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We are having some technical difficulties with the computer right now.Unfortunately, that means posts are on hold until the weekend. That’s the soonest that things can be fixed.

Thanks for understanding. 🙂

Oh, Penny!

Penny is one of our barn cats. I say “barn” cats, even though we have no barn. Maybe “horse shelter” cats is a better term? Nah. Barn cat works.

Penny is a brave boy…yes, Penny is a boy. He got his name before it was clear whether he was a boy or a girl. Realistically, he’s a cat. He’s not going to come when you call anyways, unless you have food. It’s a cat thing. 😉

A week or so ago, I was out taking pictures of the horses, and, as usual, I was a kitten jungle gym at the same time. Y’see, I decided to change up the perspective of the shots, and lay on the ground. The Girls were down, so it just seemed logical to me. Well, if that isn’t an invitation to kittens, I don’t know what is! 8 furballs climbing all over me…wheee! What fun!

Except, after they got bored with me, they decided, and Penny specifically, to check out my photography subjects.

Standing at the fence, I watched Penny approach Sable...

Standing at the fence, I watched Penny approach Sable…

I love this shot...such confidence Mr Penny has!

I love this shot…such confidence Mr Penny has!

I then layed on the ground, to get a ground level shot or two of Sable.

Such a sleepy Girl.

Such a sleepy Girl.

"Hey you doin'?" Penny puts his best Joey Tribiani moves on Sable...

“Hey there…how you doin’?”
Penny puts his best Joey Tribbiani moves on Sable…

She’s not interested. Sunshine, and a good nap are what she’s after.

Checking her hoof

Checking her hoof

So, Penny decided to give her a sniffing…starting with her hoof.
And then…

Penny5He decided he needed to check her butt…

Penny6Up close and personal…

Like I said, the boy is brave. Not terribly smart, but brave!
From there, he figured he might as well check Ruby out too…

Really, Penny?

Really, Penny?

Once again, all up close and personal...

Once again, all up close and personal…

"Meh. Not impressed"

“Meh. Not impressed”

I love the look on his face here. lol! Like Ruby was worth a sniff, but she doesn’t do a thing for him.

Astrid slept through it, and was spared the indignity of felines sniffing her girlie bits. :P

Astrid slept through it, and was spared the indignity of felines sniffing her girlie bits. 😛


U is for Unusual

Have I ever mentioned how odd our dog, Daphne, is? How she has a love for unusual toys?
Well, here’s some photos to prove it…The Kid was pulling out the corn stalks from the garden, and Daphne kept stealing them out of the compost. I guess in her daffy doggie mind they were sticks…tasty sticks, because what dog doesn’t like corn?
It led to full-scale Kid/Puppy playful warfare, as Daphne kept stealing, Kid started chasing her with them, and then there was the beatings…yep, The Kid beat the dog with corn stalks.

There was no harm done to anyone, or anything in the taking of these photos…okay, well the corn stalks didn’t fare too well. 😉

"My corn stick!"

“My corn stick!”



"I. Want. My. Corn. STICK!!"

“I. Want. My. Corn. STICK!!”



"Ha! Ima get it now!"

“Ha! Ima get it now!”

"Mine! Mine! Mine!"

“Mine! Mine! Mine!”

"Grrrrr!! Die, corn stick, DIE!"

“Grrrrr!! Die, corn stick, DIE!”

U is for Unusual…my unusual dog, and her unusual toys.

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New Kittens Pictures

The Loaves are growing very well. As of yesterday, they are 4 weeks old, and booting around the living room like their tails are on fire. 🙂
They still sleep a lot, and we’re going about 4 hours between feedings, but they are eating A LOT more. Tummies are bigger, and they need that energy to grow.

Robin has some serious thoughts going on in there...

Robin has some serious thoughts going on in there…

Sophie is the little tank of the group...bulldozes her way through everything and everyone!

Sophie is the little tank of the group…bulldozes her way through everything and everyone!

Nancy was trying to convince me his paws were cold and he had to sit on me. Nope. Go play, you little monkey!

Nancy was trying to convince me his paws were cold and he had to sit on me. Nope. Go play, you little monkey!

Sophie and Nancy have a wrestling match. :)

Sophie and Nancy have a wrestling match. 🙂

If you missed how we ended up with these 3 in the house, you can find that post here.

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Sundays on the Farm

We had some work to do on the Farm this past Sunday. I say that like it’s something new. 😛 There’s always work to do on a farm!
We’ve been working on building our chicken coop/yard. This spring, we’re getting chickens. No more excuses, no more putting it off. We go through too many eggs, and too much meat, to not be growing our own. Plain and simple. We have the space, we have the skills, time to just do it.

Plus, my new rule is no more animals until we have some that are either feeding us, or helping pay the bills. I love The Girls, but they aren’t making us money, yet. At least, not enough to cover their costs.

As we worked, I also had my camera handy. Of course. Why wouldn’t I? Here’s some of Sunday’s fun. 🙂

Stranger DangerThe day started early, because it’s goose season, and while the birds aren’t over us yet, they’re getting closer. Close enough that we could see, in the pre-dawn hours, the lights of hunters setting up a mile or so away. That led to shooting, and birds honking, and Cookie reacting. She pranced and she snorted and she pooped…she had her full on “Stranger Danger!!” attitude on. Me, I just took pictures, because she’s funny as all get out when she acts like that.

We're the Good horses!

We’re the Good horses!

These 2 were more than happy to stand at the fence and work the cute for treats. It didn’t work for them…except for the over grown lettuce they got. Haha! They were hoping for mints. Moochers!

Ruby Burrlock3Ruby was keeping an eye on things…just in case.

Autumn AstridAstrid just wanted to eat.

Go eat the longer grass, Brat! That’s a big reason why we put in the cross fence, so we could rotate and give some grassy areas rest. Piggie horses like to eat the same spots down over and over and over.

Bum parade.

Bum parade.

After they realized there were no treats being handed out, the Girls wandered away. I went and took pictures of cats.



That’s Daphne’s pool. The grasshoppers have been dying in there, so Trouble goes and eats them.

Oreo, Trouble and Xena

Oreo, Trouble and Xena

When Oreo and Xena figured out Trouble had something, they came to check it out too.



Storm caught a mouse in the garden. She had a grand time with it, tossing, chasing, pouncing, and finally eating it. She managed to fend off her 7 siblings too.

Blue Bean Killer

Blue Bean Killer

Blue didn’t get any of Storm’s mouse so she decided to kill beans.
It’s amazing that I got any beans out of that patch, considering Ms BooCat’s love of bean killing. :/

Ms CookieThis is one of those shots that I was lucky to catch…playing with kittens, watching The Kid and Daphne play with corn stalks, and I look over and see my Girl walking along. She’s just so pretty, I couldn’t help but take her picture. 🙂

The Paints then came back down to the fence, for a little more attempted mooching.

"Look, I'm pretty, and hungry, so gimme a snack, 'kay?"

“Look, I’m pretty, and hungry, so gimme a snack, ‘kay?”

All I could see were those darn burrs. I was sure I had gotten all the plants, but, clearly not!

"Here, does this side inspire you to feed me?"

“Here, does this side inspire you to feed me?”

Ookie the CookieCookie figured she’d just keep munching. Oh, but that ear stayed flicked towards me, just in case there were nummies coming out. She didn’t want to miss out on them!

Big Dumb DorkFinally, she gave up. She’d had enough of waiting, waiting, waiting, decided she had other places to be, and wandered off.

The Mini Meatloaves

Yes, I call the kittens “Meatloaves”.
It’s because of Sophie…Sophie rhymes with loafie, which isn’t a real word, but I rhyme them together anyways. As in Sophie the Loafie.
I have no better explanation than that. I do have a few new pictures though…







Robin snuggles into Hubby's beard.

Robin snuggles into Hubby’s beard.

It’s kitten camouflage!



When Sophie goes down for a nap, s/he goes hard! lol



Nancy was trying to figure out where the noise (beep of the camera) was coming from.
I ❤ that little face!


Today makes 2 years that I’ve been writing this blog.
To celebrate 2 years of blogging for Midnight Calico Farm, I went out and took pictures of The Girls…while giving them a few mints. They love mints! 🙂



Mmmmm...I like mints

Mmmmm…I like mints

Where's mine?!?

Where’s mine?!?

I is being gentle MomLady...

I is being gentle MomLady…

Lemmee sniff yer pocketz...

Lemmee sniff yer pocketz…

Whatchoo doing down there? Ima yer Angel horse...see my halo?

Whatchoo doing down there?
Ima yer Angel horse…see my halo?

Best. Joke. Ever!

Best. Joke. Ever!

And, one from earlier in the summer…

Golden Sable and her dandelions. <3

Golden Sable and her dandelions. ❤

T is for Two years blogging about the farm.

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