Faces of Mare

One of the things I love about the Girls being home is having the camera in hand a lot. Yesterday was one of those moments where I was so glad to have it.

The following 9 shots were taken in 2 continuous bursts. The D90 does 4.5 fps, so this was roughly 3 seconds of expression changes.
Awesome. 🙂

"Oh! There's my beet pulp pail...nom!"

“Oh! There’s my beet pulp pail…nom!”

"Oh no you don't Astrid..."

“Oh no you don’t Astrid…”

"That's MY pail!"

“That’s MY pail!”

"Oh, hey Mama...I'm just waiting for Dad to hang my pail up."

“Oh, hey Mama…I’m just waiting for Dad to hang my pail up.”

"Excuse me?!?"

“Excuse me?!?”

"WHAT did I just tell you, Astrid???"

“WHAT did I just tell you, Astrid???”



"PAIL.  Bitch."


"Okay. I'm ready to eat now."

“Okay. I’m ready to eat now.”

I laughed so hard at these while editing. This is why I love shooting continuous…it’s so easy to miss the little nuances if you don’t.

Now, normally, I don’t put up with pinned ears, especially when food is involved…but…no humans were inside the pasture, at no time did she pin ears at us on the other side of the fence, and Astrid has been actively trying to take Cookie’s spot in the herd.
So, as long as she kept her manners with the humans, I was all for letting her express her displeasure with Astrid.

She did wait until her pail was up, and then just stood there in Astrid’s spot. I had to go over and lead her by her halter to her pail-and she moved very willingly when I asked her to.
I think she was making Astrid wait until she was ready to let her eat.
That was just fine with me.

One thought on “Faces of Mare

  1. Toosh says:

    These are so telling! I have never seen this kind of ‘horse conversation’, don’t mess with Cookie! You can really see she’s being so specific in her message to Astrid, wonder if she’ll get the hint! You captured an amazing moment in time. Wonderful.


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