Cookie’s Winter Coat

This is Cookie’s second spring with us.
The second time she’s come face to face with the shedding blade.
While she’s reacted better to it this time ’round (last year she bolted from me every time I tried to approach her with it in hand), she’s still unsure of what this thing has to do with her.

"You wanna do what to me?!?"

“You wanna do what to me?!?”

That face says it all!
So, Sunday, while Hubby had some quality time with Ruby, I just followed the big Dork around the pasture, letting her sniff the blade, and taking a few swipes off her as she would let me. And, to her credit, she did let me use it on her a few times. Ahhh, the joys of a nearly 10-year-old mare who just doesn’t understand grooming.
I kept telling her that I understood her reluctance-because I do understand that…without the experience to know that it does feel good, how can she be willing to submit to the grooming?-but at the same time I don’t understand-because I just don’t get how a horse gets to be her age, and doesn’t have the life skills to handle being groomed.

Well, I mean, I get it…lack of handling/training, people had no time for her, whatever…whatever reasons the other people had before now.
Doesn’t matter now.
My job is to help her learn.
Grooming does feels good (barring any skin conditions, and with the flax in her diet, her skin and coat are in great shape!), and it’s a wonderful bonding tool. I know the big idiot trusts me, so I’ll just keep pecking away at her “don’t brush me!” defenses and soon enough she’ll stand for a brushing that she’ll truly enjoy.

At the end of the time we were out with the Girls, I did manage to get her to stand still long enough to find a really itchy spot. Slowly, and carefully, I raised the blade and stroked her with it…she closed her eyes, leaned into the stroke and groaned. Yep, my Girl let a teensy bit of her Inner Brazen Hussy seep through…and here’s the proof:

It ain't much...

It ain’t much…

But it's proof that even old horses can learn to relax under the shedding blade.

But it’s proof that even old horses can learn to relax under the shedding blade.