SHS~January 10th Edition

We’re still cold. lol! The joy of this weather is I get to practice my extreme cold photography. What I have learned is I need some gloves that are warm enough for -35*c, but supple enough to handle the camera buttons as well. My nasty hay slinging gloves are thick wool lined leather gloves, and while they look terrible (they are soooo well broken in, I love them!!) they are incredibly warm.
So, I’m on the hunt for warm and supple gloves. I’m happy to take suggestions from the other farm folks/photographers out there!

This week’s prompts are New, Red, Breakfast, Simple and Circle.


Daphne has a new toy…

Dog Log2Yes, that’s a log from our wood pile.
Yes, my dog is weird.

Dog Log1But she loves her new toy. She growls and barks at it, while she pushes it all over the yard. She can even carry it. Needless to say, we do not throw it for her. She’s just silly enough to try to catch it, and that would be very bad!


Red Ruby

Red Ruby

3 red things in one shot…Ruby (rubies are red) wears her halter (that’s red) and she’s a bay (red in horses) tobiano.
With a steady diet of top quality hay, beet pulp and flax, she shines in the sunshine. That copper red you see in the picture comes as close to her true color as a photo can.

And of course, my little red horse…

❤ Ms Astrid ❤


The Girls, in this weather, get increased hay rations. Ruby is not a horse that we can just set a big bale out with…the words “easy keeper” don’t quite apply to her. She’s more of an “Eat until she bursts” kinda horse. Now, I’m not complaining about this. I’ll take an easy keeper over a hard keeper any day. Ruby does present us with certain challenges though. Especially when her Paint cohort has food issues anyways…which is why we have 2 feeders, separate food stations for beet pulp, and why they have to be supervised when buckets are almost empty. Ruby will snort her’s down and work on pushing every one else out of their’s if she’s not supervised. So, Fat Girl, mixed with being the lead mare, makes feeding the Girls fun. 🙂 Wheeeee!

All of this to share this picture of Ruby…

"Whatchoo mean no more food 'til breakfast?!?"

“Whatchoo mean no more food ’til breakfast?!?”

I told her last night not to snort all the hay down, because there was no more until breakfast time. lol!


Simple SunsetIt amazes me every day, how a simple sunset can be so satisfying to the soul. I can never get tired of this view.


Feed buckets are circles!lol
I was feeling a bit stumped on this one, oddly enough. Until I realized, while taking the red pictures, that The Paints buckets are circles.

Circle Bucket1

Cookie’s bucket…

Ruby's bucket...

Ruby’s bucket…

Sharing with Scavenger Hunt Sunday hosted by Ashley Sisk.


Friday’s Hunt

It’s a c-c-c-cold morning today! And we’re into a cold snap for a few days. Nothing we can’t handle, though. It’s looking like the wind will be light and that, out here, makes all the difference in the world. Still, I’m not a huge fan of the cold, but it’s mid-January (already!!) and we’ve had an easy winter. I am hopeful for an early spring with an abundance of pasture and garden growth. 🙂

Prompts for this week’s Friday’s Hunt are Starts with B, Week’s Favorite and Outside. Here are my images…

Starts With B

Bad Kitty!

Bad Kitty!

B is for bad kitty, who thinks she rules the kitchen table and should use it to bask in the sun beams.

Bad, bad Miss Daisy!

Bad, bad Miss Daisy!

B is for Bad Kitty who wasn’t even the least bit apologetic for being on the table where she’s not supposed to be…Of course, she’s a cat. Why would I think a cat would be apologetic for anything?!?

Week’s Favorite

You already saw this image, but I can’t help it, this is my favorite shot of the week!

Frosty Palomino AssYup, Sable’s big bum is my favorite shot of the week. Call me crazy, but (haha!!) I can honestly see this one framed on my wall.


Did I mention it was cold outside? Well, cold tends to bring out a bit of the crazies in the Girls. And, as usual, every time I set foot out the door to take pictures of the fun and games, every one would stop….because there’s Mom with the camera and uh-uh, no way are we gonna be caught acting silly!
So this shot is from my kitchen window…it’s fine though. I didn’t really want to go outside anyways.

Outside Goofiness

Sharing with Friday’s Hunt, hosted by Teresa at Eden HIlls.


And now, for some thing else…
About a month ago, I added a donate button to the sidebar. I’ve had more than a few emails from folks asking if we’re okay, do we need money, etc, etc, etc.
Let me assure you, we’re okay. Alright?
Like anyone else, we could use extra money, but, I mean that’s life, right? There’s always something to work for. 🙂
But, we’re fine.

The main reason I put that there is this…I have people tell me all the time I should write a book. And, well, as much as I like the idea, I’m really not a writer. As you may, or may not have noticed, from this blog. I write like I talk, disjointed, and often, foul-mouthed. I think and speak in run on sentences, my grammar can sometimes be bad and my train of thought often gets away…SQUIRREL!!…While that is great for a blog, not so much, in my opinion for a book.
No, I’m more a visual artist…photography, drawing, painting, jewelry…that kind of thing.

I do, however, love to write the blog, and I would love for it to be a paying job. It’s not, and frankly, I wouldn’t even know how to go about doing that. And, if there was the slightest possibility that I’d have to write differently to appease “sponsors” well, nope, not interested.

So, I put up the donate button as more of an “Appreciation of the Blog” kinda thing. Y’know how artist’s used to have patrons, so they could keep creating? This is the same thing. If you like what you see/read, and feel like it, toss a few bucks at the “tip jar”.
This is wholly and completely voluntary, and, I’m not going to make a monthly plea for cash. It’s just a way that, if someone wanted to, they could offer a little financial support for what we’re doing here.

And, like the title over the button says, we appreciate your donations and gifts. 🙂

Frosty Day on the Farm

When The Kid and I went out to feed the horses, the cats, and get her on the school bus, we saw that the frost had settled heavy on The Farm. Especially on Cookie…well, because she’s black, it showed best on her. I figured after the sun came up, I would go out and take some pictures of the frostiness.

As it turns out, it’s a darn good thing I went outside, because with the help of bad, bad, bad little cats, the automatic waterer was frozen. Like 1/2″ thick ice over the entire opening frozen. *sigh*
Thankfully, it wasn’t a waterer malfunction, like I initially thought. Last year we had issues with it freezing up because the weather-stripping had rotted away and the wind out here is crazy some days, and it was freezing the water lines. I was positive we had fixed that, plus we stacked a couple 500lb straw bales beside it as a wind break…so I was surprised to see the ice yesterday.

Okay, I didn’t actually see the ice, until the large Blonde pulled her giant fat hoof out of the waterer. Yup, I walked in to the pasture to see idiot Girl had her hoof in the waterer. The good thing is, she wasn’t stuck.I’ve dealt with that a time or two, and it’s no fun. No fun at all. 1500lbs of “Oh, hi Mom! My foot’s stuck in the waterer again.” is just not my idea of a good time.
Count that as one of the things I am super grateful for, that our Sable is a calm and patient horse, because when she does get her foot stuck, I have to help move the hoof around, then lift her leg high enough that she can move it back from the waterer.
I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that Ritchie never thought about the possibility of a horse sticking their foot into their Eco-fount waterers! I really should get a picture of it and send it to them…

So, after some work with the hair dryer, a little peek-a-boo with Astrid, a spanking for Trouble-who was the one who pulled the plug out on the waterer as he stepped of the fence onto the plug, and some creative wood/straw stacking to keep it safe for the Bubble Wrap horse, we finally had water flowing again, and Sable was able to drink. Sort of.

Uh, Mom? There's a cat in my water...

Uh, Mom? There’s a cat in my water…

Yup, there is. He’s thirsty too…because his brother is a jerk. Or, maybe it was him. I don’t exactly know which cat it was. Just push him out and have a drink. 😉

Okay. I can do that...

Okay. I can do that…

Once the water was flowing freely again, I went back to trying to capture the frosty images I was looking for…

Hey! You taking pictures of my butt?!?

Hey! You taking pictures of my butt?!?

Make sure you get my good side!

Make sure you get my good side!

All Sable’s sides are her good side. 😉 At least for photographs.

This is what started it all...Cookie's mane.

This is what started it all…Cookie’s mane.

Just the tips were frosted, and it highlighted her mohawk beautifully. Have to say, as much as I loved the long mane on her, she rocks the mohawk! It shows off her neck so nice…and when it’s this in between length, it’s perfect on her. Short enough to see that gorgeous neck, yet not so short as to make her look horribly cresty.

And then, there's that lovely rump...

And then, there’s that lovely rump…

I love the way the frost highlights that tail.

Shot's like this bring Sir Mix-A-Lot to mind...

Shot’s like this bring Sir Mix-A-Lot to mind…

I like big butts and I cannot lie...

I like big butts and I cannot lie…


The Sasquatch had a layer of frost too…

Frosty Squatch

Frosty Squatch2

And finally, one of my garden stakes…this one seems to stay outside all year long. Most of the others I manage to get brought in, but not this one. Makes for great photos. That could be why I leave it out. 🙂

Frosty Sunflower

Hello Monday!

I am sorry if you don’t like Mondays.
I am sorry if you’re not looking forward to being back to work…or school…
I am happy though, for Monday.
Oh, not for the 3:30 am wake up-especially when I couldn’t sleep (surprise!!) and was up until nearly 2am.
But the routine is back, and I am happy for that.

Don’t get me wrong, the past 10 days of the family being all together, the friends who came to visit, the family who came out too…all great stuff. 10 days of free ranging it? Yeah, also good stuff. But, as usual, during any free ranging time, my brain starts to get frustrated…there’s a pattern, a process, to my day. Things need to be done, and on time. Oh, and work?
Yeah, nothing happened. Ideas happened, and some testing of a new product/method happened, but those were simple day-to-day things. Not hands on, get my hands dusty and dirty, w.o.r.k.

That’s what I’m back to today. And I’m happy for it. 🙂 Once The Kid is off to school, I’ll turn up the stereo and start putting out some jewelry. Then, I can do the photography work to get it up here…oh, and I have some festive fun photos from the holidays, where friends came out to have pictures taken with The Girls. I have those to edit too.

And now, with a picture and smile, off to work I go…

Look at how fuzzy Sable is! That's her winter coat around the girth...

Look at how fuzzy Sable is! That’s her winter coat around the girth…

Memories, Dreams and Reflections 2015

This is the end of year photographic wind up, hosted by Ashley Sisk of Scavenger Hunt Sunday fame.
I really enjoyed doing this last year, even though it took me nearly all day! It was fun though, to look back at all the pictures I had taken and to choose the ones that worked best with the prompts.
I’m just going to jump into the prompts without listing them first, because, well, there’s 25 of them.

Let’s start!


<3 <3 <3

❤ ❤ ❤

Me and my favorite horse. My bestest Girl. No surprise that any picture I choose of myself has her in it.

I Love You

without the saddleNot only do I love them, but these two love each other. I can trust that horse to keep The Kid safe, no matter what. Our Sable is a blessing, for sure!

Still Laughing

Hubby and Ruby 2015 tongueI’m still laughing about Ruby and her in-front-of-the-camera antics…

Laughing RooShe’s a card, that horse…

Laughing Roo2And she knows how to play to the camera!

Winter Wonderland

I had to go all the way back to March for this…we haven’t had enough snow yet to get some great asshat-ery shots, so here’s last winter’s Bella and the Ball series for some Winter Wonderland fun…

Evil ball!! Popped out and scared here...

Evil ball!!
Popped out and scared her…

"What the hell Ball?!?"

“What the hell Ball?!?”

Get away! Get away!

Get away! Get away!

Bella and the Ball5“Ima teach you, ball!”


Cookie is the only one of the Girls whose birthday I know for sure. That’s because it’s on her registration papers. When her birthday comes around, everybody gets a chance to wear the birthday hat though…

Daphne modeling the birthday hat.

Daphne modeling the birthday hat.

Then came Astrid...

Then came Astrid…

Sable Birthday Hat

Ruby Birthday Hat1

And finally, the Birthday Girl herself…

Cookie Birthday1


What better for friends, than images of Cookie and Felix?

2 black and white ones

Or Nancy and Daisy Mae?

Nancy and Daisy Mae
Or the 4 horses together?

Jolly Balls2🙂

I Was Inspired

Remembrance Day was the inspiration for these shots…

"Soldier's Daughter"

“Soldier’s Daughter”

"Soldier's Horse"

“Soldier’s Horse”

Spring Fever

Spring fever always bring on the Krazy Kantering Horse Games!

Sable makes the best faces, when she's being silly!

Sable makes the best faces, when she’s being silly!

And looks right at the camera when she does! "Look at me Mom! Take my picture!!"

And looks right at the camera when she does! “Look at me Mom! Take my picture!!”

They got around front, trotted up for some snuggles, and then, were off again!

They got around front, trotted up for some snuggles, and then, were off again!

Travel or Vacation

We have livestock…no such thing as a vacation. 🙂
But, we did do some traveling. Just day trips…

To a couple rodeos…

Saddle Bronc Saturday...

Saddle Bronc Saturday…

After the ride...I was torn on whether or not to share this one. It's a powerful image, and yet, it feels like I, as the photographer, am intruding on the rider's pain.

After the ride…I was torn on whether or not to share this one. It’s a powerful image, and yet, it feels like I, as the photographer, am intruding on the rider’s pain.



We also made our weekly trips to the Stable, where Hubby has been assisting with the rebuild of the owner’s home after a fire consumed it in May.


Summer Days

More rodeo shots, because our summer days were filled with rodeo fun and much editing afterwards.

Saddle bronc, sans rider

Saddle bronc, sans rider

Saddle bronc

Saddle bronc

And, with rodeo pictures, I learned a new editing technique…

Here's a sample of that new technique I learned.

Here’s a sample of that new technique I learned.

A Day In My Life

A day in my life has this:



And this:

Tools of the stinky trade...containers, toothbrushes and paper towels. And a place to do it outside...

Tools of the stinky trade…containers, toothbrushes and paper towels. And a place to do it outside…

And this:

That's our Daisy, bites Nancy's butt to force him out of the box.

That’s our Daisy, bites Nancy’s butt to force him out of the box.

And this:

"Mine! Mine! Mine!"

“Mine! Mine! Mine!”

In short, a day in my life is a mixture of mad crazy motion being photographed, quiet work on jewelry and the day-to-day running of a hobby farm.

All Smiles

Hello Not-Bob!

Hello Not-Bob!

I was all smiles when this guy showed up.
Seen a couple of others since. Makes me smile every time. 🙂

Autumn Harvest

Blue Bean Killer

Blue Bean Killer

As the garden was finishing up, BlueCat decided to help me with the final bean harvest…



While StormCat did what every good farm cat should do…


Home is where my Girls are.

My symbol of Home

My symbol of Home…the 4 nags together.


We had many celebrations here this past year. And many that I took pictures at. My favorite (at least photographically) was our Samhain bonfire. I really enjoyed taking pictures of the bonfire.

A few folks standing 'round the fire.

A few folks standing ’round the fire.

This ^^^ was my favorite one of the night.

Let’s Do It Again

The garden. Because we’re gonna do it again…and again, and again, and again…



Rows of tomatoes

Rows of tomatoes

A row of lettuce

A row of lettuce

Purple pole bean flowers

Purple pole bean flowers

I Miss You

Yeah, I got nothing for this one.
The folks who made the choice to leave my life this past year are gone, and I don’t have the energy, or the urge, to miss them.


Sable and Astrid

Sable and Astrid

Yup, they sure are!

Dress Up

Happens a lot here…we dress up the horses. 🙂



And sometimes, they dress themselves up…in mud!



You know the mud was bad when Astrid is covered!



Really, Ruby does have white spots…



So muddy, her white neck spots are gone!


Love those short, fuzzy hairs...and the colors. She just makes me smile. :)

Love those short, fuzzy hairs…and the colors. She just makes me smile. 🙂


We did a bunny ear hat for Easter:

Astrid 1 eared it...

Astrid 1 eared it…

No surprise, Sable wore it like a champ!

No surprise, Sable wore it like a champ!

Cookie was not. happy. >:(

Cookie was not. happy. 😡

My Favorite

This is a tough one. I had a ton of great shots in 2015. Finally, I settled on the Miniature Lions.

Miniature Lions

Don’t Ever Change



I don’t want her to change.
I love her just the way she is, Miserable Cow and all.
I do want her to learn and grow and be the very best horse she can be…all while keeping that amazing, sweet personality (yes, it is in there!!) and incredible heart.

Just Because…So There!

Best. Joke. Ever!

Best. Joke. Ever!

It’s a terrible angle.
It looks like her head isn’t even attached to her body.
It’s odd and just plain off.
But, it makes me smile and I love it.
So there.

Hopes and Dreams

I hope to grow so much more food on the Farm in 2016.
The chicken coop is done, and ready for birds.
We have the spot picked out for a couple of feeder piglets.
The garden seeds are picked and ready to be ordered.

I am tired of being a slave to food prices in grocery stores.
I am tired of someone else growing my meats and eggs.
I am tired of not being hands on in our meat eating.

It’s time to utilize as much of this land that we have worked so hard for, to grow our food. Not just the fruits and veggies, but the meats as well.


I dream of getting on Cookie.
Of taking the next steps in her training. Not until her feet are 100% grown out. We are so close…once those cracks are gone, then, then, I can seriously consider getting up on her. Not before though.

I dream of Equi~Gems becoming my full-time job.
Not just fits and starts, here and there. But solid, steady work, that brings solid, steady $$$ into the Farm.
I’m working on it.
I am happy with the new gemstone settings.
I am happy with the new earrings I’ve been working on.
I am excited to share those with you all!

Most of all, my hopes and dreams revolve around the happiness of everyone who calls Midnight Calico Farm home.

The Kid.
The Girls.
The Marauding Hoarde.
The Meatloaves.
And yeah, even myself.

Here’s to a happy, healthy, prosperous 2016.
Not just for us at Midnight Calico Farm.
For all of you, our readers and followers, too.

Hubby and Ruby 2015 tongueRuby says…”It shall be so!”

Sharing with Ashley Sisk, who is hosting Memories, Dreams and Reflections.

Friday’s Hunt!

A new link up to join in!
And hosted by one of my very favorite people/bloggers…Teresa at Eden Hills. 🙂

The prompts she gave this week are Starts with A, Week’s Favorite, and Celebrate.

Starts with A

A is for amazing…like this big goofy blonde of ours…



Doesn’t she look amazing, wearing Hubby’s military beret? This was the first shot in the series too…she’s a supermodel, that horse!

Some one else tried to wear it too…



After a day of meeting new people, and posing for pictures, she was so amazing, when I asked her to wear the beret. She really tried to give me a great picture, but in the end, it was just too much. I am super proud of her for all the hard work she put into being a social Girl.
We’ll try again another day to get a shot of her with the beret on. A day when she hasn’t had to interact with so many others, and behave so politely. 🙂

Week’s Favorite

I had a lot of photos to choose from, for this week’s favorite. I finally settled on this one:

Holy grumpy ears, Crabby Sable!!

Holy grumpy ears, Crabby Sable!!

Those ears? All because I was taking their picture. That’s it.
It was their time for a little bit of bonding, and that horse felt I was intruding…”How dare you take pictures of us hugging?!? GO AWAY!”

It really made me laugh, because Sable is such a camera hound normally, but at this moment, nope, she just wanted time with her Kid.


Look who came back today!!



I’ve seen a couple other snowy owls on the property, but I’m pretty sure this is Not-Bob, who was the first to come visit. I was pretty happy to see hir back in the poplar tree. 🙂