W is for What a Week(End)!

My last post was during a freak April storm. Wind, snow, more wind…almost impossible to get online. Well, how fast things change! We went from almost wintery like conditions, to spring, and into some beautiful pre-summer weather. Being on a farm, nice weather means working outside, and, unfortunately, that meant I was away from the computer for a bit. It’s gonna happen! šŸ™‚

Our whirlwind weekend of work started on Friday, when we went into the Big City to help friends take down a tree in their back yard. With a little figuring and a lot of hard work by the Guys (and a chainsaw purchase because starting my Brother’s just wasn’t happening), the tree that threatened the fence and the neighbour’s house, came down. Now it’s firewood and bundles of sticks.

Saturday was not Stable day, due to a jump clinic (Kid doesn’t do jumping…yet!) so we spent the day puttering around the farm. We had some friends and family come out for a visit too. There was iced tea, a little shooting, some chatting and of course, visiting the Girls. Later on, more folks came out for a bbq and some adult beverages to go with the visiting. šŸ™‚ One of the great things about having folks come out while equines are still blowing winter coats, is extra hands for grooming.

It was gorgeous weather, so when friends Shaila and Will come out, I handed Shaila a shedding blade and she made our Ms Astrid nice and red again.Ā  The Kid worked with her girl, while Ruby, well, she’s a grooming tramp, so while The Kid worked with Sable, and Shay groomed Astrid, I spent most of my time with Ruby…otherwise she pushes into anyone near by to get groomed. Hussy. šŸ˜› At the end of it all,Ā  Ms Cookie accepted 15 minutes or so of the shedding blade too…yay for progress!

And then, yesterday…

40ft sideThat’s a portion of a 40 foot side of our soon-to-be raised garden bed. Overall measurement is 24 x 40 feet. Each post will be set into the ground for stability. We have both 40 ft sides built, and one of the 24 ft sides…this week we’ll finish the last side and hopefully get it set into the ground.

6 Raised Beds5 of my 6 smaller raised beds. These are roughly 3 ft square. I have 3 more to build, for a total of 9. For this year, anyways. I’ll likely add more out behind the house in years to come. šŸ™‚

Polo, the Supervisor Cat

Polo, the Supervisor Cat

The sun was shining, the birds were singing, Polo had eaten a few birds, and was resting her full tummy in a patch of sunshine.

Sable's new Do

Sable’s new Do

Kid braided Sable’s mane…it’s very thick! She has a gorgeous double mane, and Kid wants to train it to lay on one side of her neck. Braids is the best way to do that…
You can see, Sable’s boo boo on her knee is healing up nicely. We’re now just waiting for new hair to grow in. That’ll take a while, but at least the skin is healthy, and we had no proud flesh form.

Waiting at the gate for her turn to be groomed.

Waiting at the gate for her turn to be groomed.

She waited very patiently for someone to groom her. She is such a sweetie, she loves being around people and having hands on her.

Hussies. :P

Hussies. šŸ˜›

Both waiting to be groomed. Both are happy to have brushes run over them for hours. Yeah, seriously, you can brush these 2 for hours. You’ll get tired before they do!

Ruby Surcingle

This was from Saturday, after Ruby’s grooming session.

After a good grooming is the perfect time to put tack on Ruby. She’s relaxed and ready to take it. The surcingle shows how chunky RubyGirl is…she’ll work that off over the summer for sure!

So pretty...and sleepy.

So pretty…and sleepy.

Yesterday, she gave me another 30 minutes to shed out that winter coat. I scraped loose hair and mud of her until she decided she was ready to lay down. She walked about 5 feet a way and folded herself up into this pretty package. While she lay there, I brushed and de-mudded her mane. She is very comfortable with me being hands on with her while she’s laying down…except for cleaning out her hooves. I’m working on that. It would have been nice to get a really good clean out on them while she was down *and* get her backs treated with Thrushbuster. Fronts I can do, backs, well, work-in-progress. šŸ˜‰

Lazy bum finally got up fro her nap!

Lazy bum finally got up from her nap!

I know…she looks like she’s getting ready to pee, but she’s just stretching. I was hoping she’d do her Yoga Cat stretch too, so I could catch a shot of it, but nope. Dork knew I was watching!

And finally, a shot of our RubyGirl…

Her Supermodel pose...

Her Supermodel pose…

I sure do love those big quarter horse bums!

W is for work, whirlwind and What a Week(end)!

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  1. Isobel Anderson says:

    So enjoy all your posts. I am living vicariously through your life!! Love Isobel

    Date: Mon, 27 Apr 2015 13:31:09 +0000 To: isabella6643@hotmail.com


  2. Rain Whitney says:

    What a wonderful post and beautiful photos ! Love your box garden idea. We have such sandy soil here, we have gone to gardening in 5 gallon pickle buckets from Firehouse Subs shops. Tomatoes and peppers this year, so far, so good !


  3. Gorgeous post, it looks like at your property all the animals have a lovely lazy time enjoying life and the adults are working their butts off šŸ™‚


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