A Small Dilemma

When my Girl first came home, she had this luscious thick double mane. Looked gorgeous on her!

Long ManeBoth sides were full like that…just gorgeous!

Last fall though, the Dork started pushing fence, and catching her mane on the barbed wire. Yes, yes, I know, not supposed to have barbed wire with horses…heard it all before. It’s what was here and it’s what’ll be here until we have the chance to replace.


She managed to rip a section of her mane out, and no longer had that thick mass of hair. Over the winter, it’s grown back some, and I’m kinda digging the look. But, the problem is, near her withers, and closer to her forelock, is still long. I’m torn on whether I should leave those spots, and see if the rest will grow out to almost the same length, or if I should trim it to all one length now. I’m also considering keeping it trimmed to roughly the length it is now…

Length now, where she pulled it out...

Length now, where she pulled it out…

Should I trim this?

Should I trim this?

Her overall look...

Her overall look…

A couple of my favorite “short hair looks” on her…

Cookie and the Flag

There's my relaxed Girl. <3

There’s my relaxed Girl. ❤

And my favorite “long-haired” look…

Me and my bestest Girl. :)

Me and my bestest Girl. 🙂

I love that the shorter mane shows off her markings, and her neck. But I also loved that long thick mane.


Our Golden Girl

Sable’s face is returning to its golden glory. 🙂
Last summer, once all her winter woolies shed out, her coat was the colour of spun gold, with gorgeous dapples.
Last night, when we were out loving up the Girls, I took a really good look at our Bella, and noticed she’s turning gold again. Yay!

Around her eyes, and up to her ears...Gold!

Around her eyes, and up to her ears…Gold!

Look at the amazing colour!

Look at the amazing colour!

These pictures don’t even do her colour justice.
I can’t wait to see her all shed out, with her golden coat in…I’m looking forward to seeing what effect the addition of flax to her diet does for her colour. It’s done wonders for her (everybody’s!) skin, shine and coat texture, so I’m pretty sure it will have a positive effect on her (their) color too.

W is for What a Week(End)!

My last post was during a freak April storm. Wind, snow, more wind…almost impossible to get online. Well, how fast things change! We went from almost wintery like conditions, to spring, and into some beautiful pre-summer weather. Being on a farm, nice weather means working outside, and, unfortunately, that meant I was away from the computer for a bit. It’s gonna happen! 🙂

Our whirlwind weekend of work started on Friday, when we went into the Big City to help friends take down a tree in their back yard. With a little figuring and a lot of hard work by the Guys (and a chainsaw purchase because starting my Brother’s just wasn’t happening), the tree that threatened the fence and the neighbour’s house, came down. Now it’s firewood and bundles of sticks.

Saturday was not Stable day, due to a jump clinic (Kid doesn’t do jumping…yet!) so we spent the day puttering around the farm. We had some friends and family come out for a visit too. There was iced tea, a little shooting, some chatting and of course, visiting the Girls. Later on, more folks came out for a bbq and some adult beverages to go with the visiting. 🙂 One of the great things about having folks come out while equines are still blowing winter coats, is extra hands for grooming.

It was gorgeous weather, so when friends Shaila and Will come out, I handed Shaila a shedding blade and she made our Ms Astrid nice and red again.  The Kid worked with her girl, while Ruby, well, she’s a grooming tramp, so while The Kid worked with Sable, and Shay groomed Astrid, I spent most of my time with Ruby…otherwise she pushes into anyone near by to get groomed. Hussy. 😛 At the end of it all,  Ms Cookie accepted 15 minutes or so of the shedding blade too…yay for progress!

And then, yesterday…

40ft sideThat’s a portion of a 40 foot side of our soon-to-be raised garden bed. Overall measurement is 24 x 40 feet. Each post will be set into the ground for stability. We have both 40 ft sides built, and one of the 24 ft sides…this week we’ll finish the last side and hopefully get it set into the ground.

6 Raised Beds5 of my 6 smaller raised beds. These are roughly 3 ft square. I have 3 more to build, for a total of 9. For this year, anyways. I’ll likely add more out behind the house in years to come. 🙂

Polo, the Supervisor Cat

Polo, the Supervisor Cat

The sun was shining, the birds were singing, Polo had eaten a few birds, and was resting her full tummy in a patch of sunshine.

Sable's new Do

Sable’s new Do

Kid braided Sable’s mane…it’s very thick! She has a gorgeous double mane, and Kid wants to train it to lay on one side of her neck. Braids is the best way to do that…
You can see, Sable’s boo boo on her knee is healing up nicely. We’re now just waiting for new hair to grow in. That’ll take a while, but at least the skin is healthy, and we had no proud flesh form.

Waiting at the gate for her turn to be groomed.

Waiting at the gate for her turn to be groomed.

She waited very patiently for someone to groom her. She is such a sweetie, she loves being around people and having hands on her.

Hussies. :P

Hussies. 😛

Both waiting to be groomed. Both are happy to have brushes run over them for hours. Yeah, seriously, you can brush these 2 for hours. You’ll get tired before they do!

Ruby Surcingle

This was from Saturday, after Ruby’s grooming session.

After a good grooming is the perfect time to put tack on Ruby. She’s relaxed and ready to take it. The surcingle shows how chunky RubyGirl is…she’ll work that off over the summer for sure!

So pretty...and sleepy.

So pretty…and sleepy.

Yesterday, she gave me another 30 minutes to shed out that winter coat. I scraped loose hair and mud of her until she decided she was ready to lay down. She walked about 5 feet a way and folded herself up into this pretty package. While she lay there, I brushed and de-mudded her mane. She is very comfortable with me being hands on with her while she’s laying down…except for cleaning out her hooves. I’m working on that. It would have been nice to get a really good clean out on them while she was down *and* get her backs treated with Thrushbuster. Fronts I can do, backs, well, work-in-progress. 😉

Lazy bum finally got up fro her nap!

Lazy bum finally got up from her nap!

I know…she looks like she’s getting ready to pee, but she’s just stretching. I was hoping she’d do her Yoga Cat stretch too, so I could catch a shot of it, but nope. Dork knew I was watching!

And finally, a shot of our RubyGirl…

Her Supermodel pose...

Her Supermodel pose…

I sure do love those big quarter horse bums!

W is for work, whirlwind and What a Week(end)!

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Still Out Here!!

We are in the midst of a Spring snow storm. Being on satellite internet, my reception is spotty at best. So, if anyone has wondered why I’m not online, well, that’s why. Instead, I’m working on jewelry and editing photos…Dreaming of sunshine, green green grass, and working with my sweet hearted Dork.


❤ my big sleepy Girl ❤

Just to give you an idea of what it’s like here right now…it’s 8 am, I’m using offline mode to write, and when I got online that picture ^^^ took 15 minutes to load. Compared to 45 seconds. Hopefully, when I hit post, it’ll go through.
See y’all when the weather clears!! 😀

V is for Valiant

As in…The horses made a valiant effort to stay awake while the sun beat down on their bodies.

Holy Sleepy LipThat drooping bottom lip tells me Sable was darn near asleep on her feet…the only reason she was coming to the fence was because she was hoping I had a cookie for her. She’s 100% hooked on candy cane Oreo style cookies. 🙂

Holy Sleepy Lip2When she discovered I didn’t have a cookie for her, only the camera, she turned away from me and went back to dozing…

Astrid Through the FenceI had the camera, so of course Astrid had to help. Even while fighting off the sleep inducing sunshine, Astrid is still my little photo bomber.

Astrid Photo Bomber1See what I mean? That’s my little Helper Horse. ❤

Astrid Photo Bomber2Taken over Astrid’s back, one-handed, while I rub her neck and she dozes.

ECD3Eyes closed, but Cookie still knows exactly where I am…the beep of the camera helps with that. 😉

ECD1Warmth of the sun is soaking into Paint bones, turning them to jello…

ECD2Oh, so tired!!

It was a valiant effort, but the Girls lost their fight, and succumbed to Equine Cat Disease. The only cure? A good nap in the sunshine. 🙂

V is for Valiant.

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Astrid Just Couldn’t Adult…

Some days, it’s hard to be a horse. Especially one that stands up to eat, run, poop…y’know, do Horse things. Sometimes, the sun shines, the birds sing, the wind settles down, and a horse’s bones turn to jello. They just slide down, and fall asleep where they lay…

Came around the corner of the shelter to find her laying down.

Came around the corner of the shelter to find her laying down.

I asked her "Astrid, are you tired?"

I asked her “Astrid, are you tired?”

She gave me a teeny head nod...

She gave me a teeny head nod…

I said "Astrid, are you listening to me?"

I said “Astrid, are you listening to me?”

She nodded again..."Yeah, yeah, I hear...you..."

She nodded again…”Yeah, yeah, I hear…you…”

"Astrid, are falling asleep?"

“Astrid, are you falling asleep?”

"Maybe later, Mom...we'll play...later..."

“Maybe later, Mom…we’ll play…later…”

"have a good nap, Astrid"

“Have a good nap, Astrid”



Hard work being an awake Equine when the sun shines. 😉

SHS~April 12th Edition

Wheeee! I finally remembered to take pictures for Scavenger Hunt Sunday, after missing a couple. 🙂

Prompts this week are Monday, Peace, Letters, Yellow and What I’m Listening To.



Raised garden bed.

Raised garden bed.

I built this a few weeks ago…before I got The Plague. Now that I’m feeling better, Monday I’ll get to work on the next ones. The plan is to put one of these in between our fruit trees. Should be 9 or 10 in total. That way, I will grow extra food there, and next year 1 will be dedicated to each of the mints I’m growing, and another 2 or 3 for garlic. One can never have too much garlic or mint. 🙂


Love this sight!

Love this sight!

Peace in the pasture…what could be better?


LettersHubby got something yesterday that used to be used for letters…which is not how I had planned on using this image for the prompt, but I just thought of it. lol! I was going to point out that the letters on this plate identified the previous owner of the item…


The Dome!

The Dome!

Last weekend, this was Hubby and The Kid’s project…building the dome. The initial plan for the dome was to use it to grow peas and pole beans on, and The Kid can sit inside and munch on her peas. I think this year, though, it will just be enjoyed for the awesomeness it is. The Kid is very much enjoying climbing all over it, and I’m in no hurry to take it away from her.

Yellow2This is the yellow cart that has the tag from the letters prompt…Hubby plans on adapting it to become a hay cart. That way, we can store 2 ~ 800 lb square bales in the garage as our “just in case we need them” hay. With this, they’ll be up high enough for good air circulation, and we’ll tarp them to keep the cats from using them as a bed/litter box.

What I’m Listening To

One of my favorite sounds...

One of my favorite sounds…

The sound of hooves thundering across the pasture. Amazing!
That’s what I’m listening to this afternoon. 🙂

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U is for Upset

We had a few upset animals this past week…

Mip and Polo

Mip and Polo

These 2 were upset that I wasn’t fast enough to get them their morning cream. Yep, spoiled brats they are! They come up to the house every morning, sing me the Song of Their People, and they get a little cream to share. Cats think this should happen as they demand it, not as I get the chance to do it.

Astrid, Ruby and Cookie

Astrid, Ruby and Cookie

These guys were upset because we had a mini freak snow storm. As far as they’re concerned, the grass should be growing, and they shouldn’t have to eat the hay. Crankiness set in when Mother Nature dropped a scant centimeter of snow on the pasture.

Ruby and Cookie

Ruby and Cookie

Cookie was upset yesterday because I came into the pasture while Ruby was laying down. I always approach the Girls while they are down…safely of course. I figure if someone goes down hurt, I want them used to me coming up to them and not panicking. Cookie tried to drive me away from Ruby-yeah, like that’s going to work! Not! Dork-so Ruby could enjoy her nap.
Silly Cookie. Ruby likes a back rub when she’s lying down. 😉
If you look close at the picture, you’ll see, Cookie is standing on Ruby’s tail!



This one…oh, this one was upset because I had to tend to yet another wound on her leg. She’s a very good patient, but rinsing the wound is not something she enjoys, and she tries to avoid it. Uh, no. It gets done, thankfully, without a rodeo too. 😉 Once all is cleaned and treated, she’s right back to her snuggly self.

Boo boo before cleaning and treatment...

Boo boo before cleaning and treatment…

Boo boo after cleaning and treatment...

Boo boo after cleaning and treatment…

We typically clean and treat wounds like this twice a day, and leave it uncovered to heal. Truthfully, since it’s on her knee, there’s no real way to wrap it anyways. So, I cover it with a light coat of a+d cream…which is basically petroleum jelly with vitamins a and d added. Works very well to heal wounds like this (tattoos too! 😉 ) because it doesn’t sting, it protects from dirt, and it promotes healing without causing proud flesh. Good thing for a horse who gets hurt a lot!

U is for Upset

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T is for Test

It should come as no surprise that I am running late on Alphabe-Thursday yet again. Last week was Spring Break here, and both The Kid and I came down with The Plague. This cold was a butt kicker, let me tell you! Finally, though, now that Spring Break is over, we’re seeing the end of it. Isn’t that always the way? lol!

One thing that was accomplished over the Break was Kid did her Equine Canada rider level 2 test. Check out the link for more details!
The tests are in 3 parts…written, practical knowledge, and riding. Well, The Kid studied and studied and studied…we know that she passed her riding portion, and she’s confident that she did well on her written and practical portions too. 🙂
She did have the benefit of taking the level test with lesson partner and friend, Em*. The two of them work very well together, with just the right amount of support and challenge, so they both learn. Definitely a good fit!

Getting the pony ready for mounting...

The Kid…Getting the pony ready for mounting…

Em...adjusting her stirrup while in the saddle...

Em…adjusting her stirrup while in the saddle…

Waiting for her turn over the trot poles...

Waiting for her turn over the trot poles…

Last minute instructions, before doing the trot poles...

Last minute instructions, before doing the trot poles…

Over the poles...

Over the poles…

Over the poles...

Over the poles…

*Of course, “Em” is not the young Lady’s real name…
Y’all know, I don’t use real names (except mine), and no faces of kids. I did, however, ask Em’s Mom for permission to use these photos of her. 🙂

T is for Test.

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