Spa Day

Yesterday was Spa Day, and some hooves got some much-needed attention. πŸ™‚

As usual, Sable was out best Girl. She relaxes and enjoys the pampering that goes along with a trim. The Kid holds the lead rope, while Sable goes to sleep.

Astrid was a close second. I’ve worked very hard with her since her last pedi, because she was a complete shit last time, and I wasn’t having it happen again. Now, I will admit, her being a shit was 100% my fault. I was not making enough time to keep on top of her foot lifting manners. I made a focused effort to make time every day to go out and love her up, ask for feet, clean ’em, hold ’em and praise her for doing things with good manners. Yesterday, that time and effort showed, and I was very proud of our Little Girl.

Ruby has improved, but not to the point of Sable or Astrid. I have more work to do with her. She stood nicely once she realized Hubby would have an arm load of hay for her to munch while her feet were being worked on. πŸ˜› That’s our Ruby. She’s works for food.

And then there was Cookie…

Ms Cookie…who was 100% certain she was a kite yesterday.
I kept asking for her to focus on the task at hand, and she worked so hard to do as I asked, but then that wind would pop up out of nowhere, that pretty head would snap up and all was lost.
We had to call it when she spooked, swung around, darn near going over top of Michele (thank goodness she’s got quick reflexes!!), ending up at the very end of the lead rope, shaking and snorting. We got her talked down enough that she came into me, Michele took another couple of swipes of the rasp off her toe, because we couldn’t leave her last impression of hoof work being negative, and she was done. With a huge sigh she pressed her head against my chest. While I hugged that head, I could feel the fight she was having with herself. Tense up to run, breathe my scent, relax into my arm…over and over and over.
In a relaxed moment, I snapped the lead rope off and told her she was free to go. Another sigh and off she went.
Us humans headed for the house, and the coffee pot, to decompress.

Later on, I went out to check on every one, and found Cookie standing like this in the shelter…

"I'm least, I think I am...just gonna hang out here for a while..."

“I’m okay…at least, I think I am…just gonna hang out here for a while…”

I talked to her, rubbed her chin and blew gently in her nostrils. She stood and nodded, ears flickering to my voice. I figured she needed some decompression time too, so I just grabbed my chair and sat beside the shelter with my book. She’s always a little confused at the beginning, when I do that, but then, when she realizes I’m not asking her for anything, and she still gets the time with me, she relaxes. It wasn’t 10 minutes later that she layed down where she stood.

Later on this week, the wind is supposed to die down to nothing. That’s when I’ll head out with her lead rope, the grooming kit, and love her up. ❀ Until then, I’ll spend as much time as she can handle just farting around the pasture, as close as she wants me to be, and letting her decide how much she can handle. That’s always the best way to go about things with her.

I will say this though…

Our relationship was bolstered yesterday *by* her spook.
Remember, back in the winter, I told y’all about the incident with Sable, and my huge confidence loss? Yeah, well, yesterday, when Cookie went sideways, I didn’t have a chance to think about that…it was handle the Girl, make sure humans are safe, and think later. Well, because I handled her fear in a way that brought her back into control of herself, we both got a boost. Being able to reel back in 1300lbs of “I GOTTA RUN AWAY!!!” is amazing. Simply amazing.
I realized, again, that yeah, I *can* do this. Be smart, be aware, be confident, and I can handle what the Girls throw at me. In turn, because I was okay, Cookie went “Oh! I can trust Mama, because she’s not afraid! If Mama isn’t afraid, than I know she’ll keep me safe.”
It was shit that she was so scared she spooked, and I am so thankful no one got hurt, but in the end, we got through it, and that gave us more confidence in each other. That’s a good thing. πŸ™‚