A is for Apple Blossoms

This is the second time I’ve joined in to Alphabe-Thursday, hosted by Jenny Matlock.
I so enjoyed the last round that when Ms Jenny asked if folks wanted another one, I was quite happy to wave my hand in the air and say “Oh, Oh, Oh! Yes, please!!” 🙂

While there was a whole lotta stuff going on out here last week (I’ll fill y’all in on that later on this week), today’s post is just for the letter A.

Apple blossoms. Of the 6 apple trees we planted, 4 have come back this year, and 2 are in bloom already. The other two are just setting leaves, so will likely bloom later.
My Honeycrisp apples, though, don’t look like they made it through the winter. 😦 We’ll leave them for now, just to see if they come ’round, and watch the greenhouse sales. Maybe we can replace them on the cheap near the end of the planting season. Personally, I’d love to get my hands on a couple of the 4 in 1 apple trees. 4 different varieties grafted onto 1 root-stock. Would be awesome!

Odyssey Apple Blossoms2015The apple trees are small, so after the blossoms are done, I’ll hose off any little apples that form. That way, the summer growing period won’t be focused on fruit, but on overall growth.

Apple BlossomI can’t wait until my mini orchard is producing apples and pears!

A is for Apple Blossoms.

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4 thoughts on “A is for Apple Blossoms

  1. Toosh says:

    I can see them–a big canopy of blossoms, with their light perfume–as they’ll be in a few years. It won’t take long for all the trees to change the look of your property. Lovely.


  2. Teresa says:

    Pretty blooms. Hope the other two are just late to start.


  3. Sarah says:

    Beautiful! Just finished eating my afternoon snack ~ an apple.


  4. Oh. Dreamy apple blossoms.

    Like flowery snow petals. Just amazing.

    I hope your orchard produces like crazy!

    And I agree with you! Those 4 in 1 trees are really neat!

    Thanks for participating again for Alphabe-Thursday!



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