Riding Sable

It’s been a while since The Kid has had a chance to get up on her Girl. She takes weekly lessons, so she rides regularly, just not her own horse. We’re working on that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yesterday was a gorgeous day…a perfect day for a ride.

Started out with Hubby getting up there first. Just because it’s been so long, he didn’t want to chance Sable possibly throwing The Kid.
Truthfully, I trust that horse.
She’ll kill herself before she’ll hurt The Kid. I wasn’t worried. Well, any more than I usually worry when she gets up on a 1200lb animal. I’m a Mama, worrying is what I do. But, I know our Sable, I know our Kid’s skills, and I trust them both. Here’s some pictures from yesterday…

Kid's pulling down the stirrups...with Sable watching.

Kid’s pulling down the stirrups…with Sable watching.

“You sure I can do this, Mom?”

She’s listening to him, but that face is asking me if she can trust what he’s telling her. ๐Ÿ™‚

A little comfort from The Kid...

A little comfort from The Kid…

It’s what we do with our Girls…breathe into their nostrils when there’s uncertainty.
It works.
Breath exchange is both a greeting and a way horses comfort each other. Sable was a bit nervous, so Kid breathed with her, and I watched that whole body relax.
Next up, some walking around…

Stopping for a picture...and a wee bit of comforting from her Kid.

Stopping for a picture…and a wee bit of comforting from her Kid.

Going for more of a walk...

Going for more of a walk…

All in all, Sable did really well for Hubby. So, it was Kid’s turn…

Up she went...

Up she went…

No. Lead. Rope!!

No. Lead. Rope!!

I’m so happy for this! No lead rope! Oh, we were close by, just in case, but both were relaxed together. Kid’s confidence in her own skills help bolster Sable’s confidence in herself.

Walking with Dad beside...

Walking with Dad beside…



Strolling along...

Strolling along…

Back to where Kid will dismount.

Back to where Kid will dismount.

They did great, my two Girls.

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3 thoughts on “Riding Sable

  1. sue says:

    Awesome! The husband looks comfortable up there too!


  2. Everyone looks very happy….great day.


  3. Toosh says:

    What a great hair day for Sable, too!
    Great accomplishment for all.


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