SHS~March 1st

Wheeeee!!! We made it to March! Spring is coming, Spring is coming. Can you tell I’m a little bit excited about that? lol!
Soon, we’ll be starting seeds, here on the Farm. That *really* means Spring! πŸ˜€

Scavenger Hunt Sunday prompts this week are…Soft, Early, Top, Selfie and Dreaded Task.


About a month ago, I started The Girls on ground flax. I add it to their beet pulp, instead of the canola oil. In this short time, I have seen some interesting changes in their coats. Winter woolies are softer, everyone’s color is brighter, and their skin is gorgeous.

Cookie's mane

Cookie’s mane

This is the base of Cookie’s mane. Her skin there has, as long as she’s been here, been dry, full of dandruff, and itchy. I dewormed, used lice powder, had a skin scraping done…nothing was found. She’s healthy, but she itched bad. Much like the base of Astrid’s tail. Near as we could tell, it had to do with being out 24/7, cold, wind…all the same stuff that gives us humans issues with skin.

So, I was rubbing coconut oil into the spots. Which was working beautifully. Until is got really cold and it wouldn’t soak in, or it was too cold to go out and apply it, or it was so cold they huddled in the shelter together and the others started chewing her mane because it smelled like food.
So, that’s why I was adding oil to the beet pulp. It sorta worked, but not as well as I would have liked. No where near as well as the coconut oil.

Then, having a discussion with the Barn Manager at the stable Kid rides at, about coat color, and how to keep a black horse black, she mentioned flax. All the horses there get 1/2 cup a day. Let me tell you, those coats shine! They’re silky and soft, and so gorgeous. I came home, did some extra research, and thought, well, it can’t be worse for them than the canola oil. Hubby and I set of to hit the feed store and brought home a 50 lb sack. Figured if they wouldn’t eat it in the beet pulp, I’d make them flax/apple cookies.

Shoulda just had faith in my piggie Nags, though. Of course they loved the flax! So, they’ve been on it a month now, and everyone is smooth, soft and silky. πŸ™‚


EarlyBeing Sunday, these guys got fed an hour early. Gives them a chance to spread their hay all over, enjoy as much as they want, and then, at a decent time, we can go out, clean up the clean hay and get rid of the piles of poo.


TopDaphne, in one of her favorite places, on top of the hay bales.


I almost combined this with the dreaded task prompt. LOL!
As much as I love to take pictures, I really don’t like to be in them. I find what’s on the other side of the lens way more interesting. πŸ˜›
I sucked it up, though, and tried to get a half decent selfie…figured if I had to do it, so did one of the mares.



Since I don’t use my phone to take pictures, it’s not easy to stand next to a horse, and get both of us in frame with a DSLR camera. This is the best I could do. Me and Ruby.

A Dreaded Task

Our real dreaded task for today…

A Dreaded TaskDigging out that gate, so Hubby can get into the pasture for poop removal. Some can be done with the tractor, but there will be some hand digging fun too. Oh joy! <sarcasm>

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  1. Pieni Lintu says:

    So beautiful!!! ❀


  2. Isobel Anderson says:

    Yes Spring is alm,ost here. Now I have to go and eat some flax too!!!

    Date: Sun, 1 Mar 2015 17:13:50 +0000 To:


  3. Tamar SB says:

    These are gorgeous. March first…in like a polar bear, it’s snowing here!


  4. Abrianna says:

    I agree that is a dreaded task. Daphne is so cute and loved your early shot.


  5. Teresa says:

    I had the exact same thought about combining selfie and dreaded task. LOL Love the shot of Daphne!


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