Scratching Astrid’s Back

Earlier this week, I was telling y’all about Astrid enjoying back scratches.
Little Red **really** likes having her back scratched.
After she finishes her beet pulp, she’ll sidle up to the fence and wait for me…I climb up, and use both hands to scratch…and then, she tries to groom me. lol
Well, since mutual grooming with horses tends to include teeth, I have to (gently) discourage it. We don’t allow teeth to be used on humans period, and, because mutual grooming is a huge thing for horses, I don’t want to have to discipline her for something that is really important in a horse herd.

Normally, during a scratching, I’ll redirect her to the closest horse…unless it’s Cookie. Cookie rarely grooms anyone and only on her terms. She’s a bit of a crab about it. 😉

The day The Kid was taking pictures, the others weren’t near by, so Astrid substituted the fence…

"Oooh! Good scratch Mom. Keep scratching!!"

“Oooh! Good scratch Mom. Keep scratching!!”

"Yeah, that's the spot....right there!!"

“Yeah, that’s the spot….right there!!”

Of course, chewing a wood fence is not something I want to encourage, so I had to redirect her again…poor noodle!

"Not the fence, Astrid." "But Mooooommmmm!!!"

“Not the fence, Astrid.”
“But Mooooommmmm!!!”

When all the itches were scratched, she wandered away to munch happily…

"Feels so good..."

“Feels so good…”


Earlier this week, I went out to take some pre-dawn shots of Ruby and Sable lying in the grass. The one of Ruby made the local news/weather forecast as one of the weather pictures of the day. That was pretty darn exciting!

Paints in the morning sunlight.

Paints in the morning sunlight.

Sable enjoys the warmth of the rising sun...

Sable enjoys the warmth of the rising sun…

Still working on my other edits…once those are done, I can get into my shots from this past weekend. Rodeo shots. My one and only rodeo for the year. *sigh* Sometimes being responsible and not running off to photograph all the things just plain sucks. lol

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  1. Toosh says:

    Who doesn’t love a good scratch and a rub?! So shiny in the sunshine, I’m melting just looking at Astrid enjoying her rubdown.:)

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