An Evening With The Girls

Yesterday, after Hubby came home from work, we all went out to work with The Girls. It was a beautiful day. Not too hot, not too cool. The flies were fewer, and The Girls were happy for attention. Seemed like another perfect chance to get some time on Sable’s back. Both Hubby and The Kid got up on her…this time, without the saddle.
As always, Hubby went first…

without the saddle dadShe was a little unsure of this whole no saddle thing…her head was up high, and she was tense. Until The Kid started sharing breath with her…then, you can see, she relaxed, closed her eyes, and breathed back to The Kid.
It didn’t help when Astrid, on the other side of the garage, started calling for Sable. OMG. Like little old ladies, who lose each other in their old folks home…calling and calling. Sable, while tense, stayed focused on Hubby. Which is a good thing.
I called Astrid over, and she was so very happy to see her pal hadn’t gone missing!

"Oh!! There you are! I though you guys were lost!"

“Oh!! There you are! I though you guys were lost!”

Then, it was Kiddo’s turn…

without the saddle2Kid said the toughest part was figuring out the right spot to sit. And Sable just gave me great poses… 🙂

without the saddleThat horse is a supermodel, I’m tellin’ you!
I don’t think there is anyone who has met this Girl who hasn’t fallen in love with her. She’s such a big sweetheart. Such a gentle Girl. Beauty to go with a good heart and smart brain.

Once Kid hopped off, she walked Sable back around the garage to our working spot. As I went around (with Astrid on her invisible lead rope beside me) Cookie came from the other part of the pasture…she always goes the other way, when there’s riding happening. It’s just not her thing. lol!

"Oh, hello Mom Lady. I'll come see you now..."

“Oh, hello Mom Lady. I’ll come see you now…”

She had to walk past Hubby to get to me…

"Hello Mom Lady's nummies for me?"

“Hello Mom Lady’s person…got nummies for me?”

Nope. No nummies for her, so she walked on to me.
She does this thing…she is very respectful of the Human Personal Space. Mostly, I think, because she’s very conscious of her own personal space, and she lets very few humans into her personal space. So, she’ll come to me…and it’s very clear she’s coming *to* me, not just going on by me…and stop just outside the Bubble. Then, she’ll stretch her nose out to greet me, I bend over to exchange breath(and sneak in a kiss on that nose), and when she’s done, she continues on past, right on the Bubble line.
If I turn and face her as she goes, she’ll walk a perfect circle around me, right on the border line of the personal space bubble. It’s really quite amazing.

"*sigh* No nummies...hafta eat grass."

“*sigh* No nummies…hafta eat grass.”

Once we were all back in the working spot, Hubby proceeded to pick out Sable’s hooves for her. It’s a before and after thing. The Kid did it before they rode her, and Hubby did it after. Always a good habit to have.

Looking just a wee bit comfortable, aren't we, Sable?

Looking just a wee bit comfortable, aren’t we, Sable?

She’s sniffing the hoof pick that Hubby just used to clean that foot…I just can’t get over the smile on her face. Something odd about smiling at the scent of your own foot. lol!

Once we were all done with Sable, The Kid gave her a handful of AllSport. It’s a complete feed that we normally have on hand for treats. She gives it to Sable in the grass, because out of hand feeding tends to make Sable a giant pushy pants. Not a good thing for any horse. So Sable has to stand on lead with me until Kid places it down, then she gets led over for it.

These guys…



…were too late to get any. Sable had already snarfed it down. All they got was dust and Bella spit. 😛

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  2. Isobel Anderson says:

    all three of you are horse whisperers. such a great set of photos. happy summer on yuor little piece of paradise. love isobel

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  3. Wonderful shots of your horses. They are loved by all.


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    Your horses are so beautiful! ❤


  5. Really nice looking set of horses.


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    What a great day you all had, well done!


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    It’s so funny to see the smile at the shoe tool. I totally would have missed that unless you pointed it out!

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