Dreaming Astrid

I went for a walk in the pasture yesterday, before the rains hit us again.
I like to do that to check on The Girls, to check on the grass, to make sure nothing dangerous has blown in…or been tossed over the fence.

I almost always take my camera with me. I’d be silly not to, right?
When I came around the back corner of the garage, I found Astrid flat-out, but it looked like she was running on her side. None of the other horses were concerned, so I didn’t panic. As I got closer, I realized, she was snoring…awww! Little Red was running in her sleep!

"Ima race horse...fastest one ever!" ~Astrid

“Ima race horse…fastest one ever!”

"Oh yeah, I like scratches there! Ima good Girl...I won the race! Scratch me!" ~Astrid

“Oh yeah, I like scratches there! Ima good Girl…I won the race! Scratch me!”

"Wait! What?!? What was that sound?"

“Wait! What?!? What was that sound?”

"Aww! I was enjoying that Dream!"

“Aww! I was enjoying that Dream!”

"Maybe I can go back to it, if I go back to sleep..."

“Maybe I can go back to it, if I go back to sleep…”

And then, out of no where, Daphne came running up behind her and barked at her. lol
Poor Astrid!

"Stupid dog...I might as well get up. >:( "

“Stupid dog…I might as well get up. 😡 “


3 thoughts on “Dreaming Astrid

  1. Isobel Anderson says:

    A sweet series.

    Hugs Isobel



  2. Toosh says:

    Such a pretty girl!


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