Frozen Beet Pulp

The Girls are restless. Their bodies tell them Spring is coming, but it’s still cold. Standing and eat isn’t what they want to do. They spend their days warming bodies in the sunshine, and playing. Out of the past 7 days, I’ve only had to do a morning refresh on the hay feeders twice (they get their full evening feed, no matter what). Their bodies are telling them they don’t need as much food to stay warm.

The challenge, with 4 mares, is to find some way to engage their brains. Give them something to think about…so, the plan Saturday, was to make up some extra beet pulp, and freeze it into discs that they could chew and play with. I just made a big bucket, added the flax, and some chunks of home-made cinnamon pancakes, as an extra little treat. πŸ™‚

Looked like this:

Kinda gross looking.

Kinda gross looking.

Sure didn’t look appetizing to us humans. But the Girls?!? LOL! They loved it!
At first Cookie wasn’t sure of it. She was pretty sure it was going to kill her, until I held it up for her to smell. Then, she licked it, and the light clicked on in her brain…Nummies! She snorted, backed up a step and dropped her head. I couldn’t have asked for a more respectful request from her. So I tossed her disc down at her feet for her to devour.

Not much left, 20 minutes later!

Not much left, 20 minutes later!

Ruby and Astrid started out sharing…

Astrid Ruby Beet PulpAstrid was so sure Ruby’s had better stuff in it. Even though, you can see, Astrid’s disc has a couple chunks of pancake right on top. Ruby got tired of sharing and drove Astrid back to hers.

Astrid Frozen Beet Pulp

Sable enjoyed her first few bites out of The Kid’s hand…

"Oh, so good!"

“Oh, so good!”

Kid tossed hers down and Sable pretty much vibrated with glee.

Bella Beet PulpTook her about 20 minutes to finish her’s too.

All in all, it was a pretty successful treat. Everyone enjoyed it, they had to think about how to get the good stuff out of the frozen stuff, and afterwards, they had some fun playing.

We also threw out the jolly balls again, once everyone was done their treats. Here’s one picture from this round…I’ll share more as I edit them. πŸ™‚

I love Cookie's stance here...not interested, but oh so interested.  Dork. <3

I love Cookie’s stance here…not interested, but oh so interested.
Dork. ❀