And So We Begin Again…


Thank you everyone who sent good wishes after Cookie’s *ahem* incident. She’s doing very well, and back to being herself 100%.
And, a huge thank you to those whose shoulders I cried on during and after…words can’t express how much I appreciate the support and love y’all sent my way. ❀ ❀ ❀

This week marks the 2nd round of the alphabet for Friday’s Hunt hosted by Teresa at Eden Hills.
I am going to work very hard at making sure I get the whole alphabet done this time. No slacking, no missing letters, no excuses. I hope. πŸ˜‰
And so, this week, we have prompts Starts with A, Week’s Favorite and Macro.

For starts with a, we have this cutie…

Anna Kitten

Anna Kitten

This is Anna Kitten. She and her sister…

Banana Kitten

Banana Kitten

Are the last 2 kittens of the season. And, with a whole bunch of spay and neuter surgeries in progress, hopefully some of the last kittens we have here on the Farm.
We had an awful spring with kitten loses and sick Mamas, that I looked for a low-cost spay/neuter clinic and have been working on getting as many cats fixed as possible.
One of our girls, though, had these two Numpkins hidden in the garage. Well, once we caught her for her spay, we had no choice but to catch them and bring them in. Right now, they are loving the indoor kitty life. So, we are hoping to find them an indoor home.
We already have 4 indoor cats. I don’t want 6. lol!

Snuggling and being cute

Snuggling and being cute

Anna Kitten showing me how tired she is of my taking her picture. ;)

Anna Kitten showing me how tired she is of my taking her picture. πŸ˜‰

My favorite this week was taken yesterday…
I went out, with Hubby, to take some Canada Day pictures with the Girls. As always, Sable shows what a natural in front of the camera she is…

Sable Canada Day 2016 wmHubby draped the flag over her rump, stepped back and Sable just turned like this…perfectly beautiful.
And then, there’s Ruby.
Hubby was showing her that the one hat wasn’t scary. Just look at her expression…

"Seriously Mom? What *is* this guy's problem?!?"

“Seriously Mom? What *is* this guy’s problem?!?”

She ended up wearing it no problem (I’ll share that shot later on in the week.), with her trademark shake to dump it at the end.
We tried to get Astrid and Cookie to wear that hat too. Astrid was not impressed. She did wear it, but wow, I don’t think anything has come across as so scary to her before. We let her sniff it over and over, which led to a great couple of macro shots.

Astrid checks out the head wear.

Astrid checks out the head wear.

I’m sure the problem was a combination of too many bugs, and the fact that the head wear had shiny moving parts that made odd swishy noises by her ears.

"So scary smelling. Can't let this any closer to me. Sorry Mama." ~Cookie

“So scary smelling. Can’t let this any closer to me. Sorry Mama.” ~Cookie

Cookie wouldn’t even stand for me to raise it to her head. She sniffed, snorted and backed up away from it every time I tried to raise it. In the end, I just let her sniff it until she relaxed and then took it away. It wasn’t worth fighting with her to try to force it on her.


5 thoughts on “And So We Begin Again…

  1. No Anna is smiling for her phtographs!! Love the close ups of the horse..Hope you have a lovely weekend.


  2. Toosh says:

    What a beautiful day it was! Lovely flag bearer she is.
    More numpkins! (best word ever!)


  3. vem030956 says:

    Great post. Love the horses and the hats…And Sable,how delightful she looks. I am sure she knew you would take a picture!


  4. Teresa says:

    The kittens are adorable. Glad to hear you found a place to spay/neuter the cats. Fun photo shoot! I tried a jingle bell collar on a goat once and forgot to shake it first. I didn’t think I was ever going to catch the poor goat to get it off. Everyone ran like it was the chupacabra. Thanks so much for joining in Friday’s Hunt. Hope you have a great week!


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