SHS~August 8th

Busy week this past week. I’m working hard to keep up with the greens growing in the garden. No complaints!! I love pulling 2-3 lbs of greens out a day. I’m still hoping to get some spinach into the freezer, but I keep eating it. 😉

I had a new toy to play with this past week too. And, after enjoying it, smearing a little WIPE on it, last night I paid for it. I’m now the happy owner of a Nikon D90. Yes, it’s an older camera, but, it does a damn fine job.
Have to keep in mind, I’ve been working with a D3200 for the past 4ish years. I did a  lot of comparison research, before I was ready to commit to spending the money, and I was given some time to work with it and see what it can do. Yeah, I’m happy with the upgrade. It may not be a huge leap of an upgrade, but, for the price (I was given a really, really good deal on it) and for the extra skills I’ll gain using it, it was so worth it for me.
Plus, The Kid will get a chance to play with the Red Monster…I’m not ready to give it to her outright, but yeah, she can have fun with it. 🙂
All but one of this weeks photos were shot with the D90…

Prompts this week are Dots, Bokeh, A Game, Repetitive, My Everyday.


dotsWe own Paint horses…they have dots. But, my Cookie has on her nose, 1 almost perfect big black dot. 🙂 See where the arrow is pointing? This is one of my favorite places on her body. I ❤ this dot! It is where, after a breath exchange with her, I place kisses on that nose.
And, it’s a funny dot, because in the midst of her pink skinned nose(which gets a sunscreen/zinc oxide mixture to protect from sunburn), the skin under that dot is black. So funny. So odd. That my Cookie’s dot.


I’m not gonna lie…I don’t understand bokeh.
I’ve read about, I’ve looked at examples of it, I’ve had it explained to me, and just when I think I get it…nope. Comprehension just scoots out of my head. The technique seems simple enough, but for some reason, I just cannot wrap my brain around being able to do it. It’s like a big ol’ block sitting there, preventing me from actually being able to do it. Instead, I’ll just share a picture of The Paints…

See? Pretty painted horses. :)

See? Pretty painted horses. 🙂

A Game

Jolly ball!!

"It's trying to kill me!!"

“It’s trying to kill me!!”

Being chased by the Jolly Ball...

Being chased by the Jolly Ball…

"Kick it so it dies!!"

“Kick it so it dies!!”

"Um...what'm I s'posed to do with dis?!?"

“Um…what’m I s’posed to do with dis?!?”

Jolly balls are so much fun!


If you follow us on FB, or are friends with me personally, some of these pictures might seem repetitive. Often I’ll throw up one or two of them on my personal page, before I have a chance to write a blog post. I do try to make sure there’s new images in a post, so that y’all don’t get bored with repetitive photos. 😉

Strawberry Paint

Strawberry Paint

This is my only D3200 shot in the post…it’s an old one. One I’m sure I shared before, but I came across it last week while looking for a different image. I love this…it’s from a time when she was still unsure of trying things I offered her. Now? That berry would be long gone, not just nibbled!

Pretty Girls.

Pretty Girls.

These 2 are best friends ever. This photo is a perfect example of an equine greeting. ❤

Hello stupid horse!

Hello stupid horse!

Dumb bag decided that my using a flash to take her picture in the shelter was terrifying. She lit out of there like her ass was on fire!
Later on, it dawned on me that the D90 makes a different noise when taking a picture than the Red Monster does. And yes, something so simple can affect a horse…a new, different sound, when we’re used to one specific sound when Mama points that thing at us.

Oh, sleepy Ruby!

Oh, sleepy Ruby!

Silly, sleepy Ruby. The camera didn’t bother her so much, but she did decide that the essential oil bottle was scary as all get out, and she was going to plaster herself to the back of the shelter.
Normally, she’s just about on top of me for a good hard sniff of the Peace and Calming.

Astrid pre-spa treatment.

Astrid pre-spa treatment.

With the Paints acting like dumb asses, I decided to give Astrid a good grooming. Brushed all over, rubbed to a shine with a rag, then coated in WIPE, her mane and tail brushed out, and her mane braided.

Such a gorgeous Girl!

Such a gorgeous Girl!

She loved every second of being pampered. 🙂

My Everyday

My new everyday pals…I can’t go anywhere without them. And Mimi gives me a *look* when I try to!

"You going some where Food Lady? Some where without me?!? Yeah, I didn't think so!"

“You going some where Food Lady? Some where without me?!?
Yeah, I didn’t think so!”

"Hullo Food Lady. I waiting patiently for you."

“Hullo Food Lady. I waiting patiently for you.”

A pile of kittens who got tired of waiting for the Food Lady to stop working with horses.

A pile of kittens who got tired of waiting for the Food Lady to stop working with horses.

Oh, the joys of my everyday life! 🙂

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7 thoughts on “SHS~August 8th

  1. Pieni Lintu says:

    Lovely horses!


  2. Tamar says:

    I have a D90 and love it! Great shots!


  3. isobel says:

    Beautiful shots of the horses and wee kittens too.


  4. Abrianna says:

    You got some great shots. The jolly ball, equine greeting, the pampered horse and the kittens are my favorites.


  5. Squee! My Pinto has a “dot” right on the tip of his nose a little to the left. I call it his “button”. I “push the button” and “kiss the button” all the time!


  6. Toosh says:

    Cookie’s dot=Cookiesdot=Cookiedot. 😉 I rest my case. 🙂
    Bokeh is beyond me, that’s research for another time…bouquet comes to mind, however…..we’ll talk on Saturday…..
    Nose to nose!!! The perfect card! I must have some! I’ll buy them when you make them up…
    Astrid. Even her name sounds spa worthy.
    Furball piles have such long legs, they are going to be cheetahs soon.


  7. Christy Paws says:

    Mom has had a D90 for several years and loves it. Love all the photos.


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