3 years.
3 amazing, glorious, wonderful yet difficult, trying, faith testing years.
That’s how long we’ve been here on Midnight Calico Farm.
It all started because of this one…

Cookie, m'dear, it's all your fault!

Cookie, m’dear, it’s all your fault!

Oh, Hubby and I had always talked about moving to the country. Dreamed about it. But, until I saw this Girl ^^^ sitting in Rescue, waiting for her person, it was just that.
A Dream.
And then I saw her…and I said to Hubby, we need a farm, because that is my horse. She’s mine, no one else’s, she belongs to me, she belongs with me. So, we either get land, or we have to pay to board her. Either way, I’m getting that horse!

That made the search become real, more earnest…no more half-hearted “Well, maybe we should check that out” stuff. We needed to find something! That’s how we ended up here…and I chased after getting my Girl Home to me.

Of course, 1 horse normally doesn’t do well alone. So, when we went to see Cookie, Hubby chose this character…



Oh, and she’s a character alright!! 😛 Fits right in here at our crazy little funny Farm.

And then…when we weren’t looking for a 3rd horse, we had only gone out to visit with these two and finalize payment, we met this sweetheart…


❤ Sable ❤

She chose us. Or, more like she chose The Kid.
She knew who she wanted, she knew who her person was, and thankfully, we listened. Our lives would not be the same without her. She is an amazing mare!

Since then, Astrid has joined us…



We’ve added 19 laying hennys, 15 meat chickens, our million mile an hour Farm dog Daphne, 3 piggies and a whole herd of cats.
We have a huge garden (that hopefully next year I will get planted on time!), fruit trees and bushes, and a huge field that we hope will yield many geese this year! Especially since we leased it out and the farmer planted wheat…geese love wheat…and we love geese to eat. 😉

We’re still working towards bison…that is the ultimate goal.
A small bison herd.
A good foundation bull, a handful of well-bred cows, and calves to grow into eventual Freezer Campers.

We’re getting there. This life, it’s a work in progress.
You have to love it to do it.
And we do!
I hope you all love to follow us and will stick with us for the coming year(s).

Happy 3 to us!


3 thoughts on “Farmiversary

  1. That’s how it starts! Happy 3!!

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  2. omgalpacas says:

    Congratulations on your farmiversary!

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  3. Toosh says:

    Thank you for sharing your farm adventures and photos, it’s been lovely to see your farm life blossom.
    Congratulations on your first 3, you’ve come a long way!

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