Hello Monday!

I am sorry if you don’t like Mondays.
I am sorry if you’re not looking forward to being back to work…or school…
I am happy though, for Monday.
Oh, not for the 3:30 am wake up-especially when I couldn’t sleep (surprise!!) and was up until nearly 2am.
But the routine is back, and I am happy for that.

Don’t get me wrong, the past 10 days of the family being all together, the friends who came to visit, the family who came out too…all great stuff. 10 days of free ranging it? Yeah, also good stuff. But, as usual, during any free ranging time, my brain starts to get frustrated…there’s a pattern, a process, to my day. Things need to be done, and on time. Oh, and work?
Yeah, nothing happened. Ideas happened, and some testing of a new product/method happened, but those were simple day-to-day things. Not hands on, get my hands dusty and dirty, w.o.r.k.

That’s what I’m back to today. And I’m happy for it. šŸ™‚ Once The Kid is off to school, I’ll turn up the stereo and start putting out some jewelry. Then, I can do the photography work to get it up here…oh, and I have some festive fun photos from the holidays, where friends came out to have pictures taken with The Girls. I have those to edit too.

And now, with a picture and smile, off to work I go…

Look at how fuzzy Sable is! That's her winter coat around the girth...

Look at how fuzzy Sable is! That’s her winter coat around the girth…

One thought on “Hello Monday!

  1. Toosh says:

    First Monday of 2016…there goes the starter’s gun!


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