People often say “Dance like no one is watching…”
Well, that’s what our Ruby Girl did the other day.
After some pawing in a giant puddle, splashing muddy water all over herself, she proceeded to a muddy spot, rolled and kicked up her heels.
She danced like no one was watching…only, there I was, with my camera. Enjoying every second of her glee. 🙂

Wet and muddy from pawing in puddles...

Wet and muddy from pawing in puddles…

Oh yeah! Time to lay down...

Oh yeah! Time to lay down…

And roll in that mud!

And roll in that mud!

And now to get up and...

And now to get up and…

"DANCE! Come on baby and DANCE!"

Come on baby and DANCE!”

"She got the moves She shakes her things She moves her ass She's keepin' time with the beat"

“She got the moves
She shakes her things
She moves her ass
She’s keepin’ time with the beat”

"She got total control She's got a thousand volts She moves it in and out She's got to dance, yeah"

“She got total control
She’s got a thousand volts
She moves it in and out
She’s got to dance, yeah”

“DANCE! shake it up ooooh ahhhh
Come on baby DANCE! shake it up ooooh ahhhh
Come on girl DANCE! shake it up ooooh ahhhh
Ooooh yeah”

"She's taking the floor She's gonna shake some more"

“She’s taking the floor
She’s gonna shake some more”

"You know there ain't no girl She's got to dance, yeah She is dynamite, an amazing rhythm"

“You know there ain’t no girl
She’s got to dance, yeah
She is dynamite, an amazing rhythm”

"Never gonna quit just watch her dance Watch her shake it, yeah"

“Never gonna quit just watch her dance
Watch her shake it, yeah”

"(Ooooh ooooh) She got that bad beat yeah (Ooooh ooooh) She got some rhythm and blues (Ooooh ooooh) She got some rock and roll (Ooooh ooooh) Yeah she got abnormal moves"

“(Ooooh ooooh)
She got that bad beat yeah
(Ooooh ooooh)
She got some rhythm and blues
(Ooooh ooooh)
She got some rock and roll
(Ooooh ooooh)
Yeah she got abnormal moves”

"DANCE! shake it up ooooh ahhhh Come on baby DANCE! shake it up ooooh ahhhh DANCE! shake it up ooooh ahhhh Come on girl DANCE! shake it up ooooh ahhhh"

“DANCE! shake it up ooooh ahhhh
Come on baby DANCE! shake it up ooooh ahhhh
DANCE! shake it up ooooh ahhhh
Come on girl DANCE! shake it up ooooh ahhhh”

Lyrics from Queen City Kids “Dance!”

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A Little Catching Up

Wow. 2 weeks since my last post.
Sorry ’bout that. We got a wee bit sideways here, and busy like mad. I had just about 2000 photos to edit this past week, between the Schooling Show that The Kid entered, and her drama production at school.
It’s a lot. lol. And I’m still not done…still another folder from the Show, and both nights of the production to do. Hopefully this week, I’ll finish them. I know folks are waiting to see.

I’ve also been spending a whole lot more time than usual with the horses. Our Sable has been lame. Poor Girl.
Every spring, I treat every hoof I can get in hand with Thrushbuster. Even before the melt starts, because I know full well, we’re gonna get mucky and swampy. It is, unfortunately, the nature of the land we bought. If I knew then what I know now….

Either way, I try very hard to pre-emptive strike every one to avoid thrush. I didn’t get to my Bella in time. 😦 And she ended up lame. So, daily (instead of weekly) Thrushbuster treatments, a lot of cleaning of her feet, some slow hand walking in the drier areas and finally, today, she’s not ouchy. We aren’t out of the woods yet, but, I think we’re ahead of it. And so, we’ll just keep on keepin’ on, until she’s 100%.

The plus side of this is that means everyone else gets reminded about hoof lifting manners. Astrid, my little sweetie, happily hands up her feet. Funny story for y’all…
I’m working hard with Cookie to establish the “Foot” combined with the tap behind the knee for her to lift her foot. It’s slow going, but, she’s always been a hard ass about handing up feet. Not that I let her get away with poor manners, it’s more of a reminder thing, how to do this properly and politely.
So, here I am, under Cookie, asking for her “Foot” and tapping her knee…she shifts to toe in anticipation of lift and I praise her. I tap, say “Foot” and lift her a few inches. And so on, until we, hopefully soon, get to the “Foot” and tap and she hands it up to me easy peasy.
On the other side of Cookie stands Astrid.
Astrid has this whole foot lifting thing down pat.
To her, it is easy peasy.
Well, one of my tap and “Foot” moments with Cookie, I look past her to see Astrid has lifted her foot.
I’m thinking “Really? Did she really just do that?”
Ask Cookie again, and yup, Astrid lifted. LOL!
Awesome Little Girl!!
Of course, once Cookie and I were done (always finish on a positive note!), I had to go and ask Astrid. Well, Missy had her foot up before I even had a chance to finish asking. That earned her a whole lot of praise. She really is a treasure, Ms Astrid is.
A lot of it has to do with how well-trained she was by her previous owner, but a good portion is also her personality. She really is a horse who enjoys people and enjoys doing what you ask of her. She thrives on positive attention, and responds the best to gentle correction. She’s a smart little mare, who is going to be a great riding partner for us. 🙂

And now, some pictures…because I know y’all don’t come here to read my rambling. Y’all want to see pictures of the Girls. 😛
I’ll also take this opportunity to do my Friday’s Hunt post.
Prompts this week are Starts with M, Week’s Favorite and Bird or Wings.

Starts with M is easy…Mares!



My Cookie, showing her modeling skills. She’s no Supermodel, like Sable, but then, she’s not much of a girly girl either.

My ever-so-helpful Sable.

My ever-so-helpful Sable.

This is what happens when I let the Palomino help me take pictures.
I think she might be an equine NoHelpian.

Ruby, trying to have a nap.

Ruby, trying to have a nap.

Ruby should know by now…nap near a fence, and a cat is going to stick their butt in your face. Sir Felix does love him some Paint. When he can’t love up his Girl, Ruby will do as a second.

Astrid napping on the fence.

Astrid napping on the fence.

Astrid has no problems with the cats rubbing on her while she naps-I ❤ that chin rested on the fence board!-but Felix was too busy with Ruby.

For Week’s Favorite I have 2…not because they are great shots, but because of what they represent.

A Certain Girl getting the shedding blade treatment...

A Certain Girl getting the shedding blade treatment…

A Certain Girl checking out the shedding blade...

A Certain Girl checking out the shedding blade…

Yep, that’s my Cookie getting a once over with the shedding blade.
I didn’t have to chase her, catch her, use the lead rope on her.
I walked up, let her have a sniff, ran it down her neck, showed her again, and then, moved to to her whole body. She sighed and stood like a Dream.

Even from last year. Finally, the giant Dorkbag has learned that grooming feels good. 2 1/2 years to get it, but yeah, now she’s got it. That makes me so happy. A horse *should* enjoy being groomed. It shouldn’t be scary, or hard to stand for. Especially if they are healthy.
But, if a horse doesn’t have experience with it, doesn’t know why The Human keeps wanting to do this, then yeah, they don’t know. They just don’t know what to do with the hands on attention.
Cookie finally does.
And she likes it. 🙂

Even better, afterwards, Sable checked on her, to see if she was okay…

"You okay, Weirdo?" "Yeah, I think I finally understand why you're such a Mama Suck, Blondie." "Told you it feels good, Dork." "Shut up."

“You okay, Weirdo?”
“Yeah, I think I finally understand why you’re such a Mama Suck, Blondie.”
“Told you it feels good, Dork.”
“Shut up.”

Finally, Birds.
Oh, we have a few birds around right now. The Canada geese are back…have look!

Holy Geese!!

Holy Geese!!

That’s my back pasture. There’s easily over a 1000 geese out there.
Not a one can be invited to Freezer Camp though. 😦
If they were Snow, Blue or Ross geese, different story. But not Canadas. There is no 2nd hunting season for them.
And so, I have extended them a cordial invitation to return come the fall, where we will happily invite them to join us for soup.
We would love to have them over for soup.

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Friday’s Hunt 03.11.16

Hey! Look at that…I’m posting this on a Friday.
Yay me!!

Today’s weather was amazing, which made going out to take pictures an absolute pleasure. I have a few mixed in today, but have a bunch to share with y’all later next week. 😉

This week’s prompts are Starts with K, Week’s Favorite and Flower.

Starts with K was pretty easy…Kittens!
Even though my Felix is such a big boy, really he’s still a kitten. He’s only 10 months old. Today he was enjoying sunning himself on top of the straw bales…

Felix YawnAs you can see, I woke him up…nice yawn there, Mister!

Felix2Then he came over to the fence to help as I scratched Ms Cookie’s bum.
And by “help” I mean, he took a leap from my shoulder to her back…she, surprisingly, was not bothered by him at all. She lifted her head long enough to look at him, sigh, and went back to dozing in the sunshine. 🙂

Erik the Viking

Erik the Viking

Looking oh, so dignified.
Just about 6 months old, he is.


❤ MaxCat ❤

And finally, not a kitten, my MaxCat. My big snuggle bug. Though you’d never know it by the way he grumbles. He just like to talk while he sits with me. 😉

Week’s Favorite this week, hands down (pun intended) is this…

Oh Ms Cookie!

Oh Ms Cookie!

My sweet Girl. So patient with the things I do to her. ❤ She makes me smile, even on the roughest days.

Finally for Flower, I had to go back to August to find something…no flowers here now! Still too much snow.
This I took outside the small town grocery store. Every year they have barrel planters of flowers. This one decided to go off on his own and grow where he felt most needed…

Random flower, bringing beauty to the concrete and steel.

Random flower, bringing beauty to the concrete and steel.

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I Hate Taylor Swift

I’m sorry folks, if you like her.
It’s true, I can’t stand her.
I don’t like her music, her face annoys me and her voice…ugh.
And as an “artist” she makes me want to hurl…but, whatever.
Folks like her, she apparently does a whole bunch of charity work and blah, blah, blah, blah.

This post isn’t really about her anyways, just wanted to make it really, really, really clear here, I AM NOT A FAN.

That said, when I look at this picture…

A good shake after having a nap. :)

A good shake after having a nap. 🙂

All I can think is…

“…the haters gonna hate, hate, hate
Baby I’m just gonna shake, shake, shake
Shake it off”

Monday Morning Roundup

Back on my old blog, before we bought the Farm, I used to do the Monday Morning Roundup…a post that covered our weekend activities. I was thinking, since we’re always busy on weekends here and there’s rarely time to blog, that bringing it here would be a great idea. 🙂

Saturday mornings are hectic, and this past one was no different. We’re getting ready to go to The Kid’s riding lesson, getting all the animals fed, setting up beet pulp for when we get home, finishing any odds and ends that need doing before we go…oh, and I try to squeeze in my Friday’s Hunt post. Really, I have to start posting it on Friday and updating the linky when it goes live. That would be soooo much easier! lol

The difference for this last Saturday, though, was we were going grocery shopping while Kid had her volunteer/theory time.
Since Hubby has spent his Saturdays helping on the house rebuild at the stable, he’s been doing groceries on Fridays, before he comes home. It’s been good for him. lol I don’t think he 100% realized how difficult it can be, sometimes, to make that grocery budget stretch enough to get everything everyone wants. Honestly, a lot of times, we don’t get everything that everyone wants. But, that’s life, right? I mean, I’d love to buy 10 lbs of cheese at a time, or a beef tenderloin or two…but, if the budget doesn’t allow, well, the budget doesn’t allow.

So, for the first time in a long time, I was getting to grocery shop. I had nearly $40 in cash back rewards from our local gas station, plus a $25 off a purchase of $150 coupon…I was a little excited to be able to get some extra $$$ off the groceries, and add to our basement stockpile. 🙂
By the time I was done, I had a huge cart load of groceries, and after all was rung up, I had saved just over $88, using my coupons and taking advantage of the store’s buy one get one offers.
With the $$$ we saved, we went down the street to our usual store and stocked up on a few other things that weren’t on sale at the first store.
Gotta say, felt pretty darn good loading the truck with a whole lot of groceries.

Then we headed back to the stable, to watch The Kid’s lesson.
That went really well. She and her lesson pal were doing jumps on their ponies, and all was good (even if I do hold my breath every time The Girls jump…can’t help it. It’s a Mama thing) until my Kid made a slow, unscheduled, less-than-graceful dismount.
She and her mount had a “Oh! We’re not gonna make it! Oh! We’re going anyways! Oh! Crap, we didn’t make it!” moment.
Both were okay, Kiddo popped up quick and easy, remounted, and they went through the series of jumps again…just to make sure they both had confidence in each other to get it done.

And then there was the ride home…whoooo…
Let’s just say, highways were so bad that if we hadn’t had to be home to feed the horses, we likely would have overnighted in the city. I’m sure Hubby will say I’m over reacting, saying that, but no, the roads were really bad. 😦

Sunday made up for it though! Holy, what a difference in weather!
+6*C, no wind, sunshine and melting…so nice to see the melt going on. That meant out I had to go with the camera.
But first, this…

It's a pig in a top hat!

It’s a pig in a top hat!

That hat is teeny tiny.
That pig is only 6 inches tall.
That hat has alligator clips under the brim.
That hat is going to sit on every pretty head in the pasture.
Because that hat is so damn cute I just can’t even…I mean really.

This happened...

This happened…

Astrid did not care. She was 100% fine with him being up there. ❤
This summer, Astrid will be back working under saddle. Yay!!
She does have some training (60 days with a reputable trainer for sure) but has been a pasture puff for the 2ish years she’s been here.
She is such a sweet Girl, so willing to please, having her ridable will be fantastic…and she loves the attention.

Cookie had a lay down for a bit...

Cookie had a lay down for a bit…

The Madam decided she wasn’t interested in wandering with the others and wanted to have a nap instead…

Just off wanderin'...

Just off wanderin’…

They’re restless. They’ve started to shed, they know spring is coming…they want hay, but don’t want hay. If I give them hay, they toss it around and mess in it…if I don’t give them hay, they wander like I’m starving them. As you can see ^^^ they are not hurting for food! They’ve got some good winter weight on them! 😉
I compromise, and give them hay in the trough, and tell them once that’s done, they can have more. If they don’t eat it, I don’t add more.
It’s warm. They don’t need the same huge amounts they did when it was really cold.

See what someone did?!?

See what someone did?!?

When I first edited the above image, I thought I saw a pile on the straw bale…I wasn’t sure, so I walked out there to check.
Yup, someone pooped right on the bale. Brat!

A good shake after having a nap. :)

A good shake after having a nap. 🙂

And our weekend ended with a bbq, and a few drinks on the deck.
So nice, sitting out there without having to bundle up in parkas and boots.

A Jumble of Cats!

That’s a real thing, right?
A jumble of cats?
Well, for me it is. 😛
This weeks prompts for Friday’s Hunt hosted by Teresa at Eden Hills are…Starts with J, Week’s Favorite and A Cuppa.

So, starts with j is clearly a jumble of cats…all over my couch!

Look at them all...all comfortable and happy, like they think they live here or something!

Look at them all…all comfortable and happy, like they think they live here or something!

Good thing I don’t let the dog on the couch too, because there’d be nowhere for me to sit!

I have a couple for week’s favorite…since we had a couple more rounds of snow, I thought I’d try taking some macro shots of snowflakes on equine winter coats. Sounds like it should be easy, but it’s not. Crispy macro demands stillness, not 1200lbs of breathing, twisting “Whatchoo doing so darn close to me with the camera for Mama?”
In the end, after 2 tries I got 2 shots I’m happy with, and, they qualify as my week’s favorites.

Snowflakes on Cookie

Snowflakes on Cookie

Snowflakes on Astrid

Snowflakes on Astrid

And finally, for a cuppa, my morning tea…

Mmmm, hot sweet tea.

Mmmm, hot sweet tea.

Normally, I have coffee, but this morning I felt like a cup of tea, sweetened with a generous spoonful of brown sugar. Yum! It’s a lovely way to start the day. 🙂

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As a part of my attempt at a Valentine’s Day photo shoot, I used lipstick to put a heart on Cookie’s forehead…I also did the kiss mark by her Kissing Spot. You can see those photos here.

What I didn’t expect-and please, know that I am not a make up Girl, so this is something I just did not know-was that the lipstick heart was going to be with her for a long time.
Uh, well, apparently, lipstick stains. LOL!
Poor poneh…stuck with a pretty heart on her forehead until she fully sheds her winter woolies.

This is where the 4 of them try to tell me that I'm not feeding them enough.  Chunky Monkeys!

This is where the 4 of them try to tell me that I’m not feeding them enough.
Chunky Monkeys!

So from now until shed out, all the new pictures of Cookie will include her heart. I guess I’m lucky it looks good on her. 😛