V is for Valiant

As in…The horses made a valiant effort to stay awake while the sun beat down on their bodies.

Holy Sleepy LipThat drooping bottom lip tells me Sable was darn near asleep on her feet…the only reason she was coming to the fence was because she was hoping I had a cookie for her. She’s 100% hooked on candy cane Oreo style cookies. 🙂

Holy Sleepy Lip2When she discovered I didn’t have a cookie for her, only the camera, she turned away from me and went back to dozing…

Astrid Through the FenceI had the camera, so of course Astrid had to help. Even while fighting off the sleep inducing sunshine, Astrid is still my little photo bomber.

Astrid Photo Bomber1See what I mean? That’s my little Helper Horse. ❤

Astrid Photo Bomber2Taken over Astrid’s back, one-handed, while I rub her neck and she dozes.

ECD3Eyes closed, but Cookie still knows exactly where I am…the beep of the camera helps with that. 😉

ECD1Warmth of the sun is soaking into Paint bones, turning them to jello…

ECD2Oh, so tired!!

It was a valiant effort, but the Girls lost their fight, and succumbed to Equine Cat Disease. The only cure? A good nap in the sunshine. 🙂

V is for Valiant.

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4 thoughts on “V is for Valiant

  1. tracy says:

    Hi this ismy first encounter with your blog . I have been following alphabet Thursday for a long time but only once managed to complete the whole 26 letters
    I have been away from blogging for a while but now trying to catch up and keep uap see you again .


  2. They are so cute! Love the last one where your paint is yawning!


  3. Toosh says:

    There are times when I too, get infected with that same cat disease….They are absolutely adorable in their nappiness 🙂


  4. gail says:

    now i want a nap


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