Friday’s Hunt~Jan. 15th Edition

Yes, I know today is the 16th. πŸ˜‰
But, the link opened on the 15th…and I’m always late.

Prompts this week…Starts with C, Week’s Favorite, and Inside.

This week, all my pictures start with c, but they fulfill the other prompts too…

Starts With C

You’d think I’d go with the obvious here, and share a shot of Cookie, but nope. Not this time.

It's c-c-c-c-cold!!!

It’s c-c-c-c-cold!!!

Cold starts with c, and we’ve been really cold! So cold, you can see Ruby’s breath here. In case you’re wondering, she was running from the jolly ball…she’s pretty sure they might want to kill her.
Silly horse.

Week’s Favorite

Here’s where you get Cookie (who starts with c)…



I love this picture, and not just because it’s her…it’s because she’s so focused on me. Hubby was using the tractor to scrape the frozen poo balls away, I was beside the trough and she was walking towards the bales. A simple call of her name brought that pretty head and ears around to me with a “Hello Mama, what would you like?” look.
I love that.
Plus, she just looks pretty. πŸ™‚


Really, Ladies?

Really, Ladies?

I took this shot from inside my kitchen…because it was freakin’ cold out! When I posted this on FB, I said…

“I buy them top quality hay and what do these bitches eat like it’s candy?
The straw bales around the ejector.

Now, it’s not that I have an issue with them munching straw bales. The roughage can be good for them, as long as they’re getting enough water (and yes, they are!)…though,I prefer they eat stemmier grass as opposed to straw, but that black and white one…sheesh. Some days, she’ll choose straw over hay. I don’t know why. It’s not like there’s any residual grain left in those bales. That straw has been stripped right clean. She just seems to like straw.

Anyways, the issue is this…those bales are around my ejector pond (for lack of a better word. Not really a pond, it’s only 2 feet-ish across), and um, the water that comes out there? Yeah that the gray water from my septic tank.
And they’re eating them bales like I’m starving them.
Seriously, W. T. F?!?

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8 thoughts on “Friday’s Hunt~Jan. 15th Edition

  1. Teresa says:

    Thanks so much for joining in. I love that cold shot. Those shadows always show up when it’s that cold. Cookie truly is beautiful. Goats are the same. I put bedding down and they eat it and use their good hay for bedding. Goats. Gotta love our goofy critters though.


  2. Jean Marie says:

    Cold is right! I feel cold looking at those pictures, while the doors are open here in Florida. But I spent many a winter in such weather and I know!! Your horses are beautiful!


  3. Maybe the straw has a flavoring they like. Their going for the straw reminds me of kids who prefer the boxes that their toys came in. LOL
    The View from the Top of the Ladder


  4. Crystal says:

    Haha always different then what you would expect, my horses are rather puffball like I wish they would eat straw and maybe lose weight but noooo


  5. I can’t make any comments on the straw vs hay problem you have but have enjoyed seeing your horses. Cookie surely did have a look of love when you called her.


  6. Toosh says:

    Love Ruby sticking out her tongue!!


  7. Candy C. says:

    Silly horses! My goats like to eat the straw too, go figure. Nice shot of Cookie, you can tell she is focused in on you. πŸ™‚


  8. Such beautiful horses. I really do love horses – they are such glorious animals.


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