SHS~July 13th

Yesterday’s heat must have melted my brain. With the humidex, we were sitting at a whopping +42c. Hot, hot, hot!
We had a fencing repair to do in that heat too…I’ll tell y’all about that in another post. Or, Ruby will. 😉 The Girl’s have decided they each want a chance to write a post, and after much discussion, we (the humans) have decided that it’s a darn fine idea.

Prompts this week are Down The Street, Beneath My Feet, Faceless, Blurry, and Red, White + Blue.

Down The Street

We don’t really have any streets here…I live on a gravel road, miles from any town. I like it like that. But, here’s a shot of the closest thing…my driveway.

Here’s a shot down the gravel road…

So pretty!

So pretty!

That’s the closest I can get to a down the street shot.

Beneath My Feet

9 kittens who come up to the deck every day for food…can you guess what’s always beneath my feet?

BlueCat says "Hullo Lady, gots da food?"

BlueCat says “Hullo Lady, gots da food?”

Penny will just climb me...

Penny will just climb me…

Funny thing about Penny…turns out, she’s a he. We named him before I had accurately sexed him, and I thought he was a she. Nope. Turns out Penny’s a boy. He’s our Boy Named Sue.



My little StormCat like to climb me too…here she got a little distracted by the long grass.


A faceless shot of PoloCat…


This would have been an awesome shot of Penny, if it hadn't been blurry.

This would have been an awesome shot of Penny, if it hadn’t been blurry.

Red, White, and Blue

I didn’t have anything to put the 3 colors together, so I substituted orange for red

r w b1Here we have an orange (in place of red) ball in a blue Chuck It! handle…

This thing throws the balls with the flick of a wrist. It’s awesome. Especially for a high energy dog like Daphne…

r w b 2The Kid throws the balls past the white fence of the pasture from the deck with this thing…that’s well over 100 feet!

r w b3And Daphne runs, run, runs…until she’s too hot and she flops down in her pool…which is also blue.

Sharing with Scavenger Hunt Sunday hosted by Ashley Sisk.