SHS~June 29th

I did not have to work hard to find photos for this week’s prompts, that’s for sure! I did have to work a bit harder to remember to take the Red Monster out, but that’s another story…Kid is off on summer holidays, so we’ve been spending a lot of time with The Girls. Hard to take pictures while snuggling my favorite Girl. ❤
I will say, her and I have made great progress again.
That’s what she always needs, is time. Hands on, those reminders that it’s okay to like being with your person. We’re getting there. Again.
Like Mary Cooper once said about her son Sheldon…”you have to take your time with Sheldon. His father, God rest his soul, used to say to me, Mary, you have to take your time with Sheldon.”
My Cookie is the same way. You’ve got to take your time with Cookie…

On to the Hunt! This weeks prompts are Favorite Time of Day, Nature, The Sky, Hello, and Photographer’s Choice.

Favorite Time of Day



Daphne’s favorite time of day is whenever the troughs are getting filled. That dog could find water anywhere and play in it!


Polo, Felix and Screaming Mimi

Polo, Felix and Screaming Mimi

Nature follows Her path, and Mama’s feed their babies.

The Sky

Saturday evening...

Saturday evening…

That was about 6:30pm…that is a one heck of a storm sitting there! Only, it wasn’t sitting, it was swirling around us pretty darn good. It hammered us with some crazy rain, but that was all. Thank goodness!




Oh, hello little one…are you having a nice nap there? 🙂

Photographer’s Choice

Something new we’ve started here at Midnight Calico Farm…

Ancient Orange

Strawberry Mead
As always, when it’s Photographer’s Choice, I have at least 1 of my Girl…playing with the filters in my editing program.



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Fuzzy Feline Fun

It’s Alphabe-Thursday again, and this week is the letter F…
What better to represent the letter F than a herd of fuzzy felines having fun?

Felix...he was washing his paw, and just fell over. :)

Felix…he was washing his paw, and just fell over. 🙂

While he was down, Gray thought it would be the perfect time to jump on him.

While he was down, Gray thought it would be the perfect time to jump on him.

Gray, Felix and Blue play with the dressage whip...

Oreo, Felix and Blue play with the dressage whip…

Trouble isn't sure about this thing...

Trouble isn’t sure about this thing…

That Trouble is an adorable little fellow, that's for sure!

That Trouble is an adorable little fellow, that’s for sure!

Sneaking up on Dad's drink...

Sneaking up on Dad’s drink…

Well now, this is interesting...

Well now, this is interesting…

Huh. That was pretty good.

Huh. That was pretty good.

Time for a bath...

Time for a bath…

Everyone played right out and off to bed.

All tuckered out!

F is for Fuzzy Feline Fun.

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Some Thing Scary This Way…Waits?

Yesterday Cookie was eating the tall weeds over the fence…

Om nom nom...

Om nom nom…

I don’t know what kind of weeds they are, but all the horses enjoy them.

But then, something caught her eye…

"Hey...What *is* that?"

“Hey…What *is* that?”

She snorted and swiveled her ears around…I told her it wasn’t going to hurt her…

"Looks pretty scary...It might want to kill me!"

“Looks pretty scary…It might want to kill me!”

No, Ms Cookie, I’m pretty sure you’re safe…

"Ya, I don't know 'bout that...I think you're just saying that so I don't freak out..."

“Ya, I don’t know ’bout that…I think you’re just saying that so I don’t freak out…”

Nope. Not this time. Trust me, you’re going to be just fine.

"Uh. Huh. I've heard *that* before"

“Uh. Huh. I’ve heard *that* before”

Silly horse…

See what she was afraid of?

See what she was afraid of?

Back packs at the end of the driveway can’t hurt silly horses.

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A Leap of Faith

Yesterday, I made mention of how gardening is a leap of faith. It really is. At least, to me.
I spend winter Dreaming of the seeds I want to buy, start, and plant. I Dream of the food I can grow and put up for the next winter for my family. I also Dream of the day when the bulk of our food comes from the Farm.
I hate going to the grocery store. There are places in my world that I enjoy going, where I enjoying seeing the people and the atmosphere is awesome…the grocery store is not one of those places!
I would really love to have us at the point of the garden supplies the veggies, and the pasture(s) supply us with meat, eggs, milk and the resulting products made from the milk.
We’re getting there. 🙂

For now though, I am just happy to see growth in the garden. I swear, I am giddy like a school girl meeting her first crush when I see emerging plants from seeds.
Last night, I hollered with joy to see this:

Knucklehead pumpkins emerging...

Knucklehead pumpkins emerging…

That’s 6 of the 8 seeds I planted. Yay! I love pumpkin. I love to have jars of chunks put up, so when I want to make a pie, or cookies, or a cheesecake, or, even when I need it for upset puppy tummies. Canned pumpkin is handy no matter what. In fact, the year we lost OldWoman, I blew through 25 of my 48 jars in 2 weeks time. The only thing my poor old girl could keep down was pumpkin and rice. So, I happily fed it to her. As much as she wanted. ❤

I found this box growing as well…

See those sprouts?

See those sprouts?

Exciting! Painted Pony beans. Named for the American Paint Horse. Any surprise that we grow them here? With our love of Paint horses?
There are 36 beans in this box. This is the grow-out box for seeds. Come fall, Mother Nature willing, we should have some for sale. And, our packets will have a very pretty Painted Lady on them. 😉

Yup, it's Cookie. <3

Yup, it’s Cookie. ❤

The other thing I’ve been celebrating the growth of is trees. It seems we’ve lost a few of the fruit ones. 2 apples didn’t come back, so I’ll be watching the year-end clear outs for replacements. I lost 1 pear pollinator to a tractor tire. I’m not going to be too mad at Hubby…after all, it was when he was dumping dirt into the big garden bed with the tractor. We still have 1 more pollinator. As long as it survives(and it’s doing very well!) the 2 edible pears should be just fine.

We were also given a few free trees. Friends chopped a few limbs off of trees in their yard, stuck them in a pot, and now, the trees are being moved to permanent farm homes.



I know it doesn’t look very big, but it’s about 24″ tall. It has easily grown 6 of those inches since it was potted. Can’t complain about that! I still have 3 more to plant (there is another one out there in the long grass, but I couldn’t find it in the picture. 😉 ), plus, I chopped some branches off a poplar stump that’s trying to re-grow. So far, the branches are a bit wilty, but they seem to be rebounding.
Free trees on bald prairie are great!!

One last picture for today. Just because. 😉

Sleeping Ruby

Sleeping Ruby

She was having a snoring good time while I was taking her picture.
I do love this big goofy sweetheart.

SHS~June 21st…The First Day of Summer!

Summer. It’s so lovely…6 months ago all we could do was Dream of summer. Now, it’s here, and we’re working hard to get things done and ready for the next winter.

Hope all the Dads out there had a great Father’s Day.
Hubby’s Father’s Day included hooking up the 6 ft mower and cutting some grass…which made the horses super happy, since we rake it and toss it over the fence for them…and then a relaxing bbq with a beer or 2 on the deck.

I planted a whole bunch of stuff in the garden. I’ll spend the rest of the week finishing that up, and then, like always, we wait. It is, really, a leap of faith, planting these seeds, hoping, hoping, to have growth, and food.

Kid worked with her Sable. Ms Sable was a rock star yesterday! She lunged walk/trot with ease for The Kid. Both are getting more and more confident working with each other. It’s great to see. Next up, Kid will work her up to walk/trot/canter. Sable isn’t confident enough yet, for that canter in lunging. It’ll come. 🙂 I have faith in them both.

Prompts this week for Scavenger Hunt Sunday are…Special, Habit, Explore, Me, and Sprinkle.


Sable 061715Sable is our special girl. We are so very lucky to have met her, and been able to bring her Home. This is the girl we go to for horsie hugs, for those times you need a mane to cry in, for unconditional love. She’s the one that people who are hurting gravitate to in our pasture. Heck, she’s the one our (formerly) broken horse gravitates to. 😉
She is a once-in-a-lifetime horse. That’s how special our Sable is.


HabitNow that the bugs have emerged, the black birds make it a habit to follow the Girls around. Y’see, if they do, the Girls kick up mosquitoes and the birds get an easy meal. I think it’s a pretty darn good habit. So do the Girls. 🙂


Storm, Xena and Penny

Storm, Xena and Penny

These are Fiona’s kittens. Fiona is our little Siamese barn cat who was dumped in our yard by some jerk as a wee kitten.

ExploreThey’re getting old enough now to explore and eat crunchy food. Some days, between these 3 and PoloCat’s 6, it can be a real rodeo to get everyone fed. Everyone wants it now, and they don’t want to wait. Climbing the arm of the person with the food is a very real possibility!


I so don’t do the selfie/in front of the camera thing. lol! Instead, you get a picture of someone who is very special to me

Yup, it's Cookie. <3

Yup, it’s Cookie. ❤

This is from last week. I had taken my coffee to sit out on the deck in the morning, and she came walking over to me, expressing her displeasure at me for not sharing my cup with her. I love that she is becoming more and more vocal with me. It turns out she likes to talk, and I love that she likes to talk to me. 🙂


I planted a bunch of stuff in the garden last night in the hopes of getting it in before the rains came. That way, the sprinkle we were supposed to get could do the watering in for me. Well, as it turns out, we got much, much more than a sprinkle of rain!

SprinkleI know it’s hard to see in the picture, but there is a gray haze over everything…that’s the rain coming down. Hard. I was actually worrying about the peppers I transplanted. I did dash out and check on them…so far, so good! They seem to be enjoying the rain they’re getting.
Plus…just look at all that green! Some of the grass out there is higher than the Girls’ knees.
I swear, I’ll never take growing grass for granted again! lol.

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Equi-Gems are cut and polished organic gems made from the clippings of horse hooves. Every Equi-Gem is unique work of art.
No two are alike.
The pieces can come from the same horse, the same hoof, in the same trimming session, and will still be completely unique in their coloring.

Why Equi-Gems?
Why not?!? Every 4-6 weeks, horses need to have their hooves trimmed for good hoof health.
Sure the trimmings can be left for the dogs (our Daphne loves them!), but, they can also be turned into a one of a kind piece of jewelry to honor the bond you have with your equine.

How about some examples?
The following pieces are made from our horses, all are set in sterling silver, and all are for sale…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Check out our Equi-Gems page on the side bar for more info on each piece, pricing, and contact info.


E is for Equi-Gems.

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SHS ~ June14th

Mid June already. Can you believe it?!?
We just got 30 yards of dirt to fill the raised garden bed. We’ve been working since Friday afternoon to get the done, so I can plant! My tomatoes and peppers are so ready for more foot space to grow, and I am so ready for them to be *outside* and growing!
There’s my task for next week, planting just about 40 peppers, and over 100 tomato plants…plus carrots, peas, beans, beets, pumpkins, squash and zucchini. I’m sure there’s more, but, without my seed box in front of me, I’m not sure what! lol.

This weeks Scavenger Hunt Sunday prompts include Then and Now, Indulge, Happiness, Summer, and Pop of Color.

Then and Now


Daphne, November 2013

Daphne, November 2013

Yup, our pup broke her paw within a month of coming Home. Silly girl! Just so folks know, puppies should not take flying leaps off of couches. Not a good idea.


Daphne, June 2015

Daphne, June 2015

She’s coming 2 in August, and is slowing down a wee bit. She has some sort of high energy herding dog mix in her-we know she’s got German Shepherd, but who knows what else-and can go, go, go, go, go…yeah, she’s a high energy girl who really needs the space out here to run. I cannot imagine this pup in a city home!


Ruby indulged herself with a big yawn…right in my face!

Oh, Ruby!

Oh, Ruby!

The Kid and I indulged ourselves with a Kitten in Cups photo shoot…here’s a sneak peek. You’ll get to see more of these in another blog post.

Gray (in the owl cup) and Screaming Mimi (in the Tim Hortons cup)

Gray (in the owl cup) and Screaming Mimi (in the Tim Hortons cup)


Happiness is hugging your horse while she lays in the grass. ❤

Ruby, Sable, The Kid and Astrid.

Ruby, Sable, The Kid and Astrid.


Summer means a lovely nap in the long grass.

Summer Sable

Pop of Color

I’ve been working on the hoof clipping jewelry. This piece is one for me. It’s a Midnight Meteorite earring, with a blue spinel as a pop of color. This is a test piece, so that I know whether or not my setting method is durable enough.

Midnight Meteorite

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