After the Rains

Came the sunshine.
Thank goodness! We’re feeling very sunlight deprived right now, so yesterday’s light made everyone feel good…well, except for The Kid. She’s been down with a cold since Thursday. Poor girlie…we’re on day 5 of being sick, day 3 of missed school. 😦

But, sunshine!! lol
The Kid did get out for a bit yesterday, just for some fresh air and sunlight. The light does tired bodies good, even if it doesn’t feel like it right away.
Just ask Cookie…

Enjoying the sunshine...

Enjoying the sunshine…

Yeah, stepped outside to give the cats some milk, and that’s what I saw ^^^ Of course, I grabbed the camera and wandered down to the pasture.

"I'm so tired, Mom..."

“I’m so tired, Mom…” (Sweetest face ever! Is it any wonder I love kissing her?)

"I just need to rest a little, 'kay?"

“I just need to rest a little, ‘kay?”

"This sunshine...feels so good..."

“This sunshine…feels so good…”

" I just...I can't...Zzzzzzzz"

” I just…I can’t…Zzzzzzzz”

Later Cookie.  Enjoy your nap.  <3

Later Cookie.
Enjoy your nap.

Once I was done taking her picture (and, unfortunately, getting her up on her feet, to be sure she wasn’t stuck), I noticed this fellow on one of the straw bales beside the auto waterer…

Hello Handsome!

Hello Handsome!

That’s not Felix.
But, based on size, looks, and temperament, it’s safe to say he’s a brother.
After I took his picture, he let me pet him, and later on, after we fed the Girls, Hubby easily picked him up. He purred and cooed and snuggled.
All the while Felix hollered at me for even *looking* at another b/w cat!
Felix is a pretty big Mama Suck (surprise!) so yeah, I had to snuggle him afterwards and give him a little treat to let him know I still love him. 😛

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  1. Paulaart18 says:

    Lovely !!! Xd


  2. Isobel Anderson says:

    Sweet photos.

    Love Isobel



  3. Toosh says:

    Cookie could pass for a big napping cat!


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