Friday’s Hunt on Sunday

Some day, I’ll manage to get the post up for Friday’s Hunt on an actual Friday. lol.
Okay, not likely.
Thankfully, Teresa keeps the link open for a couple of days, for the pokey pants bloggers like me. 😉

This week the prompts are Starts with I, Week’s Favorite and Something Blue.

For starts with I, we have ice. As in, the deep, hard, ice pack that built up around the trough. The same trough we use as a hay feeder in winter. The same trough that my dear, sweet, beautiful Blonde Girl keeps stepping into, and hurting herself on.

Felix shows you how deep the ice pack is.

Felix shows you how deep the ice pack is.

Just above her hock.

Just above her hock.

Thankfully, it looks worse than it actually is. *sigh* But, this horse and hurting herself…ugh.

Tools of the ice pack chopping trade...

Tools of the ice pack chopping trade…

That’s a pick axe, shovel and lawn edger.
Pair those up with some good old-fashioned hard work, and you get this…

An 8 inch difference...

An 8 inch difference…

Yup, chopped out roughly 8 inches of ice/snow/hay/poop.
Wheeee!! Horse keeping is FUN!

Nice face, Bella.

Nice face, Bella.

You can see, she wasn’t happy about my chopping out the ice. Now, it’s not quite so easy for her to stand in the trough.

This week’s favorite is courtesy of Ruby…



Do you see it?!?!
The spray coming out of her nose?
Oh my gosh…I laughed so hard! Finally, I managed to catch horse snot flying and not wear it. Haha!

Finally, something blue

Felix and Storm loving up on Sable...

Felix and Storm loving up on Sable…

Lovely blue sky.
After a few days of gloomy overcast conditions, the sunshine and blue sky was so wonderful to see. 🙂

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Faces of Mare

One of the things I love about the Girls being home is having the camera in hand a lot. Yesterday was one of those moments where I was so glad to have it.

The following 9 shots were taken in 2 continuous bursts. The D90 does 4.5 fps, so this was roughly 3 seconds of expression changes.
Awesome. 🙂

"Oh! There's my beet pulp pail...nom!"

“Oh! There’s my beet pulp pail…nom!”

"Oh no you don't Astrid..."

“Oh no you don’t Astrid…”

"That's MY pail!"

“That’s MY pail!”

"Oh, hey Mama...I'm just waiting for Dad to hang my pail up."

“Oh, hey Mama…I’m just waiting for Dad to hang my pail up.”

"Excuse me?!?"

“Excuse me?!?”

"WHAT did I just tell you, Astrid???"

“WHAT did I just tell you, Astrid???”



"PAIL.  Bitch."


"Okay. I'm ready to eat now."

“Okay. I’m ready to eat now.”

I laughed so hard at these while editing. This is why I love shooting continuous…it’s so easy to miss the little nuances if you don’t.

Now, normally, I don’t put up with pinned ears, especially when food is involved…but…no humans were inside the pasture, at no time did she pin ears at us on the other side of the fence, and Astrid has been actively trying to take Cookie’s spot in the herd.
So, as long as she kept her manners with the humans, I was all for letting her express her displeasure with Astrid.

She did wait until her pail was up, and then just stood there in Astrid’s spot. I had to go over and lead her by her halter to her pail-and she moved very willingly when I asked her to.
I think she was making Astrid wait until she was ready to let her eat.
That was just fine with me.

A Few Photos…

It’s a busy day today.
Poop cleaning, working with my Cookie on lifting feet (and maybe a little trim), and getting Kiddo up on her Sable.
So, I have a few pictures for you to tide you over ’til the next real blog post…

Checking out the trimming tools last week after Astrid's pedi.

Checking out the trimming tools last week after Astrid’s pedi.

A sure sign of the (early???) coming Spring...Sable's face has shed out to reveal her golden coat. <3

A sure sign of the (early???) coming Spring…Sable’s face has shed out to reveal her golden coat. ❤

My favorite Girl's beautiful eye. <3

My favorite Girl’s beautiful eye. ❤

Have a wonderful day, Farm friends!

Friday’s Hunt

This week we have Starts with H, Week’s Favorite and Family.

Starts with H, around here is a no brainer… 😛

Horses…horses start with H.



We’ve had a mixture of weather…from crazy windy blowing snow and freezing rain, to +4*c today. Amazing for February!



Silly blonde Girl is a little sore…with the blowing snow, we got drifts in front of the trough again. *sigh* And y’all know what that means…yep, Blonde Girl has been standing in the trough again. And, big idiot, darn near fell getting out of it today. So she’s a little sore. Slow and sluggy.
I gave her legs a rub down, and it helped a bit, but she really just needs to stay OUT of the trough.

Silly Paints!

Silly Paints!

This one is from last weekend’s poop cleaning detail…The Kid had climbed up on the straw bale extension and was knocking ice off the garage…well, these 2 thought the ice falling was going to kill them, and that led to insane trotting and snorting.

Week’s Favorite this week has to be Cookie and the heart on her forehead…

So adorable!

So adorable!

This is from today…the heart has stayed very nicely. I love the way it looks on her. 🙂

For Family, we have a few of the barn cats. No doubt about it, they are from the same family. They definitely have their Daddy’s (Ghost) looks to them.

Blue Cat

Blue Cat



And the oddball, colour wise…



The joys of those yellow eyed kitties…keeping the eyes in colour while desaturating the rest of the image just makes them pop!

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A Bit of Grooming

Last Spring I waded into the willow brush and chopped out all the burdock plants I could find. In the Fall, I did it again. I was hopeful that I had caught them all, and that would stop the spread of them. I very much dislike burrs. They get caught in manes, tails, and dog belly fur. None of which is fun to get them out of.

So, imagine my surprise when Ruby came out of the willows with a giant witch knot filled with burrs in her tail.
Her long, thick, gorgeous tail.
It was bad, let me tell you!
Like, so bad I thought I was going to have to cut her tail.
Her long, thick, gorgeous tail.
Did I mention her gorgeous tail? lol

Ruby's long, thick, gorgeous tail. <3

Ruby’s long, thick, gorgeous tail. ❤

Thankfully, our Ruby happens to be a complete tramp when it comes to grooming. Brazen hussy. I wish I was kidding. lol!
Last week, before the blizzard hit, while she enjoyed her beet pulp, I stood at her hip, and picked burrs out of that long, thick, gorgeous tail. By the time I was done, I had about 80 burrs in my pocket. They went straight into the burn barrel…and I started a fire!
Yeah, I really dislike burrs.

Next grooming session I do with her, I will tackle those witch knots in her mane. Ahh, the joys of a long maned horse in a windy area.

Nice face, Ruby. :P

Nice face, Ruby. 😛

Fingers crossed I won’t have to cut them out.

Zip Tie Pie

Hello there, Daisy Mae here.
Or Weazy as Mom likes to call me. She says it’s short for “Weasel”, which is either a small carnivorous animal or a way of getting into things. I think she means it in the getting into things way, but I’m not sure. :/

I’m here to tell you about my favorite toy in the whole wide world. Even better than that stupid paper bag Nancy had. Mom calls them “zip ties” and she uses them to tie the dog’s house door shut.
I’ve learned that when they cut the ties off the dog’s house, they put them on top the house and forget about them. I like to steal the zip ties when no one is looking and play with them.
Nancy’s always trying to steal them from me. Grrrr! I tell him to go sit in his stupid cat bag that he won’t share with me.

Yesterday, Mom took some pictures of me…WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, I might add!!!…while I was playing with my zip tie.

If I take it to the bathroom, I can get to play with it by myself.

If I take it to the bathroom, I can get to play with it by myself.

Whater you doin' with that camera?

What’er you doin’ with that camera?

See? These things are fun!

See? These things are fun!

Stupid Nancy keeps trying to steal it though...

Stupid Nancy keeps trying to steal it though…MINE!!

I had to run away with it. I hid it somewhere that no one will find it! 3:)

I had to run away with it. I hid it somewhere that no one will find it! 😈

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Weathering the Blizzard

Late Saturday night, into Sunday morning, a blizzard moved in.
The Girls weathered the storm very well. Thankfully. As always, I worry about them, and tend to go out and check on them frequently. The bale extension has made a huge difference this year, and we’ve got the tire feeder tucked in close, so they don’t have to be in the wind to eat, like they do at the trough. Plus, they have the luxury of nibbling the straw bales themselves.

By Monday, things hadn’t settled down, and the roads were in no condition for Hubby to get to work. The Girls were grumpy, and icy. Safe to say, with the winds howling the way they were, no one did anything more than doze for a few minutes at a time. That means cranky, sleep deprived 1200lb toddlers. Wheeeeee!!! What fun!


I did manage to take a few pictures while Hubby got the hay into the pasture-we have some huge drifts again, but there was no sense in clearing them yesterday. It would have been a waste of time and diesel.
Today, after he gets home from work, he’ll fire up the tractor and clear away what is too much for me to shovel.

I'm not happy about this weather, Mom. You need to get this!

I’m not happy about this weather, Mom. You need to get this fixed…now!

Gives you an idea of how iced up they shows best on Cookie because she's black.

Gives you an idea of how iced up they were…it shows best on Cookie because she’s black.

The hell, Mom?!? What. The. Hell?!?

The hell, Mom?!? What. The. Hell?!?

Poor Sable…she was having serious issues with the wind. She was wide-eyed, and kept swinging that head around…Finally, I managed to make enough of a noise to get her to focus on me briefly. That gave me an in to get her talked down. Quiet voice, gentle hands and a little hay pile right in front of her and I got her from wild-eyed Hell horse, back to her sweet self. Took me about 20 minutes, but I got her there.
You know the weather has been bad when Sable goes sideways on me and has to be coaxed back to center.
**As an aside…I’ve just noticed how nicely her forelock is growing in! When she first came Home, it was so short and scraggly looking…now she’s getting her supermodel hair in. 🙂

Hi Mom!

Hi Mom!

Both Ruby and Astrid were fairly well settled. Astrid has been pushing to take Lead Mare spot again, but has decided that she’ll try working her way past Cookie first. Ruby has been very clear that she is The Boss, and she ain’t going down easy. lol! I guess Astrid figures moving one place in the herd is better than nothing…Sunday morning, I watched something interesting going on between Astrid and Cookie. Here’s what I posted on FB about it…

Interesting time in my herd right now…seems Astrid has decided taking on Ruby for the top spot isn’t working out, so she’s going to take on Cookie instead. I’ve been seeing evidence of bites and kicks on Cookie, not too sure who has been brave (or stupid) enough to land them. Until this morning, when I watched Astrid run her from feeder to feeder.
Interesting, I thought. Perhaps we’re in for a change on second-in-command. Watched this go on for a few minutes, until Cookie got fed up with it (she’s pretty non-confrontational, until pushed too far…) and planted her feet. Astrid made a run at her, ran smack into the Big Black Brick Wall, bounced back a step and shook her head…and then, Cookie bounced that ass and aimed a double hoof kick at Astrid’s head.
Good thing Little Girl is so quick. She just managed to avoid Cookie’s hooves and slunk away to eat with Sable. While Cookie pranced over and forced *her* out.
I stood there and laughed…told Astrid before, don’t challenge the Black one, unless you’re sure you can win. That’s not one you want to pick a fight with. When the Black one gets in a snit, even Ruby backs down, so little Astrid ain’t got a chance! Lololol!
Poor Astrid. Stuck as third, unless the herd grows…which ain’t gonna happen any time soon.

Silly Astrid.

Hubby getting hay into the tire feeder.

Hubby getting hay into the tire feeder.

Today is much better, and The Girls are feeling it. The sky is clear, the sun is shining and they are feeling frisky! Hopefully, I can catch some of their antics later on this afternoon. Maybe, I’ll throw them a jolly ball or two…after they have a chance to nap in the sunshine. 🙂

For Toosh

There was that bag of goodies you sent home with us on Sunday…
Once I emptied it, I set the bag on one of the kitchen chairs…
Next thing I knew, this happened…

I finded dis...

I finded dis…

Dis my bag now

Dis my bag now…

Whatchoo mean I can't haz dis house?

Whatchoo mean I can’t haz dis house?

See my teef marks? Means mine!

See my teeth marks? Means mine!

Whatchoo doing Daisy?!? Go 'way!

Whatchoo doing Daisy?!? Go ‘way!



Get out of my house!!!!

Get out of my house!!!!

The 2 of them have had a great time fighting over who gets to be in the “house”. It seems though, that Nancy is far more attached to it than Daisy…he keeps winning the wrestling matches.