it better.

That trailer load was split between the piggies, who got a great big pile to play in, eat and sleep in yesterday, and the horses, who got another huge fork load this morning to munch on. Later this afternoon, I’ll go cut more, so that once Hubby’s home with the truck, I’ll get him to drive out and I’ll fill the back of the truck, then transfer to the trailer once back in the yard.
And now, off to work I must go.
Enjoy the day, my friends!

3 Years of Blogging

It’s our Blogiversary today.
For 3 years I’ve been writing about life here on our little Farm.
We’ve had some great stuff happen, some not so great stuff, and some downright awful…but, I’ve always tried to write as real as possible about it…with humour. Always with an eye on humour, because if you can’t laugh about things (eventually) you’re going to go stark raving mad. πŸ˜‰

Here’s to 3 years…and here’s hoping for many more!
Thanks for following us.

Sable as the sun rises over her...

Sable as the sun rises over her…