Bubble Wrap Bella

Her name is Sable.
I often call her Bella…because she is beautiful.
Or Bellissima…because she is very beautiful.

Sometimes, I think she got all the beauty, and none of the brains. Most times, I know that’s not true. She’s a smart Girl too, but she definitely does some stupid things.

For example…we had some winter blowing snow this past weekend. Hard snow drifts that horses can walk on formed. Sunday saw us out trying to clear away some of those drifts-at least, the ones in the pasture.
Before Hubby could get the drift beside the trough done, this happened…

Uh, Sable?  Whatcha doin'?

Uh, Sable?
Whatcha doin’?

Yup, that’s her with her front hooves in the trough. Now, to be fair, the drift has her butt up nearly 2 feet higher, so stepping *into* the trough was easy peasy for her.



Uh, Hello!?!

Uh, Hello!?!

I know she’s listening to me ask her what the h*** she thinks she’s doing. Her ears are towards me…she’s just too busy shoveling food in to care what I’m saying.

Bubble Wrap Bella4

Great…now we have Grey helping.

And, to make things more fun, we need a cat in there too! Because why not, right?

*sigh* Some people's horses.

*sigh* Some people’s horses.

Yeah, she’s The Kid’s horse…so, The Kid came and helped Sable get out of her predicament. Though Sable didn’t see what the problem was.
Well, the problem was, of course, should one of The Paints decide to come up behind her in a fit of a “Get the H*** out of my way!!” moment, she cannot move out of there fast enough without hurting herself. Frankly, this is a broken leg waiting to happen.

So, The Kid backed her up to the edge of the trough, and then asked for her hoof. Once she gave The Kid her hoof, Kid lifted her hoof and leg up high enough that with a very gentle twist, she was able to get the hoof out and onto the snow. Then we just kept asking Sable to back up and she heaved herself out of the trough. As always, my big fear was that she’d slip and go down. Thankfully, it went flawlessly, and The Kid got her big goofy blonde out of harm’s way.

Which meant Hubby could finish cleaning the drift out and there was no more chance for Sable to step back into the trough.

As a reward, Sable got a couple apple treats and the jolly ball to play with and run from.

❀ Bella ❀

2 thoughts on “Bubble Wrap Bella

  1. Do you thinks she figured out it would be warmer on her feet than standing in the snow? I’d say she is pretty clever.


    • WolfSong says:

      I think she was hoping for some water. lol!
      She *wishes* she could get in there in the summertime and wash her feet.
      Yeah, she’s a little weird…but I love her for it1

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