H is for Hooves

It’s been rather hot this week. Aside from our downpour last Saturday. Things dry out here fairly quick, especially in the spots The Girls spend a lot of time in. We also are dealing with giant-sized horse flies. So, we see a lot…and I do mean A LOT…of this…

It's the horsefly stomp...

It’s the horsefly stomp…look at the muscles in her ass…my gawd, this horse is gorgeous!!!

That puff of dust is from Sable stomping to get the fly off her. 😦

I’m coating them several times a day in WIPE, but, all the stomping is taking a toll on hooves. Granted, they are due for a trim (we’re at 5 weeks now, we normally go anywhere from 4 to 6), and once they get that done, the stomping won’t be as hard on them.

Sable's fronts...yes, that's beet pulp. :P

Sable’s fronts…yes, that’s beet pulp. 😛

It’s hard to eat when the flies are bugging you. But, you can see at her toes, a small crack starting to develop.
Dry + Horsefly Stomp + In Need of a Trim = cracking. Caught in the next couple of days, it’ll be trimmed out and cause no issue.

Astrid's front...

Astrid’s front…

This Girl grows hoof like there’s no tomorrow! I swear, 3 days after her last trim, she was looking long in the toe. She has rock solid feet though, and the only time she’s ever been ouchy was when I found a chunk of glass in the mud pack of a front.
*shakes head*
That comes from the previous landowner(s). Someone, at sometime, though shooting beer bottles off the fence into the pasture was a good idea. Near onto 2 years here, and I’m still picking glass shards up out the pasture. I cannot express in polite company how angry this makes me. 😡

Ruby's fronts...

Ruby’s fronts…

I’ll admit, Ruby’s fronts look rough. She has had the worst of the dry/fly stomp cracking…so bad that Hubby had to clean them up for her. They look rough, but she’s not ouchy. I can live with that…at least until her next trim.

Cookie's front...

Cookie’s front…

Which for her, looks pretty damn good. That crack is almost gone, the others have grown out, and she’s been able to hand me her fronts for cleaning and Thrushbuster. I even scrub the Thrushbuster into that crack with a toothbrush. It has made a huge difference in her feet! Not only that, but the flax has contributed greatly to much nicer feet on her.

They are, by no means, 100%, and I know, we have along way to go to get her hooves healthy, but, they are 100% better than they were, and she’s 100% better about giving them
We’re getting there with my Sweetheart. ❤ Slowly. Slowly.
I’ve got to take my time with Cookie. 😛

Finally, a fun picture…

Felix HatMr Felix in my hat.

H is for hooves, heat, horseflies, and hats.

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4 thoughts on “H is for Hooves

  1. Judie says:

    I am sending a link to your blog to an artist friend in Tucson. I know she would love to follow it. Sable is just sooooo beautiful!!!

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  2. Seeing and reading about Sable’s hoofs remind me that I need to do something about my own nails. I agree with her about flies. They’re not fun at all.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder

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  3. Sarah says:

    Great post for H. Mr. Felix is adorable!


  4. Wow. That is a magnificent horse ass! For certain!

    I didn’t know any of the things you wrote about! Being a horse owner is definitely a labor of love!

    And as for the glass. I really detest when people do that. And how awful to have one of the horses (or someone walking in the pasture) stabbed!

    Thanks for an informative link for the letter H.



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