SHS~January 10th Edition

We’re still cold. lol! The joy of this weather is I get to practice my extreme cold photography. What I have learned is I need some gloves that are warm enough for -35*c, but supple enough to handle the camera buttons as well. My nasty hay slinging gloves are thick wool lined leather gloves, and while they look terrible (they are soooo well broken in, I love them!!) they are incredibly warm.
So, I’m on the hunt for warm and supple gloves. I’m happy to take suggestions from the other farm folks/photographers out there!

This week’s prompts are New, Red, Breakfast, Simple and Circle.


Daphne has a new toy…

Dog Log2Yes, that’s a log from our wood pile.
Yes, my dog is weird.

Dog Log1But she loves her new toy. She growls and barks at it, while she pushes it all over the yard. She can even carry it. Needless to say, we do not throw it for her. She’s just silly enough to try to catch it, and that would be very bad!


Red Ruby

Red Ruby

3 red things in one shot…Ruby (rubies are red) wears her halter (that’s red) and she’s a bay (red in horses) tobiano.
With a steady diet of top quality hay, beet pulp and flax, she shines in the sunshine. That copper red you see in the picture comes as close to her true color as a photo can.

And of course, my little red horse…

โค Ms Astrid โค


The Girls, in this weather, get increased hay rations. Ruby is not a horse that we can just set a big bale out with…the words “easy keeper” don’t quite apply to her. She’s more of an “Eat until she bursts” kinda horse. Now, I’m not complaining about this. I’ll take an easy keeper over a hard keeper any day. Ruby does present us with certain challenges though. Especially when her Paint cohort has food issues anyways…which is why we have 2 feeders, separate food stations for beet pulp, and why they have to be supervised when buckets are almost empty. Ruby will snort her’s down and work on pushing every one else out of their’s if she’s not supervised. So, Fat Girl, mixed with being the lead mare, makes feeding the Girls fun. ๐Ÿ™‚ Wheeeee!

All of this to share this picture of Ruby…

"Whatchoo mean no more food 'til breakfast?!?"

“Whatchoo mean no more food ’til breakfast?!?”

I told her last night not to snort all the hay down, because there was no more until breakfast time. lol!


Simple SunsetIt amazes me every day, how a simple sunset can be so satisfying to the soul. I can never get tired of this view.


Feed buckets are circles!lol
I was feeling a bit stumped on this one, oddly enough. Until I realized, while taking the red pictures, that The Paints buckets are circles.

Circle Bucket1

Cookie’s bucket…

Ruby's bucket...

Ruby’s bucket…

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  1. Abrianna says:

    I got a kick out of Daphne’s new “toy”. Such fun! and enjoyed your reds too


  2. Tamar says:

    The pictures of the horses are stunning!!


  3. Teresa says:

    Love Daphne’s toy! Silly girl.


  4. ilove ALL the horse shots and that is a gorgeouse sunset


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