Not-So-Graceful Ruby

Most time when we look at horses, we think of these amazingly beautiful, graceful beings…like this:

Trotting RubyFlying across the ground, looking like some magical creature out of a Dream.

Well, when you live with horses for a while, you begin to see that’s not always true. Like this…

Aww, see, when she's lying down she's all pretty and magical looking...

Aww, see, when she’s lying down she’s all pretty and magical looking…

But then...

But then…

That face!! Hahaha!!

That face!!

Uh, what happened to my pretty, graceful horse?!?

Uh, what happened to my pretty, graceful horse?!?

Oops! Slipped! (it's okay, she didn't hurt herself. I checked. ;) )

Oops! Slipped!
(it’s okay, she didn’t hurt herself. I checked. 😉 )

"I meant to do that, y'know." ~Ruby

“I meant to do that, y’know.”

2 thoughts on “Not-So-Graceful Ruby

  1. Laughing at this! Yeah, sometimes they just look like whales… 🙂


  2. Sooo true!! I grew up with horses and we took in the YMCA horses for the winter (we get to ride in exchange for feed n care over the winter). One of my most favorite animals in the world!! Thank you for sharing these beauties (and I love your avatar pic!)


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