Miserable Cow Monday…

…Slid right into Testy Don’t-Touch-Me Tuesday.

This one…

Miserable Cow

Miserable Cow

Had her miserable cow face on yesterday, and wanted nothing to with any one or anything. In fact, every time one of the other 3 went near her, she’d pin her ears at them.
Tried it with me too, which resulted in the “I don’t f***ing think so” voice, and the threat of thumping her right between her pretty ears if she didn’t unpin them RIGHT NOW.
I don’t put up with ears being pinned at me…ever.

Turns out, she had a crazy chunk of ice in her right front hoof. Took me a bit to lever it out…part of that was because she kept trying to take her foot back. Balance, we’re still working on it. Oh, and she was being a miserable cow.
It looks like she’s got a bit of a bruise on the sole from it. I brought the chunk itself in to melt, just to be sure that it was just ice, not anything nasty in the ice that was causing pain.
Thankfully, just ice.
The things I do for those nags. *rolls eyes*

This morning though, she seems to be just fine.
Just doesn’t want to be touched. Her “leave me alone” vibe is very strong today. Grumpy ass. I told her she’d better quit acting like a Miserable Cow, because if anything happens to me, there is no one else who is willing to put up with her shit, unless she stops being such a Miserable Cow, so Hubby might just put a bullet in her and bury us together.
We’ve actually talked about that…I’ve told him, he can do that, if he doesn’t want to deal with her shit, if I die first. I know full well that I put up with more of her Mare Moods than any other person on the planet would. I take more of her anti-social crap than anyone else would. I’ve invested a lot of time, effort, patience and love in Her Miserableness, and I don’t expect any one else to, after I’m gone.
So, I tell Hubby, I won’t be the angry, vengeful ghost if he sends her across The Bridge after me.
I’ll understand.
100% 😉

"Ya make me laugh, Mom!"

“Ya make me laugh, Mom! I’m an absolute delight to live with, and you know it!”

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