The Lunar Ecplise

Out here, aside from our yard light, we don’t have the light pollution the city does. Sunday night, as y’all know, was a lunar eclipse. I packed up the camera and tripod and headed out…

Lunar Eclipse1 10.27.15
Lunar Eclipse2 10.27.15
Lunar Eclipse2.5 10.27.15
Lunar Eclipse3 10.27.15
Once the moon went behind the clouds, I took a few shots of the Big City from the back yard…

View of the City
View of the City2

S is for So Sleepy….Zzzzzz

I have had a sleepless week.
Last Tuesday, we discovered our barn cat Polo, was moving her latest batch of kittens. 3 of the 7 were missing, but, with her being the Mama she is, we weren’t worried about it. We were sure she’d come back and get everyone together.

Wednesday, she came up to the house in the morning as usual, for her morning cream and crunchies. For some reason, I really don’t know why, I thought I’d go check where she had the kittens before moving them. There I found 4 little bodies, splayed out and ice cold. I didn’t realize Mama had followed me over, and when she saw them, she started crying and washing them. I was crying, because I was sure they were gone, and then, the tiniest sound came from one little body…I held my breath and then, saw the tiniest movement.

Well, I scooped those babies up, popped them into my jacket, grabbed Mama and headed to the house. Polo was having none of coming inside, so I left her with some extra cream, and took babies in to warm them ever so slowly.

As they warmed, I saw more movement, heard more cries, and finally, they were warm enough from my body heat, to put down in a box with a heating pad and warmed towels.

Over the day, I checked on them repeatedly, made sure they were warming up, and then, offered some formula. Everyone ate a little, everyone peed. And then…while snuggled with The Kid, we lost the little black and white one. 😥 Baby had just been too cold for too long, and hir little body just couldn’t recover. We buried Baby under one of the treelings that was ready to plant.

So far, though, the other 3 have been doing well. Eating, sleeping, eliminating, growing…they’ve nearly doubled in size, eyes are opening, and baby teeth are coming in. But, that comes at a price…they need to be fed every 2 hours. Well, at the beginning, it was that, now we’re up to nearly every 4 hours. I have to wake them to eat, or they go longer, and those little bodies need all the energy they can get! Needless to say, Ima lil’ bit tired! lol! At least I don’t normally sleep much anyways, so being short isn’t too bad.

Wanna see?

From left to right... Nancy, Robin and Sophie

From left to right…
Nancy, Robin and Sophie

No, I don’t know sexes. They’re way too young for that! Those names just seemed to stick…and I think Nancy might be a boy. 😛



Nancy chewing on me.

Nancy chewing on me.

It feels kinda neat, having them chew on me. At least until those sharp little teeth come in!

Nancy, Robin, and Sophie...that's Sophie on hir back, being smothered by Robin.

Nancy, Robin, and Sophie…that’s Sophie on hir back, being smothered by Robin.

S is for So Sleepy.

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R is for Remiss

I have been remiss in keeping the blog up to date.
I apologize for that. I’m working on getting a solid posting schedule going again. Life happens, and I’ve been busy, y’know? And then, by the time I remember I have to write a blog post, it’s 2am, I haven’t slept, and I have to be up with Hubby at 4am…so yeah, the blog has suffered.
But, I have been uploading pictures to share with you, and so, here’s a whole bunch of them from the past 15 days. Enjoy! 🙂

The Geese are returning! WooHoooo!!

The Geese are returning!

This is exciting because we’re hoping to send more than a couple to freezer camp this year. The farmer who used our field planted canola, so at least there’s grain out there for them to have some interest in. With the cross fencing in place, I can move The Girls out front, and give Hubby the chance to hunt from under the big pine, without equine helpers.

The bugs were really, really bad for a while...

The bugs were really, really bad for a while…

I love this picture because you can see Sable’s dapples. She’s one giant dapple this year. Makes me happy, because she’s just so damn beautiful. Whether or not there is truth to the theory that dapples are a sign of good health in horses doesn’t matter to me. I *know* she’s healthy and happy. ❤

Ain't she grand?

Ain’t she grand?

Yup, I’m biased. I know it. She’s my sweetheart, even if she’s a bit of a goober. Here she was on high alert because the kittens were playing on the fence while I took pictures of the herd. Dork.

Leaping Felix

Leaping Felix

He’s come a looooooong way from being the runt of the litter! He’s a solid little hunter, who does love him some grasshopper…I’m good with cats who eat grasshoppers.

Mmmmmm salt!

Mmmmmm salt!

Yeah, you know it’s hot when even the kittens were at the salt lick!
Sometimes, when it’s really hot, I take a rubber feed pan, and put a cup or so of canning salt (no additives, just salt) and put it out for The Girls. Sometimes, they eat it, other times they don’t. I know those blocks can be hard for them to get enough salt off of, so I offer the loose, just in case. Especially when I see Cookie chewing the block! And Ms Ruby likes to lick the loose salt up out of my hand. That feels pretty neat.

Ahhhhh! The heat broke...

Ahhhhh! The heat broke…

And everyone fell down…

"Hey Food/Mom Lady. Whatchoo doing?"

“Hey Food/Mom Lady. Whatchoo doing?”

Funny noises from the neighbours...they're doing some upgrades over at the hog barn. It annoys Ruby.

Funny noises from the neighbours…they’re doing some upgrades over at the hog barn. It annoys Ruby.

Cookie decided to get up...just about when the Kittens were marauding.

Cookie decided to get up…just about when the Kittens were marauding.

They are the Marauding Hoarde, after all! It’s what they do.

This is what happens when Kittens help take pictures....

This is what happens when Kittens help take pictures….

Woulda been a great shot, but Trouble decided to steam up the lens for me. He lives up to his name, that boy!

Cookie had enough of scary kittens, and had to hide behind Ruby...

Cookie had enough of scary kittens, and had to hide behind Ruby…

Ruby was too tired to deal with Cookie's irrational fears. LOL!

Ruby was too tired to deal with Cookie’s irrational fears. LOL!

Finally, a preview of some pictures to come…
Over the summer, the kittens kept coming out to the pasture while we were working with The Girls. One of the things they love to do is walk along the top edge of the big water trough…they’re kittens, they do odd things, just because they can. Well, this happened:

Oreo done fell in...

Oreo done fell in…

Yup, I took pictures before I thought to scoop her out. She was fine though, but it got me thinking about if she had fallen in, and we weren’t there…so a few days later, with The Kid’s help, we rounded up all of the Marauding Hoarde and had swim practice. Like it or not, someone could fall in, and not realize they can get out, so we showed them.
And, of course, I have pictures. I’ll save those for another post…

R is for Remiss…and hopefully, I’ve managed to redeem myself a bit, with these pictures.

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That’s my Girl…a sweet cross between adorable and complete dork.
A~dork~able. 🙂

"Oh. Hello Mom Lady...whatchoo want?"

“Oh. Hello Mom Lady…whatchoo want?”

"Should I come closer?"

“Should I come closer?”

"Peek-a-boo! I see you, Mom Lady."

“Peek-a-boo! I see you, Mom Lady.”

"Lookit my bum!"

“Lookit my bum!”

"You make me so tired!!"

“You make me so tired!!”

"I can see you, Mom Lady."

“I can still see you, Mom Lady.”

"What the...can't I eat in peace?!?"

“What the…can’t I eat in peace?!?”

"Mom Lady!! You haz da nummies!"

“Mom Lady!! You haz da nummies!”

That’s my sweet a~dork~able Cookie.

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