SHS~March 23rd

Last full week of March, and last week before Spring Break for The Kid. Time is flying this year! I’m sure it has to do with the fact that we’re not still under 3 feet of snow. Last year, at this time, I still couldn’t see my fence out front, and, if The Girls had been able to *get* there, they could have walked right out of the pasture on the snow drifts.  Thankfully, my horses are more interested in staying home, near the food, than going on walk-about. 🙂
This year wasn’t as bad…we had 1 spot that was iffy, but, since Hubby could get into the pasture with the tractor much later in the season, he just kept going in and cutting the drifts so no equine could walk off, should she get the walk-about urge.

Soon, though, we start tomato seeds. YAY! This week, we start the peppers. All the while ignoring the fact that the weather folks are calling for snow for us.
Not worrying about it.

On to pictures! This weeks prompts are…What I Did Today, Green, Errand, In My Kitchen, and Something Old.
Shall we?

What I Did Today

The work that was on the table last week...

The work that was on the table last week…

Friday was the day I did this…I had been working the polishing for a little bit, and finally, it was ready to turn into jewelry. Hoof clipping, silver wire and raw emerald. Put together as a favor for my Kid. Her friend from the Stable had a birthday coming up, and this clipping is from her favorite horse.
I really wish this picture did the piece justice…I love how the clipping polished up, and how the structure of the hoof shows. It’s a gorgeous piece…this is one I would have worn myself, if it hadn’t been going on to someone else. 😉
To me, that’s a successful custom creation. When I’d wear it myself.
That’s what I did today (Friday).


GreenThe only green in my pasture right now is the big pine tree. It’s early yet. Soon enough there will be green grass growing everywhere, the chunky monkeys will enjoy eating it, and we can stop putting down hay for them.

For now, they’re just enjoying stretching out in the sunshine in the high and dry spots. That’s Sable (the pale shape on the far left in the willows) Ruby and Astrid sunbathing.


Daphne and the StickSend Daphne on an errand, this is what you get. A giant stick. Silly pup!

In My Kitchen

I had a bit of fun with this one…

In my Kitchen1I do all sorts of work in my kitchen. From cooking and baking, to sewing, jewelry creation and photography. I’ve been working on making a flowered head-dress for Sable with fabric flowers. The flowers that The Kid picked, also had these purple spiders in the bunches…which led to a couple of fun photos.

In my Kitchen2Besides, I live in the country. There’s always some sort of bug in my kitchen. This time, it happened to be one I put there myself. lol!

Something Old

Sable SchultzSable is my “wear anything, do anything” horse. Here, she is wearing a German WW2 helmet. I think being 70ish years old qualifies as “something old“, don’t you?

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3 thoughts on “SHS~March 23rd

  1. Isobel Anderson says:

    Great photos of Spring. however I do love spiders but the one in the cup gave me a start!! Have a great time growing things. love to all Isobel

    Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2015 10:42:33 +0000 To:


  2. Teresa says:

    Love the shot of Daphne with her stick! You certainly have been busy and creative!


  3. gail says:

    beautiful piece of jewelry. my yard is still mostly under 2 – 3 feet of frozen dirty snow. at least dogs can’t step over the fence since some snow melted.


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