Happy 2 Years Astrid

2 years ago today, we woke up early, packed our cold weather gear, coffee, and some snacks in the truck, and went on a 2 hour drive.
When we came home again, we had this Girl with us…

This girl is Astrid.

This girl is Astrid.

A young QH mare who’s living situation changed drastically, due to no fault of her own. Hell, it wasn’t even her owner’s fault. Sometimes, crappy things in life happen, and, unfortunately, it happened to them.
We had some room in our pasture with the other 3 and were able to bring Astrid into our herd.

And oh, it was Trial by Fire for Little Girl. We had no way to keep her separate from the others, so in she went. Ruby saw her as competition for food, Cookie was just pissed off, and Sable?
Well, Sable welcomed her with an open heart. No surprise. That’s just how our Big Girl is. 🙂
Astrid, however, was less than thrilled…she’d just had a 2 hour trailer ride in the cold, fallen getting off the trailer, been led into a new pasture, and been chased by the lead mare.
Never again will I introduce a new horse that way! lol!
The squeals, the kicks, the working out of the heirarchy…oy! Not a good time.
In the end, it all worked out…after treating a few injuries, a vet visit for colic, a lot of time and patience…it worked out.

And now, Astrid is a much-loved, by horses and people alike, member of our herd. ❤

We’re the Good Horses

Relaxing with her BFF

Relaxing with her BFF

"Hey, whatchoo doing down there?"

“Hey, whatchoo doing down there?”

"Any nummies, or did Dad steal them all?"

“Any nummies, or did Dad steal them all?”

"Rub my belly Mom!!"

“Rub my belly Mom!!”

"Mmmm, smells like food..."

“Mmmm, smells like food…”

"Will it eat me? Can I eat it?"

“Will it eat me? Can I eat it?”

3 thoughts on “Happy 2 Years Astrid

  1. susana says:

    🙂 My Friend 🙂


  2. Christy Paws says:

    Happy gotcha day, Astrid! Glad everything worked out in the end.


  3. thorn says:

    Happy gotcha day to Astrid.


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