A Fool in Love

Every now and then, I catch the barn cats and horses interacting in ways I just plain don’t expect.
I expect cats to get under foot, I expect cats to get stepped on, I expect horses to have their “OMG!! Something ran under me, I’m gonna die!!” moments.
I don’t expect things like the Miniature Lions post, or Penny investigating the Girls’ bums/girlie bits and I sure didn’t expect this next set of images…

Felix approaches a lying down Cookie...

Felix approaches a lying down Cookie…

She's not terribly worried at all...

She’s not terribly worried at all…

Felix Gets Some Tail3

Yup, just relaxed...

Yup, just relaxed…

And so, Felix has some fun...

And so, Felix has some fun…

Felix Gets Some Tail6

Yes, you are seeing that right…he’s biting her bum.

He looks so smug.  "My Girlfriend's tail. MINE!"

He looks so smug.
My Girlfriend’s tail.”

"I love this tail..."

“I love this tail…”

"So much love..."

“So much love…”

And again...she's completely relaxed. Not a care in the world, with the little black cat playing in her tail and sniffing her Girlie parts.

And again…she’s completely relaxed. Not a care in the world, with the little black cat playing in her tail and sniffing her Girlie parts.

Felix Gets Some Tail11

Felix Gets Some Tail12

Felix Gets Some Tail13

Felix Gets Some Tail14

All done...just leaning on his Girl.

All done…just leaning on his Girl.

And finally…

Away he wandered into the willows.

Away he wandered into the willows.

What a crazy pair. 🙂

We’re Back on the Hunt!

Scavenger Hunt Sunday that is. 🙂
This weeks prompts are When I Grow Up, Pattern, Festive, Triangle and Fancy.

And, away we go…

When I Grow Up

Erik the Viking

Erik the Viking

This little boy needed a fierce name. A name that would strike fear into the hearts of all men…okay with that cute face? Not going to happen, no matter what we named him. I just wanted to give him a name that would override his habit of pooping himself when he got picked up.

Poor little boy…he was so scared the first couple of times we caught him, he just let the poop fly. lol!
He’s actually Nancy, Robin and Sophie’s (now Suzie) littermate. Yup, he’s a Meatloaf too.

When he grows up, Erik the Viking wants to be just like big brother Trouble…that’s who he’s looking at, sitting on top the cat house.


Hmmm, what to use for a pattern picture…I think we’ll go with this:

Cookie and Ruby

Cookie and Ruby

Patterned paints are a good thing. 🙂


Though, neither of my Girls are as fancy as this boy…



Marty is an adorable gelding at the stable where The Kid takes her riding lessons. And he likes to have his picture taken. 🙂


progress3Another image from the stable…where the owners are in the midst of building a new house.
I had a tough time coming up with something for triangle, until I remembered I had pictures of the roof trusses being lifted.
Large triangle!


Nancy (sitting) and Daisy Mae

Nancy (sitting) and Daisy Mae

We are hoping to have a festive holiday season. However, since we now have these 2 ^^^ in the house, there will be no Yule tree in the living room for us. It’s just not a good idea.

Between crazy kittens and the short dog with the over excited tail? Yeah, festive Yule trees will be outside.
In the pasture…
With the horses…
Who will wear Santa hats for Yule photo shoots…
And anyone in the area who wants to come out and have their picture taken with festive, Santa hat wearing horses and decorated trees, is most welcome!

Sharing with Scavenger Hunt Sunday hosted by Ashley Sisk.

Warm Heart Wednesday

The last little while, we’ve been so busy I ran very behind on my favorite weekly link up…Alphabe-Thursday. When I finally returned to Ms Jenny’s blog to catch up, I learned that this past round was to be the final one. 😦 While I will miss Alphabe-Thursday, and the unique writing challenges it offered, I understand Ms Jenny’s need to take care of her own health.
But…she has offered up a new linkup for Wednesdays. One that helps us count our blessings, no matter how big or small. One that reminds us, in the Darkness there is always a teensy spark of Light, if we remember to look for it.
I think I will enjoy participating in this link up too. 🙂

So, here we are, Warm Heart Wednesday (a day late, no surprise with me!) to share the little thing that warmed my heart last week…

It starts with this picture:



A fabulous portrait of our beautiful Blonde Girl…only, I didn’t plan to do a portrait session with her. I was coming out to the pasture to take pictures of the straw bale extension we’re building onto the shelter for winter. Sable saw me coming, popped her head over the fence and smiled. How could I resist taking that shot? Ears forward, beautiful face, perfect light…I’d be a fool to let the moment pass by.

And then, this happened…



This one is not a fan of the camera. This one is not a fan of much of anything…except Mama. She’s my Mama’s Girl. When she saw me, she trotted over to the gate, popped her head over and nickered to me.
I cannot express how good that makes me feel. That nicker at the gate, that face that’s so happy to see me (and I didn’t even have treats!), that face that waited right there for me to take the picture and come to kiss her.

2 years later, and I am still moved to tears that this horse, who was so un-horse-like when she came, so shut down, has responded to me with love and trust.

She’s my Girl.
She’s my Blessing.
She’s my wee spark of Light.

Sharing with Jenny Matlock’s Warm Heart Wednesday.

Playing With Fire…Photography

We are a few miles from the nearest town. As such, we don’t see trick or treaters out here on Hallowe’en. Well, except for the 1 young man last year, and we were wholly unprepared, so Hubby gave him cash. lol!

This year, we celebrated Hallowe’en with a bonfire. Friends, family, a few wobbly pops and fire. Which, in my world, means camera time!

Playing with Fire1

Playing with Fire2

Playing with Fire3

Same image as above, with the colour inverted

Same image as above, with the colour inverted.

Same image again, desaturated.

Same image again, desaturated.

A few folks standing 'round the fire.

A few folks standing ’round the fire.

Coloured flames

Coloured flames

It was a good time to be had by all. 🙂

Gotcha Day

It’s that time again…

It’s Gotcha Day for Cookie, Ruby and Sable.
2 years they’ve been Home.
Yup, capital “H” Home…until the end of their days.

New, 2 year anniversary pictures below…and to celebrate, they’ll get a little oats in their beet pulp tonight.
I’ve already hugged and kissed everyone and wished them a happy day…even though it’s windy, drizzly and all around miserable weather.
Still, we have reason to celebrate. 🙂

Sable (and Cookie's bum)

Sable (and Cookie’s bum)

Sable and Astrid...with Astrid being a bit of a shit.

Sable and Astrid…with Astrid being a bit of a shit.

I know, it’s not a great picture…I was right in the midst of giving Astrid the “HEY!! Behave!” voice. The shot I missed was the bite she layed on Sable’s neck.

Sable..."Haha! Mom yelled at you Astrid!"

Sable…”Haha! Mom yelled at you Astrid!”

You can see…Sable’s smiling, because Astrid got in trouble! Brat.

My Cookie. <3

My Cookie. ❤

A little unsure. I had a plastic bag on the camera because of the wet, and we all know, plastic bags could kill a 1200 lb horse. Best to stay back, and keep a wary eye on it.
She makes me laugh.

Ruby...not too happy with the weather. Or, to find out she had come out of the willows and I only had a camera in hand. Not treats. :P

Ruby…not too happy with the weather. Or, to find out she had come out of the willows and I only had a camera in hand. Not treats. 😛

Happy Gotcha Day Ladies!!
May we have many, many, many more to celebrate together!


I know I’ve been gone for a while. I promise, I’ve still been taking pictures, and that all is well here.
We’ve been working hard, getting ready for winter, trying to get the chicken coop ready for spring chicks, Hubby’s had some crazy over time at work, and Saturday’s have been split between helping friends rebuild after they lost their house to fire and Kid’s riding lessons.
I have many images to share with y’all in the next little while.

I’m going to end this post with this image…the quote is from a young adult fantasy novel. A friend on Facebook shared the second paragraph, and when I googled the book, I found the whole quote.
It fits how I feel about her to a “T”…

Choose Cookie scaled