A Small Dilemma

When my Girl first came home, she had this luscious thick double mane. Looked gorgeous on her!

Long ManeBoth sides were full like that…just gorgeous!

Last fall though, the Dork started pushing fence, and catching her mane on the barbed wire. Yes, yes, I know, not supposed to have barbed wire with horses…heard it all before. It’s what was here and it’s what’ll be here until we have the chance to replace.


She managed to rip a section of her mane out, and no longer had that thick mass of hair. Over the winter, it’s grown back some, and I’m kinda digging the look. But, the problem is, near her withers, and closer to her forelock, is still long. I’m torn on whether I should leave those spots, and see if the rest will grow out to almost the same length, or if I should trim it to all one length now. I’m also considering keeping it trimmed to roughly the length it is now…

Length now, where she pulled it out...

Length now, where she pulled it out…

Should I trim this?

Should I trim this?

Her overall look...

Her overall look…

A couple of my favorite “short hair looks” on her…

Cookie and the Flag

There's my relaxed Girl. <3

There’s my relaxed Girl. ❤

And my favorite “long-haired” look…

Me and my bestest Girl. :)

Me and my bestest Girl. 🙂

I love that the shorter mane shows off her markings, and her neck. But I also loved that long thick mane.



2 thoughts on “A Small Dilemma

  1. Toosh says:

    Maybe a bit of a trim just to tidy up her mane while it grows out. It’ll be gorgeous once it’s long again.


  2. kendra24601 says:

    I would actually shave Apache’s mane into a mohawk when we competed in jumpers because I couldn’t stand pulling mane and braiding. I’m debating mohawking it this summer again… we will see. But i think your mare looks spunky in her new ‘do. I would keep it as is. 🙂


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