For Toosh

There was that bag of goodies you sent home with us on Sunday…
Once I emptied it, I set the bag on one of the kitchen chairs…
Next thing I knew, this happened…

I finded dis...

I finded dis…

Dis my bag now

Dis my bag now…

Whatchoo mean I can't haz dis house?

Whatchoo mean I can’t haz dis house?

See my teef marks? Means mine!

See my teeth marks? Means mine!

Whatchoo doing Daisy?!? Go 'way!

Whatchoo doing Daisy?!? Go ‘way!



Get out of my house!!!!

Get out of my house!!!!

The 2 of them have had a great time fighting over who gets to be in the “house”. It seems though, that Nancy is far more attached to it than Daisy…he keeps winning the wrestling matches.


3 thoughts on “For Toosh

  1. Christy Paws says:

    Bags are the best! I like them better than boxes.


  2. Toosh says:

    Awwwww…… It is inevitable, isn’t it?…. Always jumping in, then looking up. With big big eyes.
    Yes…anything to keep them occupied for a time!!
    And the best part is, with handles, I carry them around and that really gets them out of sorts!!
    The gifts that keep on giving…are the best kind of gifts. Glad everyone enjoyed the silliness of it all!


  3. Paul says:

    “Get out of my house!” is my favorite shot 🙂


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